Happy Birthday

Posted on: February 13, 2008

balon.jpgHappy birthday to!

It’s been a year since I first decided to blog. What a wonderful year I had. It was a simple thing that I wanted to do but now that simple thing has been evolving so nicely like a newborn butterfly in the sky. I thank all the people who have been giving me support, loyalty, and love. I wish you all the best.

I’m intended to improve the quality of my writing. I think I need to learn more about a lot of things in this life and the more I learn the more I realize that I’m so not perfect. But, I also discover that the more I learn the more I know that this life is so much bigger and so much more wonderful and that’s so exciting. Yes, there are so many miseries out there, the things that will make us cry and distressful. But, they are also the things that will rise us high and put us in a cheerful box.

Happy birthday. I wish you the best, like always.


22 Responses to "Happy Birthday"

happy birthday for your blog then monyet, keep on writing inspring articles like usual, good luck!

the first anniversary is always special….i guess you celebrate it there, right?! happy birthday for your amazing blog, keep writing ya?! let your free thoughts and dreams always written here, to remind and to motivate you how wonderful they are….consider them as your “partner” in struggling life….keep your spirit alive!


Yuki: Thank you very much bro. Thanks for your support. You’ve been my inspiration. I guess you’ll keep writing too.

Yonna: Indeed it’s very special, I thank you for your loyal support. Knowing you has been a wonderful experience for me, wish me all the best and I promise I’ll do the same.


It’s a bloody shame I had a devastating crash ( computer broke down) at the same time I’mnotamonkey celebrates its birthday.

So, here I am…late, late, I’m too late. But please accept my congratulations.

How do you feel being one year old in the virtual world. M first blog birthday happen to be my wedding day..was that a concidence …Though you started after me and your way ahead-heeee.. any news from USA, will Ron paul be third candidate..

Colson: Where have you been? Thanks and I thank you for all the comments and insights. Without a doubt you were among the first people who visited this blog and you were probably the first person who gave me serious acknowledgement.

Zulfi: How’s India? I’m sure you’re happy since you just got married 🙂 Do you mind sharing your wedding pictures? Hehe. Ron Paul is still standing although he hasn’t got enought support like everyone had predicted. But, I guess he’s doing great, I mean even Giuliani dropped off the race weeks ago.

hebat, ma bro!
satu tahun blogging udah sehebat ini…
berkarya terus yah… aku baca terus. hehehe…

@guebukanmonyet: I’ve never been far away. But look at my last post on why I’ve been distracted lately . And moreover: unfortunately I’m off side whenever Bahassa Indonesia rules on your blog.

Still you will remain at the top of my favorites.

happy belated birthday!
keep writing, keep the spirit!
I’ll keep on reading… 🙂

by the way, zulfi…congratulations! 🙂

well, happy birtday special for you. keep expressing your self, your thought, your motivation, your world…….to make us know what happen…..:)
you know, just like you, i am still learning in many stuff. yes, i am one of TKI. but there is no reason to be lazy to learn. right?
By internet, i can learn many things, and share with many people, smart guys like you all.
you are the mirror of my self. if you can do a big thing, why not me?
thanks and have a great job and work.
ahmad. TKI riyadh.

Happy birthday to you, Tasa.
I’m always jealous whenever I read your blog hehe.

happy birthday.

though i am new here, please allow me to congrats you tasa.

keep the spirit alive!

Areta: Thanks yah, I appreciate your support.

Colson: Yeah I can tell, you’re trying to be a writer now. And, you’re doing great!

Zahra: Thanks yah 🙂

Ahmad: Thank you bro, your comments are always good to read. I’m glad you found my blog.

fin: Thanks bro, you have a wonderful blog yourself. Keep it up. I hope we can meet up someday.

ary: Thanks my Trisakti bro. Yeah, you’re new here but you’re welcome to come by.

I almost forgot, a belated Happy Birthday and Anniversary for your blog yah tasa.
I thoroughly enjoy reading your articles and participating in the discussion that follows. You have created a forum through your blog where an exchange of ideas can flourish.

I look forward to reading more of your writings, and to the enlightening discourse that follows. Writing is such an empowering medium, I only hope many of your readers will do more than just read and take up to writing themselves.

It is a pleasure getting to know the eloquent commentators of your blog as well, their thoughts provide an interesting perspective to the issues/topics we hold dear to our hearts.

Salam kemajuan. 🙂

Hi Tasa,

Excellent job!! Happy belated birthday….

Honesty Yanwirsal

Hey Mas,
Happy super belated birthday!. Thank you for all the great writing you did this year and continue to write from the heart and improve this year.. 🙂

ns: Hey thanks so much. You’ve been a great inspiration for me and other readers. I’m glad that you found my blog 🙂

hon3sty: Thanks and nice knowing you.

Yheudy: Heey girl, what’s up? Long time no see but I’m sure you’re doing great. Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it. Where have you been btw?

I know long time no see. Life is exciting and challenging lol…I am sure you are doing great one more year of school right? Is great another milestone to reach…

happy anniversary

better late than never isn’t tasa 😀

Yheudy: I’m finishing school at the moment. What’s up?

Harri: Thanks so much 🙂

hepi beldey yaa…kl dilihat dari umurnya sih harusnya baru bs ‘jalan’ and msh bubbling…tp loe hebat bro..yg gabung pendapatnya pada ‘sadis’…hehe…keep your spirit bro..

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one else realize such detailed approximately my difficulty.
You’re amazing! Thank you!

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