Can Palin be the Next Hillary Clinton?

Posted on: September 6, 2008

I don’t think so. My reason is simple, she is untested. 

And that is the kind of theme the Obama campaign team is energizing at the moment. For the next 60 days, every American will hear from the Democratic side how a hockey mom who ruled the state of Alaska in only two years shouldn’t be the next Vice President of the United States. 

Yes, Palin gave a pretty good speech at the Republican convention; something that most people hadn’t anticipated. But that doesn’t make her a great candidate. Yes it’s true Republican voters, especially women, are going crazy about her because she represents their values, but that doesn’t mean she can be the next Hillary Clinton. 

Hillary Clinton is different. She is a tested leader with a long-proven record. While Palin’s best performance is being the governor of a state with population of less than 700,000 people; in two years. 

But the Republican crowd loves her. And for John McCain that’s the kind of thing he really needs at the moment. He’s been having a hard time getting the approval from the conservatives. Sarah Palin gives his campaign a new color. She’s been called an anti-corruption leader, she supports gun control, she says no to abbortion, and she has 5 children. When McCain said earlier today that Palin is the best running mate he could ever have, I bet he really meant it. 

But, to compare Sarah Palin with Hillary Clinton is a big mistake. They are not the same; Hillary Clinton is simply much better. Period.

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12 Responses to "Can Palin be the Next Hillary Clinton?"

Alaska only has 700thousand people!.. Wow, I didn’t know that.. That’s smaller than the city of Jogjakarta

Well, she has a lot going for her so far. She can appeal to moms, to women who are trying to break that formidable glass ceiling, to families who have disabled children, to traditionalists who are enamored by family values.
My dilemma with her is how the Republican party, in defending McCain’s choice, goes in the attack against the same, usual suspects: Islamic fundamentalists/terrorists and now Russia. I would rather have them lay out her track record and her plan for the coming four years, not another attack against the same groups.
The whole GOP Convention and the candidate’s acceptance speeches felt more like attacks against the opponent than substantial groundwork for their plans/policies. They also kept touching on the wholesomeness of Palin, which irked me to no end, not because I am either for or against her, but I want to hear more of her work not her biography.
I will not vote this coming November because of some facade perfectly layed out by campaign managers for us to eat up like cake. But sadly, that might be the case again -whoever will be picked.
I hope voters this year will choose the best-fit candidate with their minds, and not their hearts.
I am still undecided and I look forward to hearing more from the candidates during the debates. Now those are fun! and for me, the bread and butter of the whole election. Can the nominees respond well under pressure and on the spot? Do they know their stuff?
Experience, family values, or whatnot will not matter here as here it is their knowledge, passion, and conviction that is tested before all of America.
I would like to see an American president with passion. Passion can help us lead even if experience is lacking as we will devote ourselves to succeeding no matter the hurdle before us.
okidoke, enough of my two cents. 🙂

Though she has nothing in common with Hillary Clinton but the same sex, I’m afraid she is a vote getter for the McCain ticket indeed. Appealing to the reli-conservatives in the Mid West and South, who have doubts about McCain. Shrewd move by the old man, to choose this running mate.

Yet there’s an ocean between the political realities of the US and Europe; it’s absolutely incomprehensible to me for instance what’s so attractive about Sarah Palin. The Republican Convention and the American press ( the liberals included) seem to love her. It’s beyond me why they think she is an attractive woman (to me she seems to be the opposite: scary) and what is sensible about her political ideas (anti choice, pro guns to mention a few).

Let’s only hope the majority of Americans will have the guts to the right thing: get rid of the republicans.

Palin iki sopo toh le? Cawapres dari partai republik ya? Aku ra mudeng omong2 politik, apalagi politik amrik.

Obama di atas angin, tapi tunggu aja nanti hasilnya. Politik gak bisa diramal kaya ngeramal kartu tarot, semuanya mungkin 😀

Finally the GOP found their shortcut to the White House. By choosing a young-energetic, camera-face hockey mom, GOP sure will get another boost of vote. I’d say this is the smartest political decision from McCain’s vetting team.

Choosing Palin as McCain’s running mate to counter Obama-Biden is definitely the most effective and pragmatic decision; coming from a conservative party. Here we can see that GOP’s political thinkers are working very good for the election, on the other side, it shows us that GOP are running out of choice. No other fresh-face with enough experience to be put on stage.

Undoubtedly, this year’s election is gonna be very interesting to see. This is just the beginning of the excitement!

aku berharap OBAMA yang jadi presiden amerika dan dia menepati janji2nya
(gak kaya di negara kita tercinta …………..hehehehe)

Dino: I know right. That fact is pretty amazing. But we have to remember that Alaska is the largest state by the size.

Nadia: That’s a good point of view. Well, in politics it’s all about the votes after all. So, the GOP convention was really meant to be a marketing tool for them to attract people to buy their product. And in doing so, sometimes the context might be more important than the content.

Palin is now the star, she is overshadowing Obama at the moment. And yes, I’m also tired to see her biography being exposed every single day. But it’s effective to draw votes, since most people vote based on someone’s personality not his or her policies.

Colson: You’re very right and I think McCain is pretty smart in that sense. He could see the hole. As you can see, conservative women are now crazy and they’re attending McCain’s campaign like never before. A bad news for Obama campaign. The latest poll shows McCain leads Obama by 1%.

Yonna: Palin itu wakilnya John McCain. Pemilihan Palin sangat mengejutkan karena ia bukan tokoh politik terkenal di Amerika. Namun pilihan McCain terbukti cukup ampuh karena sekarang Palin justru menjadi bintang di dunia politik Amerika dengan membangkitkan gairah pendukung partai Republik yang sebelumnya kalah antusias dari pendukung Obama.

Andika: I agree. It was a tough bet but it seems to be working pretty well. We’ll have to see in Nov. But so far McCain is happy, he finally got the excitement for conservative base.

Wong Cilik: Kenapa emang negara tercinta? Hehe.

You are in indeed right, Tas..
To compare Palin with Hilary is totally a big mistake. I believe that most Indonesian doesn’t really know Palin as good as they know Hilary. A survey made by Metro TV and broadcast in Metro 10 has shown that Hilary Clinton is one of top 10 world leader. Most Indonesians that became the respondents of the said survey was put Hilary on the list, together with the other amazing world leaders, such as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Saddam Hussein, George W. Bush, and also her husband, Bill Clinton. Barrack Obama is on the top of the list.

Honestly, me personally, do not have any idea about Palin. But, maybe someday, she could be a promising leader.

Oh My God Tasa… you and this Clinton thing..hehe. But it’s Ok.
again, Colson have said most of my words 😀

well i absolutely believe if McCain is elected, then america’s international policy will be the same with the Bush era or even worse

Mc Cain doesnt even know where and what Spain is

He was interviewed by a Spanish journalist, he was asked if he would invite Zapatero to the white house. Instead of responding with the right answer, he commented about the mexican drug cartel, illegal immigrant etc

It’s clearly indicated that He has no idea that Spain is a country in Europe :howler:

hmm.. ada gosip katanya kalo Mc Cain ga menang dia mau foto buat cover playboy. Kalo menurut gue botox-nya keliatan banget, hahaha.

Mas Tasa, blog ini saya masukin blogroll saya boleh ya? 😀

Just recently, two comedians from Montreal made a prank call to Sarah Palin. They pretended to be Nicolas Sarkozy, the President of France. It’s s huge LOL.

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