This is a poor country

Posted on: September 17, 2008

Indonesia is a poor country. Those who try to deny this fact by pointing their fingers at those big buildings and malls in Jakarta should be ashamed of themselves. 

Read the latest news from Pasuruan. At least 21 women died after being stepped on by others in a chaotic zakat distribution. They died because they wanted to get Rp 30,000. That’s less than $4. 

What kind of country where its people have to die for $4? That country must be so messed up. That country must be so poor! Admit it, this is a poor country we have. 

Who’s to blame? 

I blame those corrupt politicians and government officials.


19 Responses to "This is a poor country"

the news is a really sad tragedy..

thats the fact that often deliberately neglected by those fuckin jakarta beaurocrat. and now what? they just dont care
its time to act, it’s time to fight back!

Nice to see a good perspective here, i’m a bit tired seeing how people blames the person who give zakat, the police even some blames the journalists for not helping. It’s not saying they’re innocent but the root problem of this tragedy is poverty.
To large extent it’s true that government is the one to blame, if what they say about the poverty rate is declining, how com there’s people sold meat from garbage and then this tragedy. They should wake up and realize that poverty rate is rising and one only have to get out of their home to see it happen all around us. Denial seems still their attitude.

Astaghfirullahaaladziim … what a life ? The politician, coruptor, and the government and the officials should read this .. and looking at the fact that we have !!! Oh my God …

A tragic. Is life worth a mere $4?

I’m both excited and disappointed reading this article. Excited because i read awesome article as usual, disappointed because the article isn’t long enough. I don’t see your deep analysis in this matter. I thought when I read the title, it would be long and hit the bullseye. Just take it as a reader’s input:)

ngetiknya pas belon buka puasa yach :mrgreen:

Zakat distribution should be arranged by professional ways conducted by level-headed people. I think there were some errors here.

First : It’s out of my logical thinking. Distributing zakat for least value, only Rp 30.000. For example, the total amount of zakat was Rp 60.000.000 and there were 2.000 poor people deserved for zakat. Divide Rp 60.000.000 with 2.000 people equals to Rp 30.000. Why didn’t they distribute the money to 1.000 people, so they would receive Rp 60.000 each. I believe Rp 60.000 would help much better than Rp 30.000.

Second : Before distributing zakat, the zakat organizer should determine how to distribute zakat without trigger any chaotic crowd. Using amil zakat’s service is one of the solutions. He should determine the precise time when to distribute zakat, think over about the fasting day too. If it was doing at noon, it would tortured the poor lining for the money. Why didn’t they do that after fast breaking, at the evening for example. If it wasn’t enough time, they still could do it tomorrow.

Third : Everyone tells this. Call for police or local securities’ back up, to assist the zakat organizer arranging the crowd.

Fourth : There are many people distributing money for zakat purpose with larger amount (billions for example) but they could arrange the distribution very well and very fair. I think these people should share how to distribute zakat in a better way.

Yes, all have said that Indonesia is a poor country with rich people 🙂

Will we ever get better? (..) I think I’ve lost hope…

Kapan Indonesia lepas dari kemiskinan ???????

No one will deny that greed, incompetence and corruption on the part of the ruling elites, is to blame for the relatively poor shape the Indonesian state of law is in and for the heartbreaking inequality demonstrated by the obscene wealth by the top 3 – 5 % and the appalling poverty of the majority.

Yet, I’m convinced the cure has to be found in other changes than better leaders only. New leaders, new elites, people not tarnished by corruption, maybe a necessary prerequisite. Because it’s not about morals and competence only. I think the real hard work ahead will be to change the hierarchical and more or less tribal Indonesian society, into some mild social meritocracy.

I know: great words spoken easily…

Like always, i am in the same line with my soul brother, Colson.
the hard work shud be on how to make us the indonesian more tertib.

people died from desek desekan is happening alot of times in Indonesia.
to the rich happened when they watched concert of boy band, to the middle class people, it happeneed when they watched sepak bola.
to the poor people, it happened when they were desek2an minta sedekah.

why do we, Indonesian are so difficult to be tertib?
last week on my flight back to Jakarta, once the plane landed, all of a sudden everybody on the flight wanted to be the first to get off the plane. what’s the point? every one of us will have to go trough the immigration, and wait till caraousel deliver our lugage. for the TKI, no matter who will finish first, she has to wait for the last before they take the travel bus to their kampung halaman.

but we are so impatient and that’s part of our culture.
In Budapest, a month ago i watched a concert, very huge one and very famous among youth in Europe. I was amazed. as i was alone and a woman, i still can feel safe. we took care of each other. if all of a sudden people jumped like crazy near us, there must be some guys blocked them from the women, although we didnt know each other. the shorties will be given special place and everybody smiled at each other.
amazing, will never happen in Indonesia.

let’s change from ourselves. change our behaviour and attitude. let’s have a bit of altruism within us. as it’s the reason why we have religion. no?

i agree with Yonna more than this article opinion, sorry to say. Why blamming government ? this particular tragedy has nothing to do with government. Government has arranged / gave rule about Zakat distribution. The question is, why they disobey ? is it really because they don’t trust zakat organizations ? or just because they want to Show-Off.
From what i’ve learned, the best way to help people is by not telling anyone that we helped.

Really, this government may be suck, but by only scold them, we help nothing for our country. i’m saying this because i surely cannot run this country better than them, can you ?

this is totally embarrassing. and the photo above make it looks (well, in fact indeed) more pathetic. and i myself prefer to not to the government. do they really have anything to do with this?? and i agree with cicitcuit that one can never be so sure that they can run this country better than them. i mean, do you see what they see? do you know what they know? that’s one thing.

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
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Hi Shafi Mahmud, ma ‘assalam.
are you for real?

It was really terrible, I felt really bad to see people risked their life just for $4. Oh, how wide the gap between rich and poor in Indonesia, some of us (not me :D) could easily spend 250.000 to watch movie in bed in Pacific Place’s Blitz Megaplex while the rest of us couldn’t even meet their daily need of nutrition.

I agree with some people above, there is one guy giving zakat to the poors close to my house in Indonesia, but he smartly arrange ways to give zakat without causing this kind of troubles.

Yonna, I think he blamed corrupt politicians for failing to alleviate poverty not for making those people losing their lifes. 😀 I can’t access your blog, what happens?

kak tasa, aku gak setuju negara ini miskin. menurutku, negara ini ironis. di satu sisi, segolongan manusia hidup serba cukup, bahkan germelap. di sisi lain, segolongan manusia hidup melarat, mati kelaparan, atau mati untuk tiga puluh ribu rupiah.
kesenjangan sosial, mas tasa (lho, jadi mas? hahaha!)
para pejabat itu memang patut disalahkan, tapi toh duitnya orang2 kaya nonpejabatpemerintah juga kena korup. apalagi, kalo lagi kena masalah dengan aparat, pasti dipalakin lebih banyak (lebih banyak lagi kalo lahir dengan kulit kuning dan mata sipit).
sementara, mereka yang kurang uang itu yah tidak punya uang untuk meningkatkan taraf hidup mereka. mereka gak punya uang untuk sekolah dan makan makanan bergizi, sehingga mereka tetap bodoh (maafkan bahasaku yang kasar) turun-temurun.
ini sudah terjadi entah sejak kapan dan tampaknya akan terus berlanjut entah sampai kapan.

No wonder if one of died is our related. It was terrible. What should we do forward ?

Asalkan pemerintah dan masyarakat Indonesia lainnya yang mampu benar2 memperhatikan masyarakatnya yang kurang mampu. Bukan hanya memperhatikan dengan mata saja tapi juga dengan hati,dan tindakan nyata yang bertanggung jawab & yang terorganisir dengan baik.

It’s hard to come by well-informed people in this particular topic,
however, you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

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