Do they really mean it?

Posted on: January 4, 2009

One day a friend of mine was so happy. The guy she liked had said that he would do anything for her happiness; that her happiness was more important than his. She asked for my opinion and I felt guilty for ruining her good moment by saying, “Well, that’s probably bullsh*t.”

I laughed for saying that; I’m sorry for all guys out there. But, dude, I know your tricks. She demanded my explanation for saying that and I replied that most men would say anything sweet when they’re trying to get close to a woman. Men would use the most beautiful poems in this world to melt a woman’s heart; and nothing is wrong with that. But the problem is, it’s not always the truth.

When a man says that her happiness is more important than his happiness, all he tries to say is he’ll do whatever she wants him to do after she gives him what he wants. When a man gets rejected he’ll mostly say, “Ok baby I understand. I will let you go, but I want you to know that there’s no one in this world that will ever replace you in my heart. From now on, I will try to love you without having you.” But the minute he gets a new girl, he’ll automatically forget that he ever said those words.

Don’t get me wrong, not all men are jerks. And trust me, I think I’m not. Ha-ha-ha. Some men do say those beautiful words from the bottom of their hearts. And when you have those kind of men, you’ll be the luckiest women in the world.

All I’m trying to say is that this is life. This is how life goes, my friends. It’s just so hard to find something sincere nowadays. And why? It’s simply because everyone is a salesperson. When you try to give your love to someone is just like selling a car to a potential buyer.

When you want to sell something to someone, the first thing you need to do is explore what the person is like and what he or she really wants. Right? By knowing the person’s needs and wants, you’ll be able to deliver the right words to persuade him or her. It’s that simple. And selling love is just the same thing.

A man will give you roses when he finds out that you like flowers so much. He’ll send you sms of beautiful words once he knows that you’re in love with poems. He’ll take you to the movies because he knows that you’re a Hollywood freak.

So, how do you know if someone’s love is really true? An old expression might help us from this trap: It’s always easy to say it but it’s so hard to do it. A man can say all those beautiful words, but it’s what he does that matters the most. Agree? I hope so.

So, you better watch out the next time a man says that you’re the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen in his life. But, don’t be so serious, I’m just having fun. Ha-ha-ha.


7 Responses to "Do they really mean it?"

Haha i love it till the last drip 😛

I agree with GBM’s point of view.

Temporarily no further (mocking) comment because my sins on this blog are overloaded LOL

akhirnya Mr. Tasa muncul lagi dengan artikelnya setelah lewat sebulan. Langsung dua lagi…hehehe. sibuk re-adjusting life in Jakarta kah?
membaca artikel ini membuat saya tertunduk malu sedikit, because i used to be “those kind of guy”. but believe me, i am changing!

that’s so true!!!!!
but the problem is when a girl would stop trusting men or believing anything they say because she knows that they probalbly doesn’t mean any word they’re saying to her.. this usually happens to me hehe..

Hwahaha!! That’s so true! It’s probably bullsh*t, a man that means it won’t say it out loud, they will simply show it by their action. Words that are too corny or ‘lebay’ will reveal the true intention of that man. 😀

so,how we(women) know to distinguish, a man’s poem/beautiful word from his heart and a man’s nonsense poem/beautiful??
so that women aren’t trapped in man’s nonsense,haha…peace…

I like this one, kind of agree with you. I often reminded my little sister to be aware of that kind of men since I think some women get melted easily by men’s beautiful words.

Almost never said that kind of things, hahaha, never say my girlfriend looks great when she’s not, will say she looks horrendous instead. I do believe love would be better be shown with actions.

Kind of a late reply, seeing that the post has already been published since Jan, lol 😀 but a relevant thing for me now, since two weeks ago my almost-to-be-fiancee boyfriend decided to give up on our 2,5 years long distance relationship after talking to my parents about engagement a few days before..and I was pretty much a mess trying so hard to find out what was wrong and all that stuff.. but neways, this article shed a little light on the issue for me.
And about this part:
“Don’t get me wrong, not all men are jerks. And trust me, I think I’m not. Ha-ha-ha. Some men do say those beautiful words from the bottom of their hearts. And when you have those kind of men, you’ll be the luckiest women in the world.”
..well, yeah I’m convinced. AT LEAST I knew that my big bro is one of these rare men. It adds a little motivation for me to stand up and keep on believing in sincerity of love.

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