Because I love you

Posted on: May 6, 2009

Love is a big word. You will never be able to describe love in one sentence. It takes hundreds of pages of novels and books to explain what love is. People have to watch movies and read poems to understand love. But in the end, we will always be confused why we love him or her.

I believe in the power of love. I do believe that it’s love that will help me find my true happiness.

But, what is love?

I see people around me talk about love all the time. The say all those nice words like, “I care about you” “I’m thinking about you, always” or the most common phrase: “I love you”.

Yes, those words sound so beautiful. But what I have realized is that, and this is amazingly surprising, people who say those nice words the most are actually the ones who have the lowest level of understanding about love.

I call it romance bullshit.

You don’t have to say “I love you” all the time; every single minute, every single second. Show that you care by doing real things to the person you love.

What most people don’t get it, is the fact that love is all about sacrificing and understanding. Sacrificing here means trying hard to get what the people you love want. If you are a man and you work hard days and nights to support your wife and family financially, that is sacrificing.

But if you are a wife (or a husband) and you want to have a divorce because your husband cannot buy you the things that you want after he tried so hard, then you are a selfish bastard.

Because remember, love is also about understanding.

And both sacrificing and understanding should be done by both sides: husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, and so on.

Imagine if you and your loved one can both sacrifice for each other and be understandable to each other too. I’m sure happiness will always be in your heart.

Go around the world and ask every couple who sacrifice and understand, I bet they will admit how money doesn’t really matter because they are happy.

Still, with all theories we have to love is not easy; be careful, it sounds simple but yet it is so hard to do. Maybe we can take a look on what Mother Teresa had to say about love: “If you judge people you have no time to love them.”


8 Responses to "Because I love you"

salam kenal
mas bisa tukeran link?
thanks, kalo berkenan kabari saya ya

hi… nice post.

i agree to most of your lines. just a couple of points:
– based on my own experience, it’s good to repeatedly say i love you. to me love is like a plant that you have to water accordingly. it needs nourishment from time to time so it won’t die. because love does die. of course what you do is also important, maybe more important, but only doing is sometimes not enough for those who are not sensitive enough that it is done for love.
– love is basically a mixed of so many complicated emotions. love is caring but also selfish. and there’s nothing wrong to be selfish really as long as it goes in its proportion. when one is really, really in love than sacrifice comes naturally when needed. but not making any sacrifice doesn’t mean that there’s no love either. if you can enjoy love without sacrifice, that’s even better than having it with, no?

what a nice topic and post !

Does love have to meet each other???

Love is understanding…
So, there’s only a few love in this world???

apa kabar, lagi weekend ya?
eh tukeran link yuu

Blogger senayang: Oke dengan senang hati.

Carla: that’s a very nice input, thank you.

tya: thank you 🙂

mega: mmmh.. I don’t think so, there’s still much love in this world.

dropping here..,, nice to meet u

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