A visit to Istiqlal and Monas

Posted on: April 19, 2009

I don’t remember how many times I have told you that I had never been to Monas. But, now I can proudly say, “I went there already!”

Yes, I went to Monas and Istiqlal (both for the very first time) today with my friends from JBRB. Now I feel like the happiest person in the world.

It was not really a planned thing; several days ago somehow I decided that this weekend would be the moment to visit Jakarta’s most famous landmark. I then sent a message to my closest friends on Facebook telling them that I was going to Monas with or without them!

Lucky me, I got lovely friends who voluntarily wanted to accompany me.

So, after conducting our program Berburu at SMP Gratis Ibu Pertiwi in Pancoran we all went to Monas. We finished the program around 11 am; first, we went to a “nasi padang” restaurant in Sabang, Menteng. It was a nice lunch since I hadn’t eaten “nasi padang” for some weeks.

After that, we all drove to Istiqlal to have a Dzuhur Prayer. Not proudly admitting this, but going to Istiqlal today was also my first experience. I know, I should be ashamed of myself.

To my surprise, Istiqlal was a very beautiful building. It looks a bit dirty and old from the outside, but when I walked inside I could see how beautiful the architecture was. The dome looked amazing!

I was pretty tired that day. I had exercised real hard at the gym on Friday and I hadn’t had enough sleep on Saturday night. So I asked Oky to join me lying on the carpet and feel the breeze of the wind. And to my surprise (again and again) it was such a wonderful place to sleep. I’m not kidding.

It was Ika who disturbed my sleep (how dare you!). I was having a nice dream when my cellphone vibrated. I didn’t pick it up but it was enough to wake me up.

It was 2 pm something when we arrived at Monas. Damn, it was so hot. The sun was shining so and too bright. But we didn’t care, we kept walking. I was sweating all over my body. It was really hot, really. I was luck I had my lovely “handuk” with me all the time; not that I’m a part-time “kondektur” or anything, but I’m always equipped with a “handuk” when traveling somewhere hot.

We couldn’t go to the top unfortunately, it was too late for that. But we had the chance to visit the museum right beneath Monas. The ticket price was cheap, Oky paid IDR 12,500 for 10.

Not a bad museum, although I wasn’t really enjoying the displays. But at least the air conditioner gave us a really nice time to relax a little bit.

We didn’t stay long since I had to help my work colleagues at Disney on Ice at 4.30 pm. But we still managed to take some great pictures on the way to the parking lot.

I’m too tired to write more on my visit to Istiqlal and Monas; and Disney on Ice too at Istora Senayan. I have to sleep now and ready for work tomorrow morning. But one thing I can say, I’m officially a proud Jakartan now!

And I’m happy for that.


3 Responses to "A visit to Istiqlal and Monas"

Akhirnya kamu ke monas juga yah … 😉

can yu backlink my blog
Thanks friends

So, which one is you, Tasa?
Sorry, keep on wondering, then why not just askin’ anyway..

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