Posted on: June 29, 2009

I went to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) last Saturday not knowing that students were having a long holiday. So my car was stuck for one hour inside. My car was literally stuck; not moving. I didn’t really know why the place was so packed but I finally gave up and went home.

I have to say that I’m sorry to my friend Rany that I didn’t attend her wedding party. I wish I could have, but trust me, it was so macet.

I didn’t know that TMII was that famous. Last time I went there it was about more than 4 years ago when I had to be a tour guide for some foreign guests of my university. The place is indeed a very educational for children, so it’s highly recommended.

But I just found out yesterday on the news, TMII has a new attraction called Snow Bay Water Park. It looks like a very big water attraction. Isn’t that cool? I read that this new attraction has so many cool attractions like the largest “ember” in Jakarta. Find it out here.

So I went to TMII for nothing, but I couldn’t complain. I guess everyone just wanted to have fun. But sometimes I just wonder why bad traffic is everywhere in this city. Just when I thought I could enjoy driving on a Sunday, I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing: my car was stuck in TMII!!! What a story.

I could manage to control my emotion mostly because I just had experienced a wonderful trip to Bandung on Saturday; which I think I’m going to write something about it later. It was a short one, but I had so much fun. One thing for sure, Bandung has great great food. And cheap too!

Back to Jakarta. It seems to me, I have thousands of stories I can share to you about Jakarta. And it probably seems like I always have bad stories to tell. That’s not true. Although people keep telling me that other cities are better, I still believe Jakarta is the best (in my heart). Ha-ha-ha. I guess I need to tell you more on that one. Maybe later.


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