What is Beauty?

Posted on: July 16, 2008

Above picture is Miss Universe 2008. Her name is Dayana Mendoza and she’s from the country that’s long been known for its beautiful women, Venezuela. As you can see, she’s beautiful, she’s tall, and yes she’s hot.

Of course you can’t blame Mendoza to be pretty and attractive. I’m sure she has been working so hard to have a wonderful physical appearance and, I think, she deserves a recognition.

But the question that I’d like to arise is, “Does a Queen or Miss Universe have to be beautiful?” By asking such question doesn’t mean I have lost my appetite to admire beautiful women. Having my first adult life in a city like Jakarta I learned that beautiful women, especially the ones with long hair, are valued more than not-so-beautiful women.

I think in every culture queens or princesses are always depicted beautiful. You, of course, are familiar with children’s stories like Cinderella. Why does the beautiful Cinderella have to be nice at the same time while her stepsisters are evil and ugly? No wonder the handsome prince chooses Cinderella.

Indonesian culture is no different. Our folktales also tell children that queens are suppossed to be beautiful and nice at the same time.

It seems to me that every culture in the world has enforced its people to have that kind of mindset. So when Donald Trump decided Mendoza is Miss Universe 2008 no one disagrees because, yes, she’s beautiful.

Beauty contests like Miss Universe, Miss World, or Putri Indonesia have made the old proverb the Inner beauty is the real beauty sound so boring. That it’s just a tagline used by Dove.

But unlike what those beauty contests are showing, in reality, based on my experience, beautiful women are usually the ones with bit*hy attitude. They don’t want to eat any food, they shop expensive things, and they walk as if the street was a catwalk.

Of course there’s always an exception. I had some beautiful friends who were nice and friendly. Some even made the mosque as their base camp. But the sad thing about them was that they were always taken.

Who do you think is more beautiful? A physically attractive woman with not-so-good attitude or a less attractive woman with a big heart?

The answer will be diverse and I don’t think one could be blamed for choosing one position. It’s life and it’s your choice.

But one thing for sure, a man who chooses someone as beautiful as Mendoza, without a doubt, has to prepare to save a lot of extra money to support her needs so she can always be attractive. While a man who chooses a B-looking woman may not be required to spend as much money on her beauty supplies.

What’s your choice?


8 Responses to "What is Beauty?"

I can’t choose, I’m married :p

Beauty is def. in the eyes of the beholder, and changes overtime.

And when I mean by change is that because physical beauty is reliant on our physiques it will change. We will have moments where we can look ravishing, or when we look plain and dowdy. A person can be a size 18 one year, but then a size 6 in another. This fluctuation has a huge affect on that person’s attractiveness as she may be unattractive as a size 18 and a beauty as a size 6.

But what positivity we exude will outshine whatever physical attributes we possess. Your post about “smiling” is a great example!

How someone is cannot be based on their physical characteristics alone. A glamorous figure may not be as high maintenance as they appear, we only perceive it to be so based on what we see. And what we see is just the surface level of a being with so many layers. Layers that influence how that person is, layers that shape their character.

Though society may view it different, it doesn’t mean that view is the “right” or “best” one.
Thus, beauty is not a physical attribute at all to me, though we may find certain features appealing. But beauty is the ability to exude positivity through all the layers that make us, and the shine that radiates through that will outlast any physical greatness that in time will only fade and wrinkle away.

what is beauty? beauty is when you don’t try to be beauty, don’t try to search compliment from others wishing tell you are beauty, don’t consider other girls are less beauty than you 🙂

also, beauty is in the youth.

what is beauty? beauty is by health, by behaviour, by manner, by being smart, by being kind, by being tough to face life, by being loving and caring to others (man, animal and environment), by loving your family and parents, by being genuine.

beauty consists of physical appearance, healthy, happy, grateful, wise, sociable, spiritual. body, brain, behaviour, belief, be confident, be independent, be true, etc.

hey you business company, beauty is not a business. your taglines just making young girls desperate and always feel less than they are, making young girls and matured girls become a psycho, beauty freak, slim freak, fair skin freak, whatever.

To be beauty, like no other persons that could saying how beautiful u are.

“inner beauty is the real beauty” is a tag-line for women who already have their outer beauty. They can say meaningless words like that because they already have their so-called slim body, fair skin, an attractive look.

it is sooo boring, but I never get bored watching all those beautiful miss-es. hehehe..

One whose beautiful soul and positivity radiates outwards to illuminate the surroundings they are in and the people they surround themselves with is the ultimate beauty.
I would rather laugh a million laughs and be in the presence of a blessed light than “watch” a well-built physique strut their stuff but have nothing to contribute to the world except their vanity and perceived superiority.
Again, beauty fades but that light inside of us, if we nurture it, will only shine brighter with each passing year.
Do not let it lose its radiance because we fall short of any ideals.

sebagai cewek, apakah aku boleh ikut milih?
aku sendiri sih gak mentingin penampilan fisik.
gak penting ajah. yang penting kan kualitasnya.

aku nebak2 sih.. cowok bakal milih berdasarkan keperluan masing2. kalo butuhnya cewek yang bisa bersih2, masak2, urus anak, gak kelayapan, gak selingkuh, yah gak usah yang cantik2.
kalo buat dipamerin ke pesta, dsb, yah yang cantik donk.
harus dipertimbangkan faktor ekonominya juga. hehehe…
tapi gw rasa ini gak serius.

Of course, what a great site and informative posts, I will add backlink – bookmark this site? Regards, Reader.

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