How I’m in love with Museum Bank Mandiri

Posted on: August 15, 2009

I’ve been to Museum Bank Mandiri for many times now. This morning I went there again to have a meeting with the Berburu Center team. And just like always, going to Museum Bank Mandiri gave me a very unique sensation I can’t describe with words.

But first, let me make it clear. Going to Museum Bank Mandiri and Kota Toea is not an easy journey. The traffic that you have to pass is like crazy. You all know how bad the traffic in Glodok and Kota can be, don’t you? So I suggest you wake up early and get going real soon in the morning.

Museum Bank Mandiri is not the world’s best museum, for sure. The condition outside the museum is a big factor why this museum is less attractive than it should be. Kota Toea is indeed a very hot place to be. If you come at 12 noon, you’ll probably think you’re 5 minutes away from hell. It’s damn hot and the air is so polluted. The sound of bajaj, angkot, buses, and people just makes everything so perfectly frustrating. If you want to commit suicide (a memorable one for people you love), I suggest not to do it in this area.

So, it’s so wonderful to know that you can still find peace inside the building of Museum Bank Mandiri. The old building offers us a very “adem” atmosphere. Its old furnitures and displays give us a very peaceful feeling. The fact that the museum is a melting point of a lot of communities and organizations makes it even more special.

I spent most of the time with the team at the library which is managed by Forum Indonesia Membaca; a very inspirational organization who seeks to educate people that reading is important.

We talked about our programs and strategies. The meeting was not too long but very effective, although we could still hear the sound of bajaj from inside.

One important thing we all agreed on was that we are going to conduct a training on living values very soon. We feel that the famous 12 living values rhyme perfectly with the 5 themes/values that we have in Berburu. We’re hoping the training can be conducted next month during the holy month ramadhan.

Back to Museum Bank Mandiri. We managed to take some good pictures. The museum got plenty of great spots for camera posing. I’m not a professional photographer, but taking a great angle may not be that hard for me.

It seems that I’ll be visiting Museum Bank Mandiri even more in the future, since we’re planning to launch Berburu Center’s so-called office (sekretariat, to be exact) at the museum. Hopefully, we can conduct many creative events and programs and together with other organizations we can create a better Kota Toea.

Note: We’re changing Jakarta Butuh Revolusi Budaya (JBRB) to Berburu Center: The Research Center for Human Positive Behavior.

Salam Berburu!


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Museum of Banks? How boring is that.

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