Men Are Stupid

Posted on: July 17, 2008

A research has shown that couples in which the wife is better looking than her husband live happier than those in which the husband is better looking than his wife.

Researchers believe that men place great value on beauty while all that women want is to have a supportive husband. This research really gives me a great insight on how to treat women and obviously answers my one-million-dollar question: “What the heck is that cute girl looking from a man like that?”

Now I know my friends and I were wrong when we used to say to a weirdo holding a beautiful woman’s hand, “Damn, you must be rich.”

What we should’ve said was, “Wow, you’re so supportive to your woman.”

James McNulty, the lead researcher, explains that the husband who’s less physically attractive than his wife is getting something more than he can expect to get so he’s going to work hard to maintain the relationship.

Meanwhile, McNulty explains, men who are more attractive than their partners would theoretically have access to partners who are more attractive than their current partners. It’s “the grass is greener” mentality that makes men are less satisfied and committed to maintain the marriage.

This research approves the fact that it’s men who don’t appreciate inner beauty.

A man would walk to a car dealer and say, “Wow that car looks so cool. I really like the exterior design. How much is it? I’ll buy one.” While a woman would walk to a car dealer and wouldn’t say much at first. A salesman approaches and says, “How can I help you? That car right there is a beauty.” She then answers, “Yes it is. But what about the engine and its interior design?”

So please, men, when I wrote that “Men Are Stupid” I really meant it. I do think that we are stupid and we need to stop being selfish and learn from women on how to value inner beauty better.

We need to be supportive. Although I don’t really know what it means but I guess it’s when our partners are in trouble we can be there to help them.

McNulty gives a clue on how to be supportive: Say, “Hey, I’m here for you; what do you want me to do?; how can I help you?” instead of, “This is your problem, you deal with it.”

Sounds easy right? Not in reality though.

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10 Responses to "Men Are Stupid"

But I think money in a men’s pocket still speaks volume to attract a beatiful lady’s attention. But I don’t know which speaks louder, men’s money or men’s supportive behavior. I would put my money on men’s money though..

I don’t think men are stupid, but they are just blindingly following societal ways and standards. Attractive men have to be with attractive women, beautiful women are high maintenance, women look to men for money, etc.

As a woman, I say, “ehem, excuse me, no”.

1. A man’s money does not speak louder than his supportive behaviors
2. A man is not stupid for being a certain way anymore than a woman is stupid for being a certain way.

For me, there are two individuals involved in a relationship. And those two individuals need to make a pact, a commitment. Be supportive when the time calls for it, be attentive, be understanding, be patient.

A beautiful woman with a not-so beautiful man may be together because they click, they understand each other, and they are equally supportive, understanding, and patient. And vice versa: beautiful man with not-so beautiful woman.

And Tasa, how is being supportive hard to do in reality?

funny but true, some men are stupid, i should show this article to my husband hahaha.

i vote for a guy who has financial supporting behaviour. yes, if your guy has financial power, he’ll be so much more supportive in supporting your needs and desires, girls! you might think that I’m kiddingly serious :mrgreen:

but no offense to handsome guys, you are not much worse than ugly guys. both handsome and ugly guys are supportive if they want it to be 🙂

another extreme OOT for Tasa Nugraza Barley
Distance sometimes does make someone’s eyes wide-opened. I think your craving period makes you to be a little bit sensitive. Just like old saying said “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. It’s all normal, I even feel the same way to him. and you might consider this as kiddingly serious too.

In a reassuring way you are confusing. Going by your recent posts I think we reached this equation: “Americans are smart + men are stupid = American women are extraordinarily and amazingly intelligent”?

I don’t doubt the verdict “men are stupid” however. Generally speaking we are. Politics, a man’s world, always crises. Economics, predominantly a man’s world, heading for disaster. Sports, mainly a man’s world, drugs, doping, cheating everywhere. Etc.

No, but I do doubt the theory of successful dating and being supportive. There has been a lot of theorizing and research on the subject. As far as I know the assumption up till now – based on extensive research- has been that on average women prefer good looking, healthy, extraordinary men to date , but a solid, moneymaking, trustworthy and supportive guy when it comes to marriage and taking care of her kids.

(Now I think of it: women at the top did not do that much better, did they?)

By supportive, you mean “financially supportive?” He..he…

Dino: Haha, well you’re not wrong to see it from that perspective.

ns: Yes I totally agree. But the research shows that that’s not always the case. There’s always a reason for everything. And couples who don’t “click” are driven by some factors which one of them is their spouse’s attractiveness.

Well I guess it could be hard because all people are not made the same 🙂

Yonna: Yeah show it to your husband and let him realize how stupid he’s been. Hehe.

Colson: I knew you’d agree 🙂 This world could be better if ruled by women, don’t you think? Hehe. Women get sensitive when it comes to money, saying they don’t need it as long as there’s love. But of course we all know that’s a big lie. Women need money to buy themselves clothes and when a husband is home with empty hands the wife goes, “What! I want a divorce.” Hehe.

katadia: Exactly! haha.

To yg bukan monyet ;p, I would have to respectfully disagree. Again, I cite socialization factors of what we should or should not accept as “acceptable” for the standards we embrace regarding the opposite sex. Though the conditions of the societies we live in now value physical attractiveness and monetary affluence as ideals our perfect mate should have, does that mean that that is the absolute truth and anything contradictory to that is an “absolute lie” (quoting your last post)?

Financial prowess is subject to the economic conditions of the times and the institutions we attach ourselves to (be it business, medical, educational, or governmental), a very secure profession now with enviable income might suffer a downturn and pink slips are written with our name on it – even inheritance will fall short one day. Physical beauty is subject to the powers of nature, overtime what is tight and taut will become limp, flimsy, and wrinkly.

What I will, as a woman, look for in a man is strength of character and fortitude of mind. No matter the economic conditions or power of nature, if a man possesses these two traits, I feel secure that he will do whatever it takes, endeavor his utmost best, to procure the necessities his family needs to survive – to be supportive to his family.

And for me, when all the superficialities the world offer us has faded or wilted away, there is only one thing that remains: love. When you are in your most dire of conditions, when money is tight and body is weak, all you can offer your loved one is love and through love can you find strength to make it through another day and work hard to support one another.

The more we keep relying on superficial factors to retain our happiness, or make us happy at all – either with ourselves or with our significant others- the more we render ourselves unhappy as we will never reach those ideals, can never secure those hyped up fantasies of how life, or even love, should be. We will end up chasing an endless rainbow for the fabled pot of gold…

hahahahaha :mrgreen:

NS and Nadia is the same lady? just noticed 🙂

i think this article is similar to the previous article what is beauty. the point is beauty can’t give permanent happiness and make someone feel tortured whether to the doer him/herself or to his/her lover.

i agree and i believe everybody needs and wants to be beauty. if their face don’t have it then their mind and soul will be. and the latter is the most everybody’s favorite.

lol Yonna. Yup, same lady. 😀

I feel we need to free ourselves from societal standards and see our loved ones with unclouded eyes. In all their faulty glory, thereby giving us a chance to love them for who they are and not for how or why society feels we should love them.

‘Men are stupid…’ does it point at me?? huehehehe… I do realize that sometimes I behave a bit unsuppotive in seeing men in its aspect (i.e. saying that, “He must be rich having that gorgeous lady!”)
Or perhaps, it’s understood coz I my self come from ‘Kaum Miskin Kota’?

But, for me… “Men is nothing else but what he makes of himself…!!” (Sartre; ‘Being and nothingness’)
Does it Sound so existentialist, huh?? hehehhehehe

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