It’s Time To Be Green

Posted on: April 7, 2008

Thanks to Al Gore and other environmentalists the concern of global warming is rapidly growing throughout the world, mostly in the West. In America, for example, people talk this issue every day. At bookstores people are reading books and magazines giving them instructions how to be green and be part of a global movement to save the earth.

As a response to public awareness, industries are helping their customers to become greener and greener. Supermarkets are stocking their shelves with organic and eco-friendly products. Whole Foods Market, the world’s leading retailer of natural and organic food, is growing fast by giving its customers a promise that the food they buy will help saving the earth.

Despite the fact that U.S. government is still unwilling to sign the Kyoto Protocol, every day new organic products are filling supermarkets’ stock lists in America. Now they have organic apple, organic bread, organic burgers, organic lipstick, and a bunch of other organic products.

Someone once told me that organic chicken tastes better than the regular chicken. I got confused and complained, “How could that be?” She explained that an organic chicken is fed only with organic grains, never given any antibiotics and hormones, and raised in a stress-free environment. Now I know that a happy chicken tastes better. I later added, “We have that kind of chicken in our country too, it’s called ayam kampung.”

On my first visit to Whole Foods Market a cashier asked me when I was preparing to swipe my credit card, “Paper or plastic?” Looking like a fool I responded bluntly, “I don’t understand. I don’t want to buy paper or plastic, that will be all.”

Later I found out that she was asking me whether I wanted to have a plastic bag or a paper bag. The paper bag is considered eco-friendly since it’s recyclable. But, Whole Foods Market is doing further now by not asking that kind of question again. They have sacked all their plastic bags and only provide their consumers with paper and reusable bags. The company encourages its customers to bring their own bags by taking 5 cents to 10 cents off the bill for each.

The reason Whole Foods Market implements this strategy is because the company claims it’s what their consumers demand and more importantly is the fact that a disposable plastic bag takes more than a thousand years to break down in a landfill.

A thousand years for a plastic bag! That’s huge.

But now, what does it mean that we should be green? Is dumping plastic bags enough to stop the global warming? And does buying organic food and other eco-friendly products will actually help this earth? Or is it just another trend like other frenzies that will always come and go?

Are we really sincere in helping this earth when we buy an organic milk or locally planted fruits? Whatever the reason is, it is important to understand that the issue of global warming is something real and needs to be taken seriously by every living person in this world, including Indonesians.

The discussion of global warming is not merely about how organic our food is or how much we can disassociate ourselves from plastic bags but also how we can solve the energy crisis and other issues too.

I know it’s not easy for most Indonesians to be concerned in this matter since they are struggling hard just to find food to eat. Indonesians who live in small cities and villages, for example, know exactly how the environment is part of their lives. But when they have to choose between saving the earth or having no food to eat, the result is something that all environmentalists don’t wish to dream about.

It is sad to know that according to Time’s Michael Grunwald in his recent article “The Clean Energy Scam” Indonesia is the third world’s top carbon emitter due to its deforestation. The irony is, most trees are cut down because investors backed by politicians and local governments are pouring their money into the palm oil industry in the name of biofuels.

And while many politicians believe that biofuels might be the answer for the energy crisis, not many people know that biofuels are actually making things worse.

Saving the earth is not an easy job. Relying this issue entirely on our central government is certainly not enough. Every one of us has to be creative and sincere. Making sure that your own environment is clean is good, but it’s not enough. The earth wants you to spread the news that saving the earth is not just something cool but it’s a must.

It’s time for us to be green.


30 Responses to "It’s Time To Be Green"

Ironis banget,,, di Indonesia yg jelas2 uda kerasa banget efek pemanasan globalnya.. Tapi penduduknya pada masa bodo,.. boro-boro pake kantung belanja sendiri, ngebuang sampah plastik aja suka seenak jidat. Masalah energi juga, disuruh hemat energi eh malah nyeletuk “terserah gue, yang penting gue sanggup bayar”.
Duh musti disadarin lewat apalagi to?
tanah longsor uda, banjir; langganan, BBM langka; ud kejadian, suhu serasa di oven, listrik byar pet; ud biasa.
Uda kebal kali ya orang Indonesia?

guebukangukguk maksudnya guebukananjing? trus sama gak ma guebukanmonyet?

*gagal jadi juara pertamax 😐

gue lebih suka jadi monyet daripada jadi gukguk..

omong2 tentang green earth, kadang dijalan gw suka ngebayangin gini….berapa banyak kendaraan yg terus diproduksi tiap tahun ato bulan di indonesia? di suatu kota aj dalam satu bulan terjual 8000 motor. terbayang, dalam satu tahun, satu negara, berapa jumlah produksi motor (roda dua saja)? trus….kebayang gak, pada akhirnya motor2 ato mobil2 itu suatu saat akan menimbun menjadi sampah bumi? teramat sangat banyak!!! itu baru kendaraan bermotor, belum perangkat elektronik lain, seperti komputer, hp, tv, dll, yg pada akhirnya akan menjadi sampah. Taruhlah ada recycling, tapi berapa banyak kemampuan recycle??…..itu satu bayangan yg mengerikan di pikiran gw. jd kepikiran gini….bisa ga ya, alat2 yg berpotensi menjadi sampah itu berbahan ramah lingkungan?kalopun nanti menjadi sampah tidak akan memakan proses lama untuk membusuk??
trus satu lagi…bisa ga ya pemerentah qt tu memperbaiki sistem transportasi or ngasi peraturan bagi kendaraan2 pribadi, biar kendaraan2 yg berkeliaran di jalan tu minim polusi?? ato malah mereka malas mikirin hal2 seperti itu..?
Save our earth… ourself….save our next generation….:)

Talking about environmental issue and how our country’s position is a never ending discussion. but let’s do more than just discussing.

1. Let’s use the buss instead of private car or taxi because 1 bus=50 cars
2. let’s take our own plastic bag from home to supermarket and use it again and again next time we go to supermarket.
3. let’s start keeping our rubbish in our bag or pocket when we don’t see rubbish bin around. keep it until next time we see a rubbish bin.
4. let’s be kind to scavenger because they are the hero of environment too. not just Algore. Scavenger or tukang pulung actually selected recycled and non recycled rubbish and sell them to the recycling center. i wonder why have i almost never seen them again the last few years in Jakarta. have Sutiyoso kicked them out of jakarta? or am i being su’udzon? 😀
5. in case you have no tukang pulung around, you can also separate your own rubbish; give some old iron or usable plastics to the poor neighbor. don’t give them to the rubbish man without notice that they have been separated-because he or she will mix them again.
6. let’s join Indonesiabersih action in , a movement started in 2003 by the spirit of voluntarism simply to create a cleaner Indonesia.
7. let’s take an 18 minutes to watch the film my friends and i made on how Dayak Iban tribe in Kalimantan Barat survived from climate change after a long drought because they stick to their traditional way of live, here;
8. When we have more money, let’s buy ecologic food-traditional food-rather than junk food. I promise, McDonald ain’t no better for your health!


Mulia 😀

@guebukanmonyet & mulia: Great, positive post and great positive comment. Being a member of a “green party”, this spirit of idealism gives me hope for the future.

However the main threat to the environment is the consequence of demographic developments. Probably, within your lifetime, the world’s population will have grown to over 9 billion people. Combined with, what we all should try to accomplish, a decent existence for all of them, it is next to impossible to ‘safe the world’. So, what can we do about birth control?

(By the way Mulia: your movie is very worthwhile in my opinion).

I second colson, Mulia’s self-made video is worth watching. Talking about this green issue, a friend of mine wrote a very interesting article on it, he basically blamed those who do green campaign merely to be considered as up-to-date persons, I recommend you guys to read it as well. 😀

*aduh.. lagu michael jackson langsung terngiang-ngiang*

*heal the woooooooooorrrrlllddd…. make it a better plaaaaaaaaaace…….. for you and for me for the entire human race……*

@ Colson and Yuki tobing: thank you..thank you..for the film promotion!

environment is my subject. but many times i think i’d better not talk so much. the nowadays society is in euphoria of saving the environment. like your friend michaeljubel described, some even not knowing what does it mean (remember Bridget Bardot, screaming to the world save the seal while wearing animal fur coat..ended up ruining the Inuit’s economic income) . But to this extent, i think it’s goin fine. i don’t want to make post modern criticism to Al Gore or UNCC. just as long as the world is in full spirit in doing something for the environment. i’ll come along 😀

bukangukguk: Memang ironis dan kayaknya itu tugas kita yang masih muda untuk menyebarkan pesan akan pentingnya bangsa Indonesia menyelamatkan lingkungan hidup. kalau bukan kita siapa lagi? Benar gak?

Kay_belle: Benar banget. Di Jakarta kendaraan bermotor udah kayak semut, terutama motor. Akibatnya, udara di Jakarta benar-benar tidak layak untuk dihirup. Sudah saatnya perilaku masyarakat kita diubah, sulit sekali memang. Tapi momennya tepat nih, ketika harga BBM semakin naik. Mungkin sudah saatnya orang Jakarta naik sepeda dan becak.

Mulia: Thanks for your wonderful tips. Appreciate it 🙂 Great movie indeed, could we borrow it for our program? Hehe.

Colson: You’re absolutely right, the population is exploding and I think there’re not enough people addressing this issue. Birth control program should be expanded throughout countries. Indonesia was so successful implementing this program during Soeharto’s regime, I think we should do it again.

Yuki: Thanks for the link, it’s very interesting.

Ary: Dodol 🙂

@Guebukanmonyet and all: please do use the film, and disseminate the idea. we want to make people see, it’s not the whole Indonesia burning the forest. we should help Pak Janggut, the kepala suku in the film. If only he speaks english, he would have come to the indegenous forum or UNCC meeting..unfortunately he doesn’t and it’s our responsibility too (any kind of contribution) to tell the world that technology can only save the environment to certain extent. we should focus on changing human behavior-live a more environmentally friendly life, including use birth control, like you said! Pak Janggut and his tribe could suffer from forest burning simply because the world think they should burn the forest and plant palm oil to produce bioethanol. Biofoolish!

btw, Colson is in green party. In Indonesia, green party could mean something else..hahaha.

Wow, that’s very nice of you. I’ll inform that to my friends. Indonesia indeed needs more people like Pak Janggut and you 🙂 I hope what you’re doing with the environment will give a big and positive impact to our people. Thank you!

halaman ini sangat bermanfaat, terima kasih atas infonya teman

“We have that kind of chicken in our country too, it’s called ayam kampung.” >> mbayangin gimana muka tasa waktu ngomong gtu…. seriously you said that?? itu maksudnya lg ngmg serius apa ngguyon ya?

gw stuju bgt tuh ama lets go green-nya. untuk tugas kuliah gw aja gw sampe bikin logo dengan tema anti global warming. biarpun kata temen2 gw tema itu basi. tp emang gw lg concern bgt ama global warming (jieeehhh). nanti hasil tugasnya mau gw pajang di blog, tak lupa beserta tips untuk “menyelamatkan dunia”
gw percaya kita ga musti ikut greenpeace, aktif demo menentang pembalakan hutan dll untuk membantu mencegah global warming. kita mulai aja dr diri kita dan mulai dr hal kecil yg palin mudah untuk dilakuin.

kayak tips2 dari mulia. top abis tuh! sebagian emang udah gw terapin… malahan skrg klo blanja di minimarket… gw lebih milih ga pake plastik dan bawa belanjaan gw gitu aja ato masukkin di tas. kcl klo belanjaanya banyak bgt sih. hehheh… belajar dlu kan… biar nanti2 gw bawa kantong belanja gw sndiri aja. banyak bgt kebiasaan jelek yg harus gw ilangin nih… hehehhe.

kak tasa, masalah global warming agak bikin saya pesimis. yah, kita emang tetap harus mengusahakan penyelamatan lingkungan. but, orang yang sadar lingkungan dengan yang nggak… perbandingannya jauh lebih banyak yang cuek (apalagi di negara kayak indonesia). terus, lingkungan yang udah terlanjur rusak ini rasanya gak mungkin diselamatkan lagi. kita mungkin bisa memperlambar proses kehancurannya.
saya bilang gitu karena kita udah tergantung dengan sumber daya dari alam, terutama penghasil energi. sementara, seberapa pun kita mengurangi pemakaian energi, kita tetep harus make. terus, penduduk bumi bukannya sedikit dan semua orang butuh energi. jadi, pemakaian energi pasti tetep akan berlanjut secara besar2an.
misalnya lagi, masalah lapisan ozon. ini masalah sederhana dan butuh pengorbanan. kita semua tau CFC bisa bikin lapisan ozon bolong. kita juga tau kalo AC memproduksi banyak CFC. tapi, ozon yang udah bolong itu bikin panas. karena panas, kita pake AC. AC-nya bikin CFC yang akhirnya bikin ozon tambah bolong.
jadi, semua ini udah seperti lingkaran setan yang terus2an bersiklus kayak begitu.
sementara, manusia sendiri kan makhluk hidup yang (tentu saja) bisa beradaptasi. jadi, manusia bakal beradaptasi terus-menerus dengan lingkungannya yang udah rusak ini. di masa depan nanti, bukan gak mungkin kalo manusia gak butuh banyak oksigen lagi untuk bernafas. tau2 manusia udah gak butuh oksigen sama sekali. tau2 manusia malah butuh karbon untuk bernafas. tau2 manusia punya kulit super tebel yang gak mempan dikenain sinar UV. siapa tau?
tapi… saya bukannya gak peduli lingkungan atau gak mendukung penghijauan. saya justru menjaga lingkungan di sekitar saya sebisa saya. jadi, saya cuman mau memberi peringatan. mungkin kita semua perlu siap2 menyambut perubahan besar2an.

bhs inggris gw jongkok hik…hik…
tp sy stuju dgn areta, pesimis…
global warming gak bisa dicegah…titik. Hanya bisa dikurangi.
Emisi karbon itu saudara kembarnya teknologi. Kalo teknologi semakin tinggi, kadar karbon pun ikut2an naik kelas…

Fery: Terima kasih kembali.

Macangadungan: Hahaha. What do you think? Being green emang tema tahun ini, mudah-mudahan bukan sekedar trend semata tapi bisa dijadikan sebagai sebuah langkah nyata di seluruh dunia untuk menyelamatkan bumi. Tidak mudah sih, tapi minimal kita dapat memulai dari hal-hal kecil di sekeliling kita.

Areta: Yah setuju banget. Memang tidak mudah dan mungkin teori kamu bahwa manusia akan terus beradaptasi ada benarnya. Tapi, kita sebagai manusia tidak ada salahnya untuk mencegah. Di Indonesia sendiri memang sangat tidak mudah karena kondisi ekonomi kita yang masih carut marut sehingga kelestarian lingkungan bukan prioritas nomer satu, yang penting semua bisa makan dulu. Susah memang.

Junjung: Wah, jangan semuanya ikutan pesimis donk. Hehe.

apa ya?! bumi ini kan rumah kita. kalo kita gak pernah peduli ma keadaannya maka ujung2nya kita juga yang susah.

ibarat rumah kalo gak pernah dirawat, dibersihin, disayangin maka akan penuh debu, kotoran, kecoak, tikus, dll yang pastinya merusak kesehatan dan kenyamanan penghuninya. yang parah mgkn bisa merenggut nyawanya.

sama ma bumi, kalo kita gak peduli dan tetep cuek, lama2 kita bakal susah juga, kalo kita gak merasa susah maka anak cucu kita yang bakal repot.

jangan hanya berbagi cinta, kasih sayang, perhatian, kepedulian ma pacar, suami/istri, keluarga, anak tapi ma lingkungan bodo amat. sayangilah tempat tinggal kita sendiri, tempat yang mempertemukan dan mengumpulkan kita dengan orang2 yang kita sayangi…yaitu…BUMI.

I set up Green Indonesia blog in the hopes of attracting contributers. If ‘specialists’ could focus on particular issues, highlighting positive models of ‘green’activism, we might be able to make a small difference.

Unfortunately, I really don’t have time to do everything, so my offer is still open. Please email me if you can help.

(BTW. In terms of energy consumption and our carbon footprints, reusing and recycling plastic bags is probably a ‘greener’ option that using paper bags, which can take decades to decompose.

We should be more … and more … and more … good to save this earth.

Ingat 4R ! yaitu Replace, Reduce, Reuse, dan Recycle … (nyontek nih! hehe)

Aksi tiap orang akan sangat berarti untuk kelangsungan kehidupan lingkungan kita.

So, let’s do it !!! 😉

Yonna: Setuju bangeeet! Susah memang tapi tidak ada salahnya dicoba.

Jakartass: That’s a very good idea you have, I’m not sure if I can be any help since I already have three blogs. But lemme see what I can do. I’ll email you.

Izmi: Nyontek di mana tuh? That’s a good one. Setuju, let’s do it.

First of all, we need an intensive exposure on exactly how the economic material cycle has been circulating in this country for years long. There’s a great imbalance in the numbers, Tasa. If not, we wouldn’t be still having citizens living in poverty and eating stale rice.

What’s that got to do with green living?
Well, first, we need to acknowledge who are factually responsible for it. Why? Because the ones that will suffer the most from global warming are the third world countries. We are the ones that will provide the natural resources that several powerful countries are gradually running out of, and yet our political stand isn’t strong enough yet to maintain an economic welfare of its citizens for decades ahead. Roughly said, it’s our trees that those corporate giants have chopped off.

Personally, the Earth is too big for me to handle, thus to claim myself as an eco-activist is simply hillarious. I believe the campaigns of green living isn’t merely introducing a lifestyle, like being a veggie or something. There’s something more to it, it takes more sacrifice. Fortunately, some friends of mine are far more sensitive to environmental issues rather than me. They’ve actually critisized me for featuring an ad for Unilever! (An ad kid here, whaddya expect?)

So, yeah, guess we still have hope. Great article!

By the way, I sooooooooooooooooooooooooo love McDonalds! Hm, nyummy..

ya hahaha, i’ve read your article about Dove (advertisefor Unilever, right?) and it does contrary to this blog which criticize Dove for damaging forest, hehe.

but, everybody has their own view, and i believe you’re not on purpose against Tasa here hahaha. At least, both of you have positive view on something 🙂

Guys, i love the earth. But, scientifically speaking, in my opinion, this line is not really accurate:

“And while many politicians believe that biofuels might be the answer for the energy crisis, not many people know that biofuels are actually making things worse.”

guys, there is THOUSANDS kind of biofuels. and i guess it would much be better if we do not generalize them. some biofuels do make things worse but some don’t. why am I commenting about this? because i live in a scientist world and to be honest this kind of propaganda is making everything more difficult. the research itself is difficult already, and suddenly there are irresponsible opinions popping up in public which make things more, more, and more difficult.

maybe you can read this article. i wrote it.

anyway, great blog. michaeljubel here.

i do love the earth.

Marisa: Thanks for pointing out a very important matter. You’re so right that it’s the third world countries that will suffer the most. Now that big companies funded by big countries are paying our poor people with so-called enough money to cut our trees they’re the ones who enjoy the good things from those trees. While our poor people will still be poor when they have no trees to cut down.

And yes it’s not easy to be a green activist, being a vegetarian and only eating organic food is not enough. And for that reason I don’t consider myself eco-activist, just like you. Hehe. It’s always nice to have you around 🙂

Michael: Thanks for stopping by 🙂

I’ve read your article and although I don’t think I fully understand the whole thing but I got your point. And I think I have to agree that not all biofuels are dangerous for the environment.

But, actually that’s not what I mean when I wrote that biofuels are making things worse. Biofuels might be greener than the old energy we use, but the process of making it happen is the one that makes global warming is even worse. As one article published by Time (,9171,1725975,00.html ) explains how the pursuit of biofuels has destroyed the ecosystems in South America and other countries including Indonesia.

You mentioned in your article that biofuels in Indonesia are made of palm oil, and I bet you are aware how big companies are now cutting trees and our rain forests in order to produce more palm oil. This action has worsened the global warming, the indirect effect.

Now, food prices are skyrocketing around the world, biofuels might not be the only ones to blame. But the search for alternative energy without a doubt is one of the reasons.


Selamat siang semua.

Topiknya sangat ok dan mendukung concern kita2 nih pak Tasa karena begitu lekatnya issue keseharian ini dimana2 …. polusi, naiknya harga bbm, bumi makin panas dan dampak sosial ekonomi tentunya.

Nah, ini bukan suatu kebetulan nih, it’s time to do something now. Ijinkan saya share sekilas tentang suatu solusi yg kita bisa lakukan bersama2 and cool pula:), yaitu mengenai penghematan bbm, green air dan (tidak kalah seru tentunya adalah…) about make money. Wah yang satu ini keren abiz d:)

Alkisah ada suatu solusi issue tsb diatas yakni dari FFI yang dipanggil kerennya adalah Fuel Freedom International ( yang ceritanya mid Juni bulan depan akan hadir di Indonesia!

Buat teman2 yang belum pernah mendengar tentang hal ini, sedikit info ttg beberapa commercial sector yang sudah merasakan benefit dari FFI selama 3-4 bulan ini (Feb 2008) antara lain spt: Hotel Horizon (abt 7 hotel di seluruh Indo), Hotel Panghegar, Solo In, Quality Hotel, Crown Hotel Jkt, pabrik makanan chiki, perkapalan PT Labitra dan masih banyak lagi, dimana produk FFI ini membantu menghemat bbm mereka (rata2) sampai 25% disamping pengurangan emisi gas karbon luar biasa sampai 80%!
(and just sedikit info lagi ni … ternyata setiap liter penghematan BBM bisa mengurangi sampai 3 kg karbondioksida lho, infolebih kanjut silakan mampir di

Oya, btw pak Presiden SBY juga merestui, maksudnya menghimbau tim FFI untuk memperkenalkan solusi ini kepada (pengguna bbm) yang lain pada event Global Warming Converence di Denpasar Desember 2007 yang lalu.

Kalau diijinkan mas GBM, kita bisa share lebih jauh nih, btw I can be contacted at Mohon advice mas GBM ya dan sebelumnya terima kasih atas forumnya ya.

Go Green,
Save the earth, Save Indonesia !!!

Thanks for the information 🙂

“And I think I have to agree that not all biofuels are dangerous for the environment.”

Yup. That’s right.

Iya, saya cuma ingin memberikan pendapat mengenai informasi yang sempat beredar di beberapa surat kabar, termasuk Kompas Nasional di Indonesia, yang mencap biofuel sebagai bahan bakar yang memproduksi gas rumah kaca (N2O) yang efeknya berkali2 lipat dibandingkan CO2.. nah, sebenarnya produksi polutan itu tergantung bahan dasar dari biofuel itu sendiri.. itulah yang harus digarisbawahi karena tidak semua biofuel membutuhkan pupuk yang ujung2nya meningkatkan produksi N2O karena aktivitas mikroba yang berinteraksi dengan pupuk tersebut. lagipula, apabila ditilik lebih lanjut, produksi N2O secara kuantitas tidak sebanyak CO2.. jadi kalau secara overall, greenhouse effect dikali dengan laju produksi polutan, N2O hasil interaksi mikroba itu masih kurang signifikan ketimbang laju efek CO2 dari sektor transportasi dan industri.

deforestasi memang lain soal. ini memang hal yang penting dan inilah pondasi dasar dari biofuel. pernah mendengar konsep CO2 neutral? biofuel dianggap CO2 neutral (tidak memberikan efek terhadap global warming) karena ada sistem sustainable yang bisa dikontrol oleh manusia.. kita tebang pohon.. pohon jadi bahan bakar.. polusi (CO2) terbentuk.. dan CO2 diserap oleh pohon yang kita tanam kembali menggantikan pohon yang kita tebang.. itulah mengapa secara overall neraca karbon di atmosfer tetap dan tidak bertambah.. nah, kalau siklus tebang-tanam itu tidak dilaksanakan dengan baik, biofuel memang bisa memperburuk keadaan.. bahkan lebih buruk dari sebelumnya.. kalau itu saya 100% setuju. hehehe..

oh iya.. konsep “diserap kembali oleh tanaman yang kita tanam sebagai pengganti pohon yang kita tebang” itu sudah berkembang sekarang.. jadi pohon pengganti itu bisa berada dalam “bentuk” yang bermacam-macam.. bisa dalam bentuk pohon yang ada di negara seberang.. atau bisa dalam bentuk dana yang dikeluarkan untuk menumbuhkan pepohonan di negera seberang.. atau dalam bentuk pengurangan emisi karbon di negara seberang.. hehehe..

nahh, kalo itu ujungnya jadi permainan ekonomi dan politik.. dan itulah yang jadi menarik.. untuk itu, saya tidak mau banyak bicara.. yang saya tau benar cuman bagian teknologi nya saja.. hehehe.. mungkin pembaca yang lain lebih tau tentang “permainan” itu..



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