GBM is “Top Ten Blogger Indonesia 2008”

Posted on: January 15, 2009

Celebrating this new year (GBM) received a very special gift from someone famous. I woke up in the morning on January 2nd and found out that a very good friend of mine had sent me a message saying that A. Fatih Syuhud had put me on his “Top 10 Blogger Indonesia 2008”.

At first I didn’t believe what she had told me since I thought I hadn’t really maintained this blog well enough lately. But I checked it out and my name was there. And I was happy.

I don’t know how and why he chose me to be on the list and put me on number 2; I don’t think I deserve it. But, thank you. I thank him for his support for me and this blog.

It was a weird experience when he named me “Blogger Indonesia of the week” back in July 2007 but it was also a good motivation for me to keep writing. This time I hope his appreciation will push me hard to keep writing on

Thank you A. Fatih Syuhud and thank you for those of you who still have time to read what I write. Love!


21 Responses to "GBM is “Top Ten Blogger Indonesia 2008”"

number 2 of 10? I agree with Fatih. Congrats! 😀

Selamat atas terpilihnya GBM (TASA NUGRAZA BARLEY) sebagai “Top Ten Blogger Indonesia 2008”. Semoga tambah sukses. God Bless You.
Erba dan Candida/Washington DC

Selama ya Dit…no wonder sih. emang blog lo kritis dan cerdas, serta konsisten dalam memilih tema2 postingan. belum lagi cara lo menjawab komentar2 dr orang.

sayangnya, akhir2 ini jarang up date blog ya?

sori…saat menulis ini malah terpikir orang lain XDDD…. aduh malunya… maksud gue, selamat ya Tasaaa…

Great Jobe dude…you are the best!

harus ada pertanggung jawaban atas penghargaan tersebut,,



I’m sorry for being late: but I hope I don’t mind me adding add my “Congrats” on this well deserved achievement.

Keep it up.

Thank you people.. Setuju dengan dekil, i need to update this blog more.. hehe


Kunjungan perdana, selamat ya…atas terpilihnya anda menjadi top ten blogger 2008, salam DAHSYAT untuk kalian semua

2009 tetep masuk ya?



Congratulations ! Anda memang pantas menyandang predikat ini. Semoga anda tambah produktif dan blognya akan semakin kreatif. Tapi jangan tambah sombong yee.

Salut Bro !

When you do something, then do many things, we do nothing. You are a great and a wonder man. You have a lot of ideas and inisiatives. Full respect of you ! Congratulations.

Selamat ya, salam kenal utk yang laen. BTW isinya bhs inggris ya, wah blom jago nih. Rekan lain yang cari excel tips atau tukeran link maen aja kemari.

Sekali selamat ye.

Wow, keep writing and HWAITING (aka: fighting) !!!

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