The Burden that Every Young Indonesian Has to Carry

Posted on: May 19, 2008

This article was published by The Jakarta Post on May 19, 2008 as part of a special report celebrating Indonesia’s 100th Year of National Awakening. Read the article on The Jakarta Post, here.

It’s not easy to be a young Indonesian. The challenges are great and tough. Some of you might wish that you had been born in an advanced country like America or Japan so that you wouldn’t have to witness the poor crying for food every single day.

It’s the burden that I have to carry. A burden that you, your friends, and any other young Indonesian have to carry. It’s the burden that our founding fathers wanted us to carry.

It’s what young Indonesians have been pressured to do: To make a big change to our society.

Some say that a country’s greatness depends on its young people. Some say that it’s always the young people who make the great changes to one society. They say that the young people are the ones with a great motivation and energy. They are the brave and the optimistic ones. They’re the ones who dare to fight against injustice.

In 1908, several young Indonesian intellectuals living in The Netherlands established the first Indonesian political organization called Budi Utomo*. This organization was probably the first group of young Indonesians who felt the urgency to spread the spirit of nationalism throughout the country. Their efforts proved to be revolutionary.

Ninety years later it was the young Indonesians who fought and stood up against the dictatorship. The 1998 movement resulted one word that would be part of our daily conversation and lives for the next several years, and that word was reformasi. The young Indonesians were praised at that time for their courage.

But ten years after reformasi and a hundred years after Budi Utomo, it is sad to know that I see more pessimism than optimism among the young Indonesians. Everywhere I go I meet young Indonesians who think that there’s nothing we can do to Indonesia. They simply say, “It’s Indonesia, what can you expect?”

When they gather there’s this one kind of joke they always love to use: A joke of how stupid Indonesians are or how ridiculous our culture is. They say that Indonesian values are so old fashioned and not adaptable to the current condition.

When I was in Jakarta for six years it was hard for me to find young Indonesians who were proud of being Indonesians. Yes they claimed that they lived in Indonesia and that they were Indonesians, but at the same time they admitted that there was a little bit of shame inside their hearts for being part of Indonesia.

Most young Indonesians I know think that Indonesia is so corrupt and the whole system is just flawed. Everyday they read news about how their government officials are accused for being dishonest and disloyal to people.

It should be noted by everyone that our young people’s frustration is something real and should be taken seriously. Some of them travel around the world to see how other nations managed so well in developing their people and countries. And when they come back all they can see is how the country they call home looks hopeless and helpless.

It’s indeed hard to have another Budi Utomo that this country once enjoyed. The circumstances and energy are different. But I think there’s still a hope.

Although there’s a strong tendency of pessimism among our young Indonesians but at the same time I see there are a lot of young Indonesians who share the same energy that our founding fathers had in the past. Unfortunately, they are not exposed by the media.

The spirit of 100th Year of National Awakening should be used as a moment for those young Indonesians who still care about the dream that our founding fathers had to remind others that we still have a hope.

Young Indonesians have to learn how Budi Utomo and its founders could manage to “burn” this country with the spirit of nationalism and unite the young Indonesians: They could face a very difficult time and challenges, and they succeeded.

Although the problems are not the same, but essentially we are having the same problems that Budi Utomo once had to fight: Young Indonesians are not united, the economy is not in a very good condition, and too much of Western influence within our young Indonesians.

I know it’s hard to make changes. I know it’s hard to make good changes when your environment is not supporting. And I know it’s hard to make great changes when everything seems to be so imperfect. But, no one is perfect and you don’t have to be good to do good things.

Let us all be the change that we want to see in Indonesia and let’s start it right now. Let’s carry the burden that our founding fathers wanted us to carry, not just because we love our government or because our politicians tell us so.

Let’s carry it in the name of our Indonesian parents, grandparents, brothers and sister, families, and friends. Let’s carry it for all those people who love us for being born in this beautiful paradise called Indonesia.

*By this I mean, “Young Indonesians who had lived and were still living in the Netherlands finally established Budi Utomo in 1908.” I regret this confusion.

The picture above taken from President SBY‘s website.


43 Responses to "The Burden that Every Young Indonesian Has to Carry"

tumben ni orang langsung post 2 artikel 🙂

pertamax dulu ah

it is matter of time….

if i lived in past, i would be extremely proud to be an Indonesian, because we had Soekarno-Hatta, Agus Salim, Buya HAMKA, Muhammad Natsir. where are you from, Yonna? From Indonesia (said it with loud and clear voice).

now, off course i will be shame to say my citizenship, my origin with loud and clear voice, because we don’t have those kick-ass founding father and politicians again (the kick-ass politicians are on demand :mrgreen: )

tomorrow? i wish i can be proud to be an Indonesian, say it confidentially.

once again, it’s only matter of time 🙂

I know it’s hard to make changes. I know it’s hard to make good changes when your environment is not supporting. And I know it’s hard to make great changes when everything seems to be so imperfect. But, no one is perfect and you don’t have to be good to do good things.

“Let’s we all be the change that we all want to see in Indonesia and we should start it right now. Let’s carry the burden that our founding fathers wanted us to carry, not just because we love our government or because our politicians tell us so.

Let’s carry it in the name of our Indonesian parents, grandparents, brothers and sister, families, and friends. Let’s carry it for all those people who love us for being born in this beautiful paradise called Indonesia.”

A word from me: Let’s do this, together!

Beautiful article!
It will take little steps and many long strides, but if we persevere, we can move mountains.
It is time to stop comparing ourselves to others, stop stepping over our own brothers and sisters to get ahead, and wake up, look around and wake up. This is our Indonesia, our motherland (even if we are now far away), and we need to take it back. Take it back from the corruptors, the other KKN-ers, the pessimists, the abusers, and put our foot down and say: enough is enough!
For the sake of our next generations: enough is enough!

At the most darkest hour does hope shine the brightest, through the most adverse conditions do heroes emerge.

If we come together, bind ourselves as one, our voices will be heard.

As I have said before, the only barrier standing between us and success is our own selves. Our own fears, our own pessimism prevents us from overcoming whatever hurdle life presents before us. Our nation needs us, our brothers and sisters need us, so let’s get over ourselves, our fears, and our pessimism, and strive towards a more peaceful, more promising Indonesia.

salam for all.
hi mister tasa, how are you? waw your motivation is very strong. i hope it can be motivation of other Indonesians, including me.
i just hope that your thinking and articulation of your thought can be published in talk show in our television,so many young Indonesian in every level can be provoked to think and therefore stimulated to do their positive thinking for their community, for Indonesia.
but I think, it could be better that after your talk show in television, the people in JBRB make relationship with other institutions and other regions. by this way, “berbudaya itu seru” not only in Jakarta, but also to every pelosok of Indonesia.

@mbak Yonna
“once again, it’s only matter of time..”
tapi g nyampe seratus tahun lagi kan yang pasti?

@mas Tasa
Keren banget artikelnya,, seharuse ni artikel jadi halaman utama di tiap buku pelajaran sekolah, buat nyadarin para “kusuma bangsa” kalo masi ada harapan di negeri tercinta. Pas SMP guru geografiku membuat 41 muridnya (termasuk aku, minus satu temanku yg ga berangkat) terkapar dengan berkata: “…ya inilah Indonesia, mau diapain lagi?…”

Selamat ya Tasa. So proud of you.


Stumbled onto your blog, and me likey 🙂 Interesting topics that are very well-written.

I especially love this post. It’s good to know that there are still people (especially Indonesians) who are hopeful and optimistic about this country’s future. Every time I go back to Indonesia I am always in awe of the country’s potential to be a great and prosperous nation. I hope I will be around to see it happen, and, more importantly, that I will be a part of it.


Hai Tasa, btw mau nanya.. emang Boedi Oetomo didirikan di Belanda ya? Bukannya di STOVIA yang sekarang jadi Fakultas Kedokteran UI di Jakarta?


Yap, I’ve always thought it was born in STOVIA, Jakarta.

I do agree with other parts of the article though. Huntington also highlighted the importance of well-educated young people in Islamic resurgence in some parts of the world. We can also make it here, in our very country. 😀

Yonna: I think being proud of where you’re from has nothing to do with how many great people your country has. A feeling of proudness comes within 🙂

ary: Let’s do it bro! Sukses.

ns: I believe that’s the spirit we all should embrace. It’s not the time to keep complaining and whining, let’s start building Indonesia together.

ahmad: Thank you for your support, I really appreciate it. That’s a very good idea and I think that should be one of the long-term strategies that JBRB should energize. I’d be more than happy to ask you to be part of the movement. Sukses.

bukangukguk: Terima kasih buat dukungannya selama ini. I’m not a good Indonesian sometimes, but I do have a big hope that someday I will see the better Indonesia and I want to be part of it.

Jen: Thanks Mba!

asti: I’m glad you found my blog. I totally agree with you, let’s be part of the movement. If you live abroad then you have a big chance to actually give a positive influence to our people.

michael & yuki: Coba baca kalimatnya lebih dalam lagi. Hehe. Saya tidak tulis Budi Utomo didirikan di Belanda tapi mahasiswa Indonesia di Belanda mendirikan Budi Utomo. Budi Utomo sendiri sebagai sebuah organisasi memang secara resmi berdiri di sekolah dokter Stovia. Tapi saya yakin ide mengenai pergerakan Budi Utomo telah lahir jauh sebelum 1908. Banyak pendiri Budi Utomo adalah mahasiswa Indonesia yang menimba ilmu di Belanda yang kemudian pulang ke Indonesia atau masih di Belanda ketika Budi Utomo diresmikan.

Hal yang sama terjadi dengan JBRB. Pergerakan JBRB sebenarnya sudah dimulai sejak bulan Maret 2007 dari Amerika Serikat tapi kemudian diresmikan dan menjadi sebuah organisasi di Jakarta pada 30 Juni 2007.

Saya ingin menekankan bahwa di mana pun kita berada kita tetap bisa memberikan kontribusi kepada Indonesia.

Sukses dan sukses.
Selamat Hari Kebangkitan Nasional.

*By this I mean, “Young Indonesians who had lived and were still living in the Netherlands finally established Budi Utomo in 1908.” I regret this confusion.

>Saya ingin menekankan bahwa di mana pun kita berada kita tetap bisa memberikan kontribusi kepada Indonesia.

Totally agree. Here in the USA, I can achieve much much more and people will eventually see me as a person who was born and raised in Indonesia, no matter how “Americanized” or “internationalized” I have become.

I feel and think that the true concept of “nationalism” is not limited to appreciating one’s nation (or state) only, but how one can be integrated into the global world with a lot of pride and dignity.

let’s hope not 🙂

wedew, sayangnya gak semua orang bule itu melihat diri dan prestasi kita saja, karena biasanya mereka komentar kaya gini “Indo negara korup, kok rakyat Indo diam aja sih” dll….if you were asked that questions, i think you’ve had no precise answer to tell…will you persist keep telling “I’m proud to be Indonesian” loudly? kalo gue sih mending dalem ati aja, lagian i don’t have to tell the world how proud or shame to be Indonesian, dengan rutin memberikan zakat dan sedekah untuk orang Indo yang fakir dan miskin kayanya itu udah cukup membuktikan bahwa gue cinta Indo dalam artian mencintai rakyatnya yang pantes dicintai, kalo pemimpinnya, ntar dulu deh.

The question is : Does the government love Indonesian people? If we were obliged to love Indonesia and our leaders, why don’t they do the same? Asking someone else to love you but you never love me? Is it fair? Fuel price increment are really torturing us, for example.

You should see the celebration of 100 national awakening day broadcasted on all TV stations last night. You should see the unnecessary euphoria of celebrating the day. Can you imagine how much cost paid to prepare the celebration? If the money were given to the poor, i think that would be better and helpful.

Sorry, I don’t blame you and your article, I’m sharing the truth here, what we really feel.

Gue lebih setuju sama nasionalisme yang grup band Slank nyanyikan “Bendera Setengah Tiang” bahwa sebaiknya kita mencintai negara dan bangsa dengan masuk akal.

The kicking-ass leader and politicians are really on demand 🙂

tambahan penjelasan untuk kalimat ini:
“Indo negara korup, kok rakyat Indo diam aja sih”

iya kita emang masih belum melakukan tindakan tegas seperti Cina sudah lakukan terhadap koruptor, karenanya masih dianggap diam saja. Kalo kurang jelas, tar gue tanya lagi deh ma tu bule, maksutnya apaan sih 😆

*nggenepin hetrik yah :mrgreen:

gue rasa, orang yang gak bangga jadi orang Indonesia gak bisa disalahkan 100%. mereka gak bangga karena rata-rata kelakuan pemimpinnya, rakyat dijajah ma pemerintahnya sendiri.

gue menyayangkan orang2 Indo jenius dan berpotensi mengubah Indo kaya Nelson Tansu seorang profesor Indo yang tinggal di Amrik, Imaduddin (gue gak tau beliau balik lagi ke Indo atau gak), Habibie yang memilih tinggal di Jerman (karena istrinya emang gak bisa kena udara tropis Indo), dan orang Indo lainnya yang memilih tinggal di luar negeri daripada tinggal di Indo. mau nunjukkin nasionalisme dan tetep tinggal di Indo, tapi hidup elo serba gak jelas, serba dipersulit, serba serbi lainnya yg akhirnya memutuskan meninggalkan Indo. orang2 seperti ini hanya ingin menyelamatkan diri dan keluarganya, selama mereka sudah berusaha tapi kalo gak ada kepastian emang lebih baik pergi ke land of opportunity kaya Amrik, dll.

bahkan juara2 Olimpiade fisika, kimia, matematik, sains, dll ditawarkan beasiswa dan pekerjaan dari Amrik dan negara2 maju lainnya. salah satu contoh nyata yang tragis.

topik artikel elo ini sangat menarik kalo dibuatkan mind mapping, tas….karena emang msh bisa disambungin ma hal2 lain 🙂

Salam always for all.
ya saya setuju dengan mba yonna bahwa perayaan kebangkitan nasinoal itu sebaiknya tidak dengan ritualisasi yang kosong makna yang membuang-buang uang pada hal yang secara esensi tak punya arti. namun perayaan yang membuang-buang itu sudah terlanjur terjadi. jika saja, setiap perayaan-perayaan itu diidentikan dengan social movement dan langsung menyentuh inti permasalahan, maka ada langkah yang lebih maju dari sebelumnya.
Saya pikir sih, ada baiknya orang-orang yang belajar di negara maju, dan setelah kembali Ke Indonesia, langsung ancrub dalam kegiatan yang pro rakyat dan bukan ancrub dan terlena pada kehidupan yang sangat kapitalistik.
dalam konteks kenaikan bbm, orang-orang pintar semestinya mengcreate sesuatu yang menjadi alternatif yang menggantikan bbm. soalnya kalau bergantung sama bbm melulu, emang nyakitin saja.
berkaitan dengan mahasiswa cerdas dan jenius pergi belajar ke luar, saya kira bukan lah masalah dan bahkan bagus, karena bisa belajar lebih banyak hal-hal baru. namun, keberadaan mereka akan lebih berarti jika tangan-tangan kreatif mereka digunakan untuk mengangkat negara asalnya dari keterpurukan.
Mudah-mudahan JBRB menjadi media dan sekaligus pelopor dalam memberikan kontribusi positif dan cemerlang buat Indonesia.
Mudah-mudahan misi ini bisa saya lanjutkan ketika saya tiba di kampung dan komunitas saya di bandung.
bravo saja.

halo mas Ahmad 🙂

iya itu lah, sayangnya orang jenius Indo lebih dihargai dan dihormati oleh negara laen, yah saya gak nuding mereka gak cinta Indo dan gak punya nasionalisme, mereka cinta ma Indo tapi diperlakukan tidak adil makanya tinggal di negara laen, semacam terpaksa meninggalkan Indo juga kali ya 🙂

makanya mas Ahmad, saya juga menyarankan kepada Tasa untuk tetep tinggal di Amrik aja, kerja di sana dan menetap di sana. Sebagai young and jenius Indonesian, potensi Tasa kayanya lebih kepake di luar, kadang saya setengah memaksa untuk menyarankan dia tetep di sana, ojo mulih le, ning kene semrawut (bener gak bhs jawa gue?) 😆

eeemmmm….sekalian buat guide saya ntar kalo saya mau jalan2 ke Amrik :mrgreen:

adalah sesuatu yang layak disyukuri, jika ada teman-teman di luar negeri yang concern sama pembangunan (karakter) bangsanya. adalah indah sekali jika teman-teman yang di amrik juga berkolaborasi dengan teman-teman yang ada di mesir, disaudi, di jepang, dimanapun teman-teman berada, sehingga akan terjadi sinergi yang hebat. maka betul apa yang dikatakan masa tasa, bahwa pemuda atau young generation qita belum ‘united”, masih terpolarisasi dan terkotak-kotak.
betul, reformasi itu belum selesai selama korupsi dan perbuatan maling itu masih mengakar di jantung bangsa ini. frustating memang kondisinya, tapi seperti yang dikatakan mas tasa, kita perlu yakin bahwa secercah harapan itu harus selalu diyakini ada, tentu saja dengan langkah -langkah menggapainya.
wah, mba yonna mau jalan-jalan ke amrik….i wish it could be a real one someday 🙂
i just keep it inside my heart that i also have a dream to go there. i am really curious about living there.
mba yonna, to be honest living in Saudi is not more beautiful than i thought before. here, discrimination is naked. you know, zina is haram there, but why we have seen many news about tragedy of Indonesian maids. they were tortured or even exploited sexsually. if zina is haram, what about raping maid? i think it is more harmful than zina. but many maids can do nothing. there are hopeless and powerless.
ops so sorry, it is just my curhat about how i feel during my life here. there is no feeling of security, coz it is often that the one who has much money can win the case.
that is why, i just dream that i am curious about living in America or other Europe country. but, after all, Indonesia is my own country, and always -using tasa’s term- welcome me no matter who i am.
i still like my karedok made in bandung. hahaha 🙂
ahmad. saudi arabia

Thanks for such a great article! 🙂 🙂 I really enjoy it very much.

BTW, do you think we can start to be united as Indonesians in US? I would be very interested! We can start by keeping tracks of all Indonesian’s related clubs in US.

It’s not really that hard to find Indonesians; they tend to flock together either in student organizations like PERMIAS or religious groups (KKI, ICF, IFGF).

Maybe a second nationalism movement is underway, who knows 🙂 Let’s make it happen!

iya nih cita-cita jalan ke luar negeri 🙂

yah, soal pemerkosaan TKW di Saudi emang udah berita umum, jadi mas Ahmad hanya mengingatkan sekali lagi kalo tinggal di negara manapun tentu saja akan menemui hambatan dan kesulitan 🙂

orang-orang disini gak terlalu tertarik merayakan kebangkitan nasional karena mereka sibuk mengurusi berita kebijakan kenaikan BBM, perayaan kebangkitan nasional cuma jadi momen hiburan untuk mereka 🙂

@Tasa: hehe.. ya, saya juga berpikir bahwa para pendiri Boedi Oetomo pasti dulunya pernah merasakan pendidikan di Belanda sih.. or at least ide-ide dasarnya muncul dari sono lahh.. hehe.. bukan maksud apa2 kok.. cuman bingung aja.. hehe..

btw salam kenal Tasa. izin nge-link ya. and thx for ur comment before. tuh perdebatan antara M dan Marisa emang heboh bgt dah! hehehe…

happy national awakening day.

An inspiring post which draws applause , I guess. And it deserves approval. Actually I also got an impression of too much disappointment, pessimism and standoffishness.
So I think your call for a real change and your call for the younger generations to make the difference, is quite sympathetic. What’s needed in your opinion, if I don’t misunderstand, is a daring nationalistic change : unity, improved economy and cleansing of wrong influences.

However, looking from a distance maybe Indonesia is not doing that bad at all, even though at the moment a lot of people seem to be longing for the Suharto times again. Economic growth has been sound, though not perfect. Democratic procedures have taken root, though they are not perfect either. Politics have been demilitarized, though only in a limited way. Everybody can speak his mind, be it there are amazing and alarming incidents which seems to prove the opposite.

But what really seems to be missing up till now is a clear and sweeping definition of what kind of Indonesia should be on the mind of the young nationalists. Is a good economy a free market economy? Style China – free market plus autocracy? Or some guided economy aiming at a diminishing gap between rich and poor? Does cleansing bad western influences mean less “Idols”, less beer, or less tolerance, less human rights, less freedom? Which should be replaced by what?

I wonder if you are gonna write such a kind of political program someday. It wouldn’t surprise me.

i think, Indonesia need important things. law enforcement and awareness that positive culture is more worth doing than bad one. when i think about positive, of course it is talking about straightforwardness, honesty, and being aware that corruption is a big pornography that should be eliminated.
religion also should be put in the right place and should be seen as a one of many truth. i hope no more violence based on religion differences. well, after all, good education is something very important that should be conducted. with good education that lead a good thinking will lead also a good economy for the country. i am really sorrow when many people who graduated from a good university is eventually corrupt when he/she has a chance in wet position. why then the cleverness is abused to make such corruption? so, education which is against dishonesty should always be encouraged. i would try a good thing from my self. insyaAllah.

Mas, Di 100 thn kbangkitan ini, pemerintah naikin harga BBM 28%, kebijakan ini dipengaruhi olh harga minyak dunia yang melonjak. di amerika terjadi perubahan yg signifikan t’hdp kehidupan disana gak? disini bener2 chaos bgt. sampe da kjadian peristiwa UNAS.

yes, i agree that young people is an energy for the country. but you know, not every young generation has a good mindset for the betterment for Indonesia, because their mind has been brainwashed by a very capitalistic mindset. so the challenge would be how to build a supportive environment to build a good character among Indonesian young people. I think, JBRB is relevant here as an agent to spread such good character.
i hope good movement like JBRB is also happen in other region in Indonesia. thanks and bravo. i hope i can build such movement with my fellows in my village, small village in Bandung.
🙂 well done.

kak tasa harus sering2 pos artikel kayak gini.
seperti yang kak tasa bilang sendiri, kebanyakan pemuda indonesia sekarang tuh pesismis. yang optimis banyak juga, tapi jadi minoritas. bahayanya, yang minoritas itu lama2 (kalo gak kuat iman) bisa terpengaruh sama yang mayoritas.
kalo sering2 ada tulisan kayak gini, kan bisa membantu membakar semangat. ya toh?
aku setuju juga kalo kak tasa bilang kita kurang bersatu. bener deh, orang indonesia tuh terlalu terkotak2. paling kentara sih berdasarkan ras dan agama (kayaknya ini masalah paling sensitif). lalu, berdasarkan kelas ekonomi. susah deh. jadi jalan sendiri. mentingin diri sendiri. kepentingan yang lebih besar, kepentingan bersama, kepentingan negara, udah gak keliatan lagi.
mau disuruh bersatu, tentu butuh proses. terutama, karena masih pada saling menyimpan prasangka buruk.

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All articles and essays were written by guebukanmonyet. Before commenting remember that Life Accepts Differences.
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