The world’s best food

Posted on: February 10, 2009

Picture taken from here.

After swimming in a very cold water I got real hungry. My friends had even a worse condition: they were starving and they couldn’t even walk straight. We decided we had to eat ASAP.

It was a very good friend of mine Oky who complained that we should’ve eaten first before swimming. He said his head was dizzy and his body was so lemes. We then gave Oky the privilege to choose what food to eat. He suggested something warm; he finally chose to eat at Pasar Slipi.

Oky promised us that there was a real delicious soto ayam at Pasar Slipi. It was a street food stall which we Indonesians call it jajanan kaki lima.

Eja and I ordered soto daging while Oky and Rusdi ordered soto ayam. It wasn’t the best soto daging I’d ever tasted but it was pretty good and I was satisfied. And after finishing all the food I had in front of me, I thanked God I was in Indonesia once again. There was one thing I had in mind: “This is my home and I can eat the world’s best food anytime I want!”

Suddenly I started to remember the experience living in the United States. I still could remember how I was so sick and tired with cheese burgers and steaks. Maaan… My friend Dhika knew very well how we only had 2 choices after watching a midnight movie: McDonald’s and Ihop. The alternative would be Korean food but that would mean we needed to pay more.

So, the number 1 topic, sadly and tragically, while eating our American food was how marvelous Jakarta’s jajanan kaki lima was and how we could enjoy it anytime. We would talk about nasi goreng, nasi padang (not a pure jajanan kaki lima, but who cares?), soto betawi, bubur ayam, and other delicious jajanan kaki lima.

To claim Jakarta has the world’s best food may sound a little too arrogant and subjective. But I don’t care. I’m proud to say it that we indeed have the best food in the world. And for me the best food in Jakarta is not the food you can get at expensive restaurants. You will get the best food of Jakarta from those mas-mas and mba-mba with their jajanan kaki lima.

Last week the best jajanan kaki lima I had was Bubur Ayam in front of RCTI’s office building in Kebon Jeruk. After playing capsa at Oky’s house all night long, the bubur tasted so like a five-star hotel’s recipe. Amazing!

I hope I’ll be able to enjoy something different and unique this week. Does anyone want to take me eat something delicious? I’d appreciate if you could show me something I’ve never tried before. Please call me 🙂


3 Responses to "The world’s best food"

waduh mas … suka bubur ayam yang di depan RCTI itu yah ?? hehehe …
ngambil gambar untuk blog dmn sih ???

salam. is nice to hear you enjoy food in Indonesia.
i also miss indonesian food since in saudi it is a bit hard to find indonesian food.
simple topic but interesting man !!!

If you like durian, there’s the most delicious “es duren” and “es shanghai” near my “kost” in Bandung.
you should try ’em.

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