It’s All About China!

Posted on: August 14, 2008

I watched the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and I was amazed. It was the best opening ceremony in the history of the Olympics.

I’m sure those of you who had the chance to see the magnificent perfomance of Chinese drummers and dancers at the opening ceremony were amazed too. You might have asked to yourself how people who had only ridden bikes in Beijing 20 years ago could make a big event like that.

The opening ceremony is not the only thing we should be amazed with. Check out their venues, all the facilities, and ambition to top the medal table. The Chinese government is reported to spend at least 2.6 billion U.S. dollars.

This month is China’s month. Anywhere you go you will see newspapers, websites, or magazines reporting the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. China is all over you.

I hope we will have our chance pretty soon.


5 Responses to "It’s All About China!"

I agree.. it was amazing. Their culture is unbelievable. I wish Indonesia could do something like that.

Yeah … I wish Indonesia could show something like China 😉

I don’t understand the Olympiade euphoria. But talking about China, sure I’m interested.

As a country, as an ethnic group and as a nation with developed ancient culture, China teaches us lot of things. Both domestic and overseas Chinese show their great love and devotion for a better life and living and for a better tommorow. They keep their dreams alive and stick to them, they are focus to their goal. They already have mindset that maybe we just know and learn recently. They are highly-motivated, diligent, thrifty, tenacious, willing to work harder and immolate their sleeping times, willing to learn more and more, very creative and innovative in every aspect, they tend not to follow trend because they are the trendsetter, they tend to be different than to be famous (it’s better to different as long as you can be success instead of to be famous but have nothing) and their kinship is very solid.

What we see right now is the result of a hard-worked and restless nation.

iya keren-keren!!

“Belajarlah sampai ke negeri China” *nyambung kgk y?? 😀

Mungkin kagak ya kalo suatu saat nanti China jadi poros Dunia???
(bukan, bukan poros barang2 imitasi!!! bukan!!!)

It’s kinda impressive when Bob Costas said that “Indonesia should get a warm welcome, they have the largest ethnic Chinese community in the world” when introducing our athletes.

But so far there have been much controversy. Sports, even in the Olympic setting is full of unsportsmanlike conduct and capitalism. Did you hear that they used the voice of another girl during the part where there was a little girl singing? They thought that the singer was not “pretty” enough, and they needed to present a “perfect” image.

And there is another controversy of the Chinese using 12/13 year old gymnasts (official rules require you to be at least 16).

So…is China impressive? Definitely, but they sure did some shady stuff here.

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