It’s Obama’s Time

Posted on: February 5, 2008

obama3.jpgI might have been wrong. I might have been wrong when I was writing an article suggesting that it’s time for America to have a female president but it’s not the time for America to have a Black president yet. I suggested that America may be ready to have a female president after more than 200 years of independency but it’s still not ready to have a Black president. I might have been wrong.

Looking at how diverse America is and how the cultural assimilation has been going on for years in America, it’s easy to say that Americans are finally ready to accept a woman to rule their country but not a Black person. It’s easy to say that White Americans would rather vote for a White woman rather than a Black man because although they may prefer a White man ruling their country but it’s still hard to accept a Black man serve the Oval Office, it just doesn’t feel right.

But, that kind of mindset might be too old-fashioned and too racist. That’s wrong. It was the speech of Ted Kennedy when he was announcing his endorsement for Barack Obama in Washington, D.C. when I finally realized that I might have been wrong. America is ready for a Black president, after all. It was such a moving moment to see how Ted Kennedy, John F. Kennedy’s younger brother, delivered his speech and said, “I feel change in the air, what about you?” Ted Kennedy’s speech was one of the most uplifted speeches I’d ever seen and heard in my entire life, and he dedicated it for Barack Obama. It’s Obama’s time.

A few months ago Hillary Clinton was the solid Democratic frontrunner but the latest polls show that Obama is just a few inches away from Hillary Clinton. The race between Clinton and Obama can be one of the tightest Democratic races in the history of American politics. Some political analysts say that Obama has the momentum and they think it’s what it all matters. They claim that if Obama can keep the momentum he might be able to make the path to the White Office. His ability to attract a wide range of people is indeed something extraordinary. His speeches have been called inspiring and his personality has been called charismatic. He is able to attract millions of young Americans who many of them decided not to vote for any candidate in 2004.

Obama is without a doubt extraordinary. Even Oprah Winfrey decided to let some of her female fans upset because she thinks Obama is the right man to lead America. And after Ted Kennedy, Obama is now being backed by John Kerry, John F. Kennedy’s daughter Caroline Kennedy, Hollywood actor Robert De Niro, Maria Shriver, and other influential people. The latest news reports that the largest Spanish-language newspaper in America has decided to endorse Obama, another big boost for his campaign. It is interesting to see how Maria Shriver has decided to support Barack Obama despite the fact that her husband Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is endorsing Republican candidate John McCain. Those people believe that Barack Obama is the man who will keep his promise to bring CHANGE to the American politics if he were elected. Those people believe that Obama will keep his promise to unite the people of America if he were elected.

He’s Black and he’s White, and he thinks he can change America. What about you, do you believe in the kind of change Obama thinks he can do?


11 Responses to "It’s Obama’s Time"

you know what I think? I think that the change is needed to accomplish what’s been said in the declaration of independence: ‘…that all men are created equal’

I think this is the time for America to really fulfill that statement. It starts from here… hopefully a change for the better America.

What’s really interesting about Obama is that he is a first (or perhaps second) generation immigrant as his father is from Kenya. He is fulfilling the American dream the myriad of immigrants who come here aspire to reach. So though yes he is of the same skin color as the African-Americans whose lineage can be traced back hundreds of years here, he is African-American, in the truest sense of that phrase. He is the child of an immigrant.
Another interesting note is that out of all the leading contenders (from both parties), he is of the most modest networth whereas the rest comprise of multi-millionaires.

If he does get the Democratic nomination, it wil be an exciting election indeed.

A colleague brought up a comment by his wife, how she said that right now is the best time for him to run as he has yet to be tainted by the politics of Washington, thus he comes in moderately without the burdens that comes with heavy and long-term affiliation with Washington, unlike the other more seasoned (but possibly more ‘tainted’ ) candidates.

I believe Obama can reach out to many, many people, both here in the United States and around the world. He comes from a truly unique background, the first of any presidential candidate, and it will be interesting to see how things unfold for him. If he does become one of the nominees, I will be inclined to vote for him.

ngomong black and white kok jadi inget minuman kopi susu ya hmmm :mrgreen:

hmmm saya emang gak ngerti ma gimana-gimananya kehidupan politik amrik, jadi jika ada pendapat, komentar, tebakan, dll adalah dari info yang saya peroleh selama ini 🙂

black president for USA? kayanya hampir banget gak mungkin terjadi yah….saya pernah baca, ada semacam peraturan tidak tertulis untuk kriteria presiden usa yaitu kulit putih dan beragama protestan (setidaknya untuk agama lain gak bisa sering2 menjabat jadi presiden dan jangan harap menang saat pemilihan).

vote for black president? adalah cita-cita kaum idealis yang memuja kesetaraan, keseimbangan, keadilan, persaingan sehat, dll. sekarang golongan mana yang paling berkuasa dan menentukan presiden baru di 2008 Election nanti? kita tunggu berita selanjutnya.

membaca perjuangan beliau dari nol sampai jadi senator sekarang….sepertinya pantas dia menjadi presiden karena dia punya kepedulian dengan kaum tak berpunya dan selalu berusaha menolong mereka…apalagi dia punya seorang istri yang punya pleasant personality dimana para teman dan kenalan mereka sungguh terpesona dengan kepribadian Ms. Obama ini…dan saya ikut2an yakin kalo istrinya pun pantas menjadi the next first lady.

kalo Obama jadi presiden berarti amrik dipimpin oleh seorang mantan lawyer…seperti biasanya 🙂

Well, that unwritten criteria about Presidents has so far been true, most Presidents of the US has been caucasian, male, and Protestant (with the exception of Kennedy).
So the fact that the two leading contenders from the Democratic party are either an African-American male and a woman (albeit caucasian and Protestant-I think) makes this particular race very interesting. Whoever wins will surely shake-up the political perceptions within America (and without).

And if either of them wins (the nomination and the election in November), perhaps it will motivate other non-traditional hopefuls to come to public service and eventually run for office.

Lousiana now has an Indian governor, and word has it that he too is desirous of that top position in American government. So who knows what will happen in subsequent elections as America becomes even more diverse, and non-traditionals become even more empowered.

hmm…I dont know…I personally still think they’re not that ready. Yes, there is a lot of celebrity and powerful people supporting Obama, but I still think they’re not represent the whole USA. But it’s just me, and I’m not following the process like you, who live exactly in D.C…

I have been and am still rooting for Hillary :D. She proves that she is actually a strong contender despite the heavy supports delivered to Obama by big names. The Kennedys publicly announced they are for Obama, and Hills won Massachusetts. Oprah and a bunch of high profile celebrities cheered up for Obama, and Hills grabbed California. Polls indicated that she would lose New Hampshire, but history stated otherwise. True, Obama is now leading, but she still has hopes (though I personally think Bill has become an excess baggage for her, sadly).

I guess many Indonesians think that given Obama’s background (in particular in Indonesia, hehehhee…), Obama will be the ideal president. But whoever gets elected in November will later on deal with reality. And we have seen too many examples of how campaign promises and actual policies don’t go along :D.

One more: I agree that the conservative America will tend to pick a WASP candidate.

I think Obama will be the right person to lead the U.S. at the current world situation, because he has a unique background. I believe he could do something better not only for America but also for the whole World.

After the Congress Election in 2006,on seeing Obama, Thanking people for Democrates victory,I thought he is Hillary’s assistant!!!!as he was near to her most of the time..On Jan 2007 When I was watching football Game he had come in half time to talk about his support for Chicago bears, wearing “C “Cap.. I was wondering whether he was Asst.Coach for Chicago bears..The last question asked him to was—Will you be standing for President?????He just gave a smile.. President for what????On Feb 10th when he announced he will be asking Democrats to be their President nominee…I still visualize him as someone who was wearing Chicago bears cap and supporting for his team…He doesnt look like a politican at all..Rock star or football ball… Do he look like senator????????

What happen next to Pax Americana when Obama become President,….
The world will sit, watch and learn …

vienz: Let’s wait and see then, Obama is leading. Although I like Clinton better 🙂

ns: Well, his mother was a White American though. But I agree with your theory, I guess he’s a living proof how an American dream does exist. But, if Hillary wins that will be a record too. The first female president for America, what can be more shocking than that?

Yonna: Ada benarnya juga sich. Tapi melihat situasi yang ada, peluang Obama untuk menang sangat besar. Dia sekarang memimpin perolehan suara untuk menjadi calon bagi partai Demokrat. Dukungan utama Obama datang dari generasi muda baik putih dan hitam, lalu dari populasi hitam sendiri, dan di beberapa negara bagian Obama mendapat dukungan kaum putih lebih banyak dari Hillary. So, it’s interesting to see.

Zahra: Hillary has the experience and Obama got the momentum. We’ll have to see which one is more powrful.

lenje: Hey, another Hillary fan. Nice, hehe. I hope she wins too, and to see how she survived in Texas and Ohio, I guess she still has the chance.

alisaid: We’ll have to see that bro. But, I agree that Obama is so inspirational.

Zulfi: Hehe, you always an extreme point of view. Nice one bro. But, Hillary’s assistant? I think you should think again. His speeches are great, at least.

GICM: I think so too. Why don’t you share your opinion more on that issue?

well Tasa, I’m not really sure about both candidate, but I can assure you that everyone need a change to be the better one. wish new US elected president will do better than previous president

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