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Posted on: June 26, 2009

It’s been a long time since I wrote on this blog. I know I have to write more and of course consistently. A lot of people have asked me to do so. But somehow it’s so hard to write and get inspiration when I’m so occupied with my daily routine.

But I will try.

Anyway, I’m still in Jakarta; alive. Life’s good so far, although sometimes I find Jakarta so frustrating. Sometimes it’s hard to deal with those people out there, they think they know what they’re doing; but they actually don’t.

The traffic is always a big problem for me. If only I could fly, I bet it would be so much easier. Traffic, traffic, traffic: What the hell is wrong with traffic in Jakarta. Why there’re so many cars and motorcycles in this city? And why can’t they drive like normal people?

It’s good that life is not only about traffic. Once I park my car, I’m happy again. Well, it’s not that I always get stressed when driving. The worst case is when I’m late for something and my car is stuck in the traffic jam, that’s when traffic can be a nightmare.

There are things you can enjoy about Jakarta; and I don’t mean the malls by saying that. I went to Museum Bank Mandiri last weekend and it was so beautiful. I’ve been to Kota Toea for so many times now, and I really hope the local government can do more to the place in the coming years. The place has so much potential, so it needs to be improved a lot.

Food! Jakarta is a city with the best food. That’s what I think. Not only the expensive ones, you can find so many cheap but tasty menus in this city. Well, if you have a hygiene problem then you may only want to eat at fancy restaurants; because in this city tasty food doesn’t always refer to healthy food.

I wish I could tell you more about I what I feel. But, I have to sleep because I have to wake up early tomorrow for work. I’m so excited because I’m going to Bandung after work. I’ve got so many plans in Bandung; for sure food hunting will be my first priority.

I promise I will start blogging more once I get back from Bandung. By the way, Jakarta Butuh Revolusi Budaya is conducting a small event on July 4, 2009 at Museum Bank Mandiri, from 9 am to 5 pm. Anyone can come, but please make sure you reserve your seat by sending us an e-mail to



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Hello to, I agree with Jakarta Butuh Revolusi Budaya

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