I’m back in Jakarta

Posted on: November 30, 2008

It’s been a week now in Jakarta. I feel happy that I’m finally home. For more than 26 months I left this place and I feel blessed to be here again.

I remember how hard it was to leave all the good things that had made me strong and mature. But my decision proved to be right. Living in the United States gave me another great chapter in my life. I was so lucky that I had the opportunity to see and live in another part of the world. It was a wonderful experience.

I had a lot of good friends and I couldn’t complain. I could see a lot of cool places in America and I couldn’t complain.

Now that I’m Jakarta, I have been going out everyday ever since I arrived at Soekarno-Hatta International Airpot last Saturday. And I now I have a headache.

I thought I knew Jakarta very well; after all, this is the city I had lived for more than 6 years before. But living for more than 2 years in the United States changed me in many ways. Now I know I have to adapt with the things I find in Jakarta slowly.

I found this out when I first visited Pondok Indah Mall (PIM) last week. For some reasons I didn’t find the excitement anymore of hanging out at a mall in Jakarta the way I had used to love before.

My head seems to explode everytime I drive. I keep cursing at those crazy cars and motorcycles. I keep complaining why on earth those people can’t just be patient a little bit. They honk at me everytime I drive slow, I think what they do is stupid; how long do they think I waste their time when I drive slow during a really really heavy traffic? The answer is probably just less than 2 minutes. So why do they get angry as if they wanted to kill someone?

But I guess I have to take things slowly and try to adapt with the whole condition in Jakarta. Not everything in this city is miserable. There are things that I do appreciate and they became the reason why I chose to come home. The food, for instance, is amazing! Although I still have to wait to finally eat whatever I want.

This week turned out to be not so easy. But I know it’s a start and I know can survive. I guess I can finally see you guys pretty soon. Call me up ok!



9 Responses to "I’m back in Jakarta"

Welcome back to chaotic traffic here. Some people say, if you can survive driving in Jakarta, you can survive anywhere in the world, LOL.
BTW, nice reading here.

welcome to the i-try-to-fit-in position! you know i do the same too but a bit different 😆

i guess you’ll need 6 month to adapt, to conform again. as the research says that it takes 6 months for someone who returns to Jakarta from staying abroad before.

about headache, you have already got a gf to heal that pain in the head *wink-wink*

be cheerful a little bit more, premium’s price declines to Rp 5.500 per today. hope it gives us a break from the hectic and disappointing problems.

by the way….already overwhelmed by the highest-power-on-Jakarta’s situation? hehe take it easy. sabaaar pak!

Hahaha… wellcome back 🙂

wohoo. how’s jakarta? hope u enjoy it. take it slow, those motorcycle drivers are crazy. hahaa. will you coming back to states? or this’s for good.

Welcome back to Jakarta Tasa 🙂

Ton: Yes thank you for your support. The traffic is indeed chaotic, but it’s actually fun driving in Jakarta. I can do lots of maneuvers, thinking myself some kind of a F1 racer.

desper: 6 months?! That’s too long. I feel like I’m well adjusted now, it may require another week for me to finally be like everybody else. I guess I’ll see you soon.

Widya: Thank you bu! Long time no see 🙂

Karenina: It wasn’t easy but now I’m doing just fine. this is home after all.

macangadungan: Thank you. I hope we can meet very soon.

Don’t forget to take auto insurance as soon as possible.
My car have been hit BY motorcycles like about 4 times now. Several times when I was stationary, bloody hell.
Without an insurance, I’d have been in fights with them. Not fun.
Anyway, welcome back 🙂

Yeaa, as previous comment of mine. Welcome home

wah, ada perantau pulang!
aku telat tau.. udah lama jadi manusia goa sih. gak pegang2 komputer. apa lagi maen inet. hahaha…
jadi telat bilang, WELKUM HUM!

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