Jakarta’s one-day happiness with JBRB for Indonesia

Posted on: January 16, 2009

picture is taken from here.

As a soft launching of JBRB’s new name, we’d like to invite you all to our coming event called “Jakarta’s one-day happiness with JBRB for Indonesia”. Yes, that’s a long one; but I bet it sounds cool.

What is it? To tell you the truth, I find it hard to explain what the event will be like. Let me try. Basically, this event is a city tour. You will take a sightseeing and enjoy Jakarta’s forgotten buildings and places. If you call yourself a Jakartan then you’ll have to join this event.

After having a wonderful sightseeing, we will take you to one of the trademarks of Jakarta. I have to keep the name of the place confidential at the moment. Here, we will give you a guided tour so that you can learn about the place better and deeper. At this place there will be a lot of things that we will do together.

For now that’s all information I can give you. More information about the event will soon be released. All you need to know about the event right now is that this event is all about having fun and it’s free for everyone. You better reserve now because the seats are limited. Make a reservation at

The poster is coming soon, so be patient. Please do check out this blog or JBRB’s Facebook for updates on this event.


14 Responses to "Jakarta’s one-day happiness with JBRB for Indonesia"

I hope i could join this event …. :mrgreen:

Jarang buka facebook mas Tasa …jadi ga tau deh …
kapan sih acaranya ??? jangan hari kerja atau kuliah donk biar aku bisa ikut, hehe.

JBRB For Indonesia. Hmm whose idea was it? 🙂

Mr. Marzuki almost desperated to death answering my question about the new name :mrgreen:

I heard that your DC friends are establishing new org there. Will be glad hearing from you and Ian about JBRB and DC’s new org 🙂


salam kenal.

Hi Diva…but who is exactly Diva? Sorry couldn’t remember anyone…

Btw, that’s right…we are making progress in DC, please wait patiently 🙂

JBRB, congrats with the new name!

salam. i hope you would like to report many things pasca such activity. it will be great, because it can be windows of inspiration for other people to learn.

Hahahha maaf ya yan bikin elo bingung. Tapi gue gak bisa leave comment pake nama asli.

Tapi gue nikmati juga kondisi ini.:))

Soal DC’s new org, inget gak baru2 ini elo pernah crita ma gw soal itu di YM yang waktu itu elo abis rapat rencana establish org semacam JBRB?

Kalo udh inget naah gw juga kok orgnya :mrgreen:

Jadi yg tau siapa diva (nama yang available utk leave comment) adalah elo dan tasa 🙂

Enak juga begini 😛 di radio aja pake nama ginian…
Tas, loe kmn aja?

seru bgt…btw acaranya kpn?

acaranya tgl 14 Februari besok.. hub JBRB segera untuk ikutan di 0856 92010666

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