Finally, smoking is haram

Posted on: January 28, 2009

Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) has just revealed its newest fatwa: Smoking is haram! Yes, finally!

Well, it’s not totally haram. Based on this fatwa, smoking is haram only for children, teenagers, and pregnant women. It’s also haram to smoke in public. I wish the fatwa were stronger, but this is ok for me for now.

NU doesn’t support MUI’s fatwa and thinks that smoking is makruh which means that it should be avoided. Should be avoided? Yeah right!

MUI’s effort was brave, considering that in Indonesia most Kyai and Ustad are heavy smokers. Just like “Pak Haji” whom I and my friends visited last Saturday. He never stopped smoking while talking about a lot of things. At one point I became so curious and asked him, “Pak Haji, ngerokoknya kuat bener? Gak takut batuk apa?” He just laughed and later on admitted that he was too bandel to stop smoking but also confessed that he could not get insipirations without his beloved cigarattes.

Asked about the possibility of MUI’s fatwa on smoking, he said that people who think that smoking is haram are simply stupid. No comment on that, Pak Haji. One thing I know, “Pak Haji” kept coughing while enjoying his tobacco and nicotin. He didn’t seem to care though; more than 5 packs of cigarettes had been placed in front of him.

I myself support this fatwa. And I don’t care what you smokers think of this fatwa. I know you think that this fatwa is stupid; but I also think that it’s stupid how in Indonesia, at least Jakarta that I know, it’s nonsmokers who have to follow what the smokers want. It’s totally unfair.

Yes malls and office buildings have special smoking rooms. But that doesn’t stop smokers from polluting the air arrogantly. Smokers can still smoke easily in most cafes and restaurants although they don’t have special rooms for smokers.

I remember having a lunch at Pondok Indah Mall’s Oh La La Cafe. I was so amazed to see that people were smoking everywhere. There was no special room for smokers. Smokers and nonsmokers were enjoying the same air! But it was so unfair because nonsmokers actually wanted fresh and clean air; not polluted air caused by those selfish smokers.

Several days ago, a good friend of mine had to politely ask a man to stop smoking while he was taking a metro mini to his office. Can you imagine how arrogant that person was to smoke inside a public transportation system? That’s insane. And that’s the character of some, not all, smokers in this country.

I wish that smoking were haram for everyone. That would be so wonderful. But I don’t think that’s possible, so I’ll be happy with the fatwa that we have right now. I know, you smokers always have this 100-year-old excuse that tobacco industry is a backbone of our economy. Yes it’s true.

But, do you know that cigarettes are #1 killer in the world? Some of you may disagree, but World Health Organisation has confirmed that tobacco will kill 10 million people a year by 2030.

Why can’t you smokers see it from a different point of view? If you say that tobacco industry helps thousands of families, then it would also help thousands of families if cigarettes weren’t available. Imagine how much money is being spent on health industry caused by smoking behavior? Imagine if that money didn’t have to be spent at all because people are healthy. People would have more money because they couldn’t buy cigarettes; therefore their money would be spent on something else. Right?

Families who depend their lives on tobacco industry might suffer, but on the other hand other families who depend on other industries will have better lives.

So, smoking is haram? Yes and yes, I can’t agree more.


11 Responses to "Finally, smoking is haram"

first of all, either i’m not a smoker, so lets start this with a similar perspective 🙂

yet talking about smoking means we’re not only stumbled upon a health issue but also about civilization. smoking could be a sensitive topic among several people.

so … perhaps you have mentioned above, and perhaps i don’t read clearly, but i wonder will you reexplain since actually i’d like to ask: how do we deal with that?

meski daku gonta ganti username, but u know me lah :mrgreen:

gimana pendapat bung tentang usulan fatwa golput haram? kalo fatwa itu diloloskan, sebagai golongan putih (berkulit putih, bergigi putih dan kadang berbaju putih) anda dan saya bisa-bisa dilarang beredar di tempat umum dong?! *nyautin komen2 kita disini lah* 😛

Agree that some of smokers have very low consciousness as to how their smoking habit is harmful to others (non-smokers). They feel offended and dislike when we remind them not to smoke in public place where smoking is prohibited. They even want to confront us because they thought it’s their right to smoke. How foolish they are.

However my point is, people should stop smoking because they thought others, because they realize other people also have a same right in the same place for healing fresh air, as well as awareness on their own health, not being frightened by law. Law always relates to punishment, not consciousness. In this context, the fatwa (edict) is too high to judge only on smoking issue, while regulation (peraturan daerah/perda) is already exist and only need to be firmly implemented.

hai, kak tasa. long time no comment.
yg gw gak suka dari perokok:
1. mao mati kanker kok ngajak2!
2. lu barbekiu paru2 lu, gw juga jadi bau sebadan!
3. aksi bunuh diri perlahan2 lu bikin mata gw perih n tenggorokan gw sakit.

mereka bodoh, salah, dan berusaha mencari pembenaran dengan mengatasnamakan pekerja2 di pabrik rokok.

*ekstrim jg komen gw. tar lagi dirajam para perokok ni*

realisasi aksi protes gw ampe saat ini baru sebatas tutup idung ato kipas2 idung kalo ada asep rokok lewat. beberapa temen udah mulai mencontoh. mungkin kakak2 di sini yang ogah dengan smoking bisa ikutan juga. biar yg ngerokok pada sadar betapa mereka egois dan mengganggu.

wah,kalo aku lebih setuju kalo pabrik rokoknya aja yg ditutup serapat-rapatnya. Ato kalo mau pabriknya tetep buka, komposisi rokoknya aja yg diganti sama bahan2 yg bergizi, misalnya sayuran ato buah2n yg dikeringkan..he…

well, i feel ashamed because i’m smoking rite now while reading your article and writing this comment…
but trust me, saya tau kapan dan dimana saya seharusnya merokok….

I used to be a smoker nad found that it wasnt good at all..
I couldnt agree more w/ ur articel

I am absolutely not a smoker.
But for me this fatwa is still ridiculous, Tasa. I would prefer people to realize by themselves the negative impacts of smoking, for themselves, as well as for other people who are around them while they are smoking.
Regards. Nana P

[…] excellent and well known Indonesia blogger Tasa- I usually agree with  him- explicitly cheered this decision of the national religious […]

Aslmkm Olinxk.
gw cuma mo nambahin dikit
bbrp zat bbahaya pd ‘sbatang rokok’ :
– Acetone (bhn pelarut)
– Methanol (bhn bakar roket)
– Napthtalene (racun serangga)
– Nicotine (bhn Insektisida & Herbisida)
– Cadmium (bhn baterai)
– Carbon Monoxide
– Vinyl Chloride (bhn plastik)
– Cyanhydric Acid (bhn pharum ruangan)
– Ammoniac (pbersih toilet)
– Toluene (cairan plarut industri)
– Arsenic (racun)
– Polonium 210 (elemen radioaktif)
– Insektisida
– Stearic (bhn utk lilin)
– Acetic (asam cuka)
– Butane (cairan korek api gas)
– Methane (gas beracun)
Wuih smua y ‘danger’ trangkum dlm sbatang rokok cuy
Ente mrokok kagak?

Inshallah can you visit my Islamic blog.
Can you comment and give advice on how to make it better and how to get more views. Thank you.

Jazallah khair

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