Why Hillary Clinton Should Win

Posted on: March 22, 2008


I have been a supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton since the beginning of the 2008 American presidential campaign. Although most young Americans think that Obama is the right person to bring change to the old kind of American politics I choose to stand behind Hillary’s shoulder. I seriously think Hillary Clinton should be the next American President.

When I see Hillary Clinton I remember my mother’s countless sacrifices that she made when I was a fragile child suffering from asthma. I remember my mother’s story how she took me to the hospital every week and always hoped that I would gain more weight. She fought hard against people’s sarcasm and always told people proudly that someday I would be a smart man.

When I look at Hillary Clinton’s eyes I look at other women’s eyes in the world who work so hard without complaints for the sake of their husbands and children.

It was Hillary Clinton who stood by Bill Clinton during the most embarrassing sex scandal in the history of American politics. Hillary Clinton refused to let him go because she knew it was her duty as a wife to give her husband another chance.

In her 2003 memoir she said, “No one understands me better and no one can make me laugh the way Bill does. Even after all these years, he is still the most interesting, energizing and fully alive person I have ever met.”

Do you think Bill Clinton would have done the same thing if Hillary Clinton had committed sexual relations with other man? I don’t think so. He obviously would have left her.

It’s an ironic truth that it’s always the wife who cleans the husband’s mess. When all that a husband can say is “I’m sorry” it’s the wife who stands strong and wipes her tears off her face and says with a rumbling voice, “I forgive.”

For some people Hillary Clinton’s decision was a stupid move and a sign of how weak she was as a woman. But in my humble opinion, Hillary was a winner. She showed people how strong she was and how she decided to fight back. She decided to save her marriage for her husband, her daughter, and most importantly for herself.

Hillary Clinton’s victory is the victory of all women in the world. It’s the victory of my mother and your mother. It’s the victory of all working women in the world who struggle so hard at work to build their careers but at the same time never forget to be good wives for their husbands and loving mothers for their children. Just like Hillary told the cheering crowd while campaigning in Maine, “I’m a mother first, and a candidate next.”

Hillary Clinton’s victory will be a symbol of how a woman can be a great leader as great as other men.

On the other hand, America may need a woman’s touch to soften its brutal image in some parts of the world. George W. Bush has successfully transformed America into a bully: A country known for its arrogance and selfishness.

America might benefit Hillary Clinton’s mellowness as she cried in New Hampshire last January while answering a question of how she could keep going in the grueling campaign. She said, “It’s not easy. It’s not easy.”

If you are a woman you should vote for Hillary Clinton because I do. The same thing Oprah should do too.

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25 Responses to "Why Hillary Clinton Should Win"

Hehehe, again, interestingly, but unfortunately, we have different opinion. I stated earlier in my blog, why i think Hillary forgive Bill “Hillary is smart and strong, but i don’t think she is such a forgiving person (on deceitful case?? they are politician God sake). She would not sacrifice such heart ache unless she knew (or thought she knew) it would worth it.”
as quoted from [ ]

i like Hillary too, inspiring figure. and i remember exactly the line in her autobiography where she said what you quoted.

But my interest in American presidency is not to their figure, but to their International policy, towards Palestine, Iraq and of course Indonesia. Thus, i support Obama.

But (again), in the end of the day, i believe sanity would choose anybody from Democrats anyway.

Good post boy, keep on writing 🙂 !

Don’t worry, being different is so human and it’s something that we all should appreciate 🙂

Yes they’re politicians and politics is dirty. But it doesn’t mean that they’re robots. They’re still human after all.

Hillary was a bright woman who sacrificed her promising career for Bill’s political ambition.

She was smart and she will always be. In my opinion Hillary would’ve run for president even if Bill Clinton had not been on her side.

Everyone in America knows that Hillary and Obama have almost the same kind of strategy in dealing with issues. The fight in the race is actually on the personal matters right now. The question now is: “Who can be a better leader and who has the better judgement?”

As a female contemporary of Hillary, I felt obligated to support her, and early on I contributed to her campaign, but when I attended a local ‘rally’ it was very orchestrated and attendance was limited to a small number of people. The only questions ‘allowed’ came from a handpicked and pre-screened panel. I left disappointed and uninspired. After that rally I kept watching Hillary on TV and cringed when I saw how guarded, scripted, and unapproachable she seemed. It seems that the way she came across to audiences only seemed to change this when she started to lose, and that troubled me.
I am conflicted, as a woman I want to support Hillary, but I am dubious about how she would manage this country in light of how horribly managed her campaign has been. I would like to give her a free ride for the blunders and blame Mark Penn and the other pinheads, but isn’t she ultimately the CEO of her own campaign?

Do me a favor. Go to blog search on google and type in Barack Obama. You will see post on political views. Then type in Hillary Clinton on the same google blog search page. What do you see? I’ll tell you what you see. Scandal this and scandal that. Enough of the drama. How the hell do you stand up without a backbone? This is not a test that a woman can be a good leader. I know they can! This country is going down the toilet. We don’t need a womans touch. We need a strong honest leader man or woman. Our problem is that we have a moron in the white house. A strong leader with intelect is what we need. I live in new york. She has done nothing! We were reminded that she was a senator when she started her campaign for the white house. Obama is the answer to lead us to common ground. PS. I love my mother as well and I’m possitive I don’t want her to be president of the United States. OBAMA 2008

I am actually surprised (and dissapointed) that you are in favour of Hillary. :p

Anyway, Hillary’s victory is neither my mother’s victory nor is it any mother’s victory. Representatives are in Congress (Parliament), not the President Office.

I also agree with mulia, that as non-Americans, we should actually be more concerned with the candidates’ take on foreign policy.

And with that, I actually hope it’ll be Ron Paul from Republican Party. He is the only candidate with a sound foreign policy. But I don’t think that’ll happen.

I don’t mind Obama… but he too, like Hillary, is not opposed to having war against Iran and is also close with the Israel lobby group.

Nontheless, thx for sharing your thoughts

Kira: In my opinion, Hillary bad perfomance was due to Bill Clinton’s lousy judgement. The way he confronted Obama was quite stupid and proved to be a setback.

At the same time, I think her campaign was very much surprised to see the Obama’s momentum. I think they weren’t prepared to see that Obama was suddenly considered the next JFK. There were just so many things going on, but I think she’s catching up by playing more natural and just be herself more.

Tony: I see your point. But I think the reason why you’ll find so many negative coverage on Hillary on the internet is mostly because she’s been in the American politics more that what Obama has.

Yunir: I’m sure you were. Lol. But honestly, I don’t mind if Obama finally wins. It’s true that he’s an inspirational. But, Hillary is still better, in my humble opinion.

Well, of course, Ron Paul will always be my number one favorite 🙂 He did very well actually, he managed to be one of the last three standing on the Republican nomination.

@yunir: i think obama will do better than hillary in foreign policy. look at the people behind each of them also. Founding father of peace and conflict study, Johan Galtung said if Hillary wins, US will be worse and will meet its ‘fall’ in 2020 (Johan Galtung once predicted Soviet will fall in 1990 and it happened in 1991). Johan also clearly state that eventhough Obama’s slogan for change is yet to be clear what kind of change, but Hillary’s foreign policy is so pro Israeli. middle east will never settle.

That’s why i am not for her. and a reminder, Obama won in Indnesia (American expats elect.)

Well.. if we wish to have a softer America, as you mentioned, we need a person who is really moderate, peace-lover, but still vicious. It’s beyond the idea of being male or female. Take Condoliza Rice as an example of how a woman could be also an agressor, conservative, and narrow-minded at the same time.

I do believe Hillary Clinton is not a bad person.. but I need more reason than you have explained to endorse her.

It’s nice anyway to know that you have a really good relation to your beloved mom.. 🙂

well, very interesting, Tasa writes political topic from humanity point of view. Finally, you tempt me to write a comment here, since I’m not too interesting to give my honest comment to your political articles. You’re irresistible (your articles, I mean wakakak). I think this article deserves to be published on The Jakarta Post, do you already submit this article to them? I would be glad to read it on newspaper

i don’t know, Hillary or Obama? i’m a mother too, of a daughter, a wife of my husband, i’m working too….it’s not surprising if i support her to be the next president of USA….for girl power sake

be a good wife, a good mom, a good worker is ordinary stuff for modern women nowadays. add one! be a president! will you able to hold 4 roles? hmmm

i support bu Hil to take and run the challenge, to prove people’s hesitancy of her ability that they’re wrong. but still, i choose to wait the result instead.

Bu Hillary, win or lose, you already a great woman with great heart and love to your family and for all American people. i will always admire you as my role model for how to be a good wife and a good mom and a good worker, you’re my motivation.

*i think i’m cursed too (gramatically error) :mrgreen:

I dont agree with your views why Americans need to vote hillary bcos she is a Woman..When I look at her eyes I know she is wearing Contact lens..I dont see my mum’s eyes.. My mum has not told me incidents like what happened in Bosnia and after 10 days saying it is just a mistake.Come on man…We dont elect leaders for sympathy..In Democracy let common man come to power..It is not Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton..why not someone from humble background..She is most fragile leader I had seen….She doesnt stand strong in single issue..Why not Britney in 2016…SHe will be mother first and then candidate. Any one here supporting for Britney 2016.My candidate is always Ron paul..He will be the thrid(independent) candidate this time..

horeeee!!! ada pendukung hillary juga disini..

i am a bit surprised to see a fellow indonesian (i assume you are indonesian) who is in favor of hillary rather than obama soetoro. i support her too. why? the fact that she is smart, strong and independent; the fact that obama copied her entire platform; those are enough for me (and anybody) to support her. 🙂

From your previous posts, I had thought you were for Obama.
Looking at how the Democratic Nominee race is going, I fear that in November we shall see another Republican in office, as McCain has played this bickering between Obama and Clinton to his advantage. As a future voter, I am still undecided on who to pick, and at times I lean towards McCain.
What you wrote about Hillary is true, and I feel she is judged more harshly because of her gender.
As a woman trying to be active in her surroundings, it is hard to go out there and go head to head “with the boys”. It seems like you constantly have to defend and assert yourself twice as much as your counterparts. And at times, we feel compelled to comply with the stereotypical roles assigned to us. Though Condoleeza Rice is one of the top figures in the Bush Administration, she is not yet running for President, so in essence she is not in the same league yet as Hillary. She was appointed to her position, and did not run against the “top dogs” of the political game for the top office. That is a whole other playing field, and Clinton has gumption to go out there and try and become a leading contender. Same with Obama. They both are interesting candidates.
But I am curious how this country would be led by a woman, would it be different?
Judging Hillary for being conniving, duplicitous, or ambitious for sticking by her husband is unfair. We do not know what goes on behind closed doors, or how close they really are. There are a lot of layers behind any relationship, and in public relationships, we really can’t see all of them to fully get a grasp of the truth behind any of their actions.

As for the candidate being Pro-Israel, the Israeli lobby here is very strong, they are right behind the AARP for the strongest lobby in Washington. And that is not a bad or good thing, that is just the reality. This means that whoever is elected President, will be inclined to favor their causes.

And what does this means for us? Well, it means we have to step up our own lobbying game and play strong, hard, and tough. We cannot win against a strong lobby such as the AARP or Israeli by complaining, whining, or protesting them. You win against them by strengthening your own lobby. Empower your community, your people so they will rally harder for your cause. That’s how you get the attention of politicians.

And though yes, Obama having lived in Indonesia is a huge draw for many Indonesians, but we should not side with his campaign simply because of that.

And though he has won many states, the big Democratic States are still Clintons. Which makes it interesting to see how he would fare in those states against McCain.

Let’s see what happens in the next primaries and caucuses .

rima wrote:
“i am a bit surprised to see a fellow indonesian (i assume you are indonesian) who is in favor of hillary rather than obama soetoro”

i assume you are Indonesian? maksutnya nanya Tasa kan? hahaha, Tasa elo disangka bule tuh.

tasa itu sebenernya orang amerika yang pernah tinggal di malang dan sekarang dia pulang kampung lagi ke amrik, makanya dia bisa bahasa indonesia dan bahasa jawa. jadi dia ngerti ma bahasa indo dan bahasa jawa kok, coba deh sesekali ajak dia berbahasa jawa.

Dodi: A good point of view. Well, I hope I do have a good relation with my mother, I’m trying. Thanks : )

Yonna: That’s a good idea. Hillary Clinton is indeed a good example how a woman can be tough as men.

Zulfi: You always don’t agree, hehe. I thought you supported Mitt Romney?

Rima: Yeaaah. Hillary! I do support her, she’s the right one.

Nadia: Another great comment from Nadia. I’m sure it would be different if she won. She would give a different situation to the American politics, no doubt. I’m sure that she would give a softer image to the American political image.

Yonna: Thanks for pointing that out 🙂 Orang Amerika?! Hahaha.

An article on newsweek published with permission by factcheck,org regarding bills sponsored by Clinton and Obama, sparked by a chain email that touted Obama’s record as being more substantive, shows what Clinton has pushed, successfully and not, during her US Senate career in comparison to Obama’s US Senate career (again, US Senate, not State Senate).

According to, a legislative research site, 308 of 356 bills Clinton has sponsored haven’t made it out of committee. In the current (110th) Congress, that includes several bills on foreign policy, nuclear safety, poverty, housing and education, not to mention 19 bills regarding public health and coverage, 13 benefiting the armed forces, and 12 addressing children’s care and safety. Likewise, 120 of Obama’s 129 sponsored bills haven’t made it past the committee level – including, in the 110th Congress, nine bills on energy and environmental policy, nine on public health and eight benefiting the military and veterans, as well as multiple bills on education, foreign policy, product safety and voter access.

Out of the many bills that have not made it out of the committee due to contention regarding it, Clinton attempted to sponsor 12 bills addressing children’s care and safety, 19 regarding public health. One bill she successfully passed into law was the: S. 694, A bill to direct the Secretary of Transportation to issue regulations to reduce the incidence of child injury and death occurring inside or outside of light motor vehicles, and for other purposes.

Her bills addressing children’s care and safety are 12 more than Obama’s, in all of their years in the US Senate. This may not mean much, but it could show an attentiveness to the issue that perhaps only a mother can show, and one can surmise that she will focus to push more for children and children’s care and safety, or at least be more understanding of it or go about it a different way.

I’m still torn between the two, but after reading the article, I became more interested in Clinton, she does have a proven track record of getting things done. It’s not all overblown rhetoric.

Yonna and Tasa,
Iya, abis gue langsung nabrak nganggap orang indonesia taunya bukan, kan malu, makanya basa basi.. heheehe
tapi gue gak bisa bahasa jawa, jadi bahasa jakarta aja d.. 😉

hehehe, gak kok saya cuma becanda, Tasa orang Indonesia kok, cuma emang ada Amerikanya, jadi dia blasteran, tapi beliau cinta banget ma Indonesia apalagi Jakarta, jadi meski separo Indonesia dia tetep mengklaim sebagai orang Indonesia asli. 🙂

how is it? my answer explains better or even worse? :mrgreen:

Tasa, I see Mitt as next VP..Mitt looks like tough nut to crack..He will be the best bet for VP..Macain need to find young,energytic,handsome Vice president and Mitt romney stands tall among all candidates.. Macain is tooo old with his fragile body I dont think he will be president for the next president in waiting is Mitt romney..

So can you say that Victoria Beckham has obviously followed Hillary’s steps?

As there is this popular term when people say “she’s pulling a Hillary” as in forgiving her husband to have cheated on her.

I would’ve just left the bastard. Plenty of fish in the sea. But then again, that’s just me. And I think Hillary will win, of course. America has to go through the ‘female’ Caucasian race first before it gets to the other.

Nadia: Thanks for the link! Great, it’s a good news about Hillary Clinton. I know she’s sincere.

Rima: No problem! Jangan percaya Yonna…..Haha

Zulfi: It’s true Romney seems to be McCain’s running mate and I’m sure he’s going to do it again in 2013.

Therry: What’s wrong with Victoria Beckham? I bet you would’ve left, so would I. Yeah, another supporter of Hillary Clinton…

Mrs. Beckham’s husband has been involved in a series of affair, if what was reported by the media was any true … but it seems that Mr. Beckham couldn’t keep his willie to his wife only 😛

I don’t support. I predict. I mean, an American President has always been a male Caucasian, so to have a President from another race (such as African-American for example), they have to wait until there is a female Caucasian President, then afterwards we might see a Denzel Washington-like American President, or that dude from 24.

Kalo di sana ada coblos moncong putihnya juga gak? 😛

I agree with you, Hillary was able to stand out among other white male candidates and now still surviving and going strong. But I kinda like Obama, he seems to have the capability to bring unity, even though he’s highly rhetorical, he doesn’t promise to make extreme changes but will try his best to make those happen, that makes him more realistic.

Therry: Is that so? I didn’t know that, thanks for letting me know. Hehe. You might be right, it’s a bit weird to picture America with a Black president. But, Obama has an amazing support from young people, both Whites and Blacks.

Deniar: Ada juga sih, tapi gak sebanyak di Indonesia.

rgemilan: I kinda like him too, actually. But, I think Hillary is more experienced and I admire her strength as a woman. Her victory in PA shows how tough she is as a leader.

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