A short reflection

Posted on: April 14, 2009

It’s been long since I wrote something on this blog. I don’t know why but life in Jakarta just seems to make me so much occupied. Yes, you can blame the traffic for that.

But I know I have to start writing again; even more. I have received a lot of comments from people claiming to be enjoying my blog. Someone even told me that my blog is “realistic idealism”. How cool is that?

It’s true my life is pretty busy these days. There are so many activities that I have to do every single day. Mostly work. I have a new job somewhere in Sudirman, still trying to adapt to the whole condition. Waking up early in the morning is still tough for a lazy b*st*rd like me, but I survive.

JBRB is till doing fine. Our program “Berburu” is still on the track. I’m doing my best to organize the team to keep motivated. We have been conducting “Berburu” at SMP Gratis Ibu Pertiwi for 3 weeks now and we have so much fun. Our students are so energized to take part in the program; to our surprise students at this school are smart both mentally and intellectually. I give two thumbs up to Ibu Ade as the owner of the school.

JBRB is preparing to conduct a special program “Training for Trainers” for anyone who’s interested in becoming a trainer for Berburu. This is free for those who are very serious to join our team. We need your help to improve the quality of Berburu. You can send a message showing your interest to

What about life? One thing I can say, I miss my old life back in Washington, DC but I’m enjoying every moment I have in Jakarta. This is my home and I cherish all the good things that this city has to offer.

I’m planning to enjoy Jakarta differently. I have found out that there are more to explore than just malls (I have said this again and again, not that I hate malls). Next Saturday I want to go to Monas early in the morning. I hope I can catch up the sunrise. Like I have said, I’ve never been to Monas. How embarrassing is that? So, I already made a vow that I’m going there with or without friends.

It was so sad to have my spiritual buddy go to Bali. He was always there for me. But I support him to find his own path of happiness. He promised he wouldn’t stay for long. I wish him success and joyfulness. No doubt I will visit him very soon; got to save some money though.


3 Responses to "A short reflection"

i love to read your blog too
nggak komen, bukan berarti nggak baca. soalnya selama ini aku komen berkali2 ga pernah masuk terus.
Tapi ndak apa2, aku tetap baca kok *emang penting ya?
Sukses untuk JBRB-nya.

never been to monas??
HAaha me too. . .well, the last time I was there is twenty years ago. so I think it doesnt count.
anyway, nice blog. salam kenal 🙂

Macan: Thanks banget for your support 🙂 Kapan kita ketemuan nich???

Indra: YEs shame on me! But I finally went there today. It was so great

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