Because God Created Me so Ugly

Posted on: December 8, 2007

The death of Donda West, Kanye West’s mother, struck American public and made them realize how much they had been in love with plastic surgery. According to statistics released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) nearly 11.5 million cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures were performed in the United States in 2006, with liposuction as the most performed surgical procedure and botox as the most performed nonsurgical procedure. The industry of plastic surgery is predicted to grow bigger in coming years where in 2005 Americans spent almost $12.2 billion on cosmetic procedures. Plastic surgery has become a new way for millions of women and men in America to fit themselves into the new kind of world: A new world where being beautiful is all about being young and sexy. These people don’t want to have wrinkles on their faces as they grow older or too much fat on their bellies when they eat too much. This phenomenon is inevitable since Hollywood depicts beautiful women to have big (proportional) breasts, slim bodies, and soft skin.

In Indonesia, the industry of plastic surgery may not be as big as it is in the West. But, the trend shows that more and more women in big cities in Indonesia perform cosmetic procedures. More Indonesian women want to have better noses and more proportional breasts like the movie stars they see on the magazines. And since the high-income people, especially women, are getting more aware that being fat is not a sign of prosperousness at all, they spend money as much as possible to look physically attractive.

While plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures are more accepted culturally, this modern people’s new hobby is something that religious people may not agree about. If you ask some traditional people about their opinion on cosmetic plastic surgery they will say that plastic surgery is against God’s will. They will say that people need to appreciate and accept the things that God has given and just live happily with them. But at the same time they won’t contend that one’s life should be improved as God gives humans abilities to move forward and make new things in life. Most traditional religious leaders would say that people don’t need plastic surgery to be accepted, valued, and loved. An article on christianitytoday explains it is a myth that how you feel about yourself is related to how you actually look. That is a very positive enlightment showing how you look physically is less important than what you have inside. But, in this kind of world where people keep appreciating what others wear or have, it is obviously so hard especially for young people to have that mindset. Even a famous Evangelist Paula White admits she’s had cosmetic procedures to make her look young and beautiful. If you see her picture for the first time without knowing that she is a famous pastor who with her ex husband built Without Walls as one of the fastest-growing congregations in America, you will probably think that she is a Hollywood actress.

In life, I personally believe that tangible elements may not be as important as intagible elements. But, it doesn’t mean they are not important, both elements are just so much connected. Tangible elements are needed to improve the intangible elements. For instance, praying to God is considered a media for a person to improve his or her heart and mental stability (intangible) but without a healthy body someone can’t perform it well. That’s why doctors recommend people to exercise not just to have good bodies but also to be healthy. We have this old proverb in Indonesia Di dalam tubuh yang kuat ada jiwa yang sehat or within a strong body there’s a healthy soul. It is a misleading idea brought up by indolent people that “looking good” is not important at all as long as you can maintain your intangible condition healthy. Maintaining your physical appearance is not always about being beautiful, attractive, or sexy. It is also about being healthy, dynamic, and most importantly it is about being respectful to God for the all the things God has given us.

Now. Is plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes part of those things that people can do in order to make them better as humans? If Jesus were still alive would he perform a plastic surgery to fix his nose or to have some facelifts so he could be more confident to gain great achievements in life? Would you?

Second picture: Paula White, A famous American Pastor.


32 Responses to "Because God Created Me so Ugly"…Indonesians are born beautiful..why they need plastic surgery… Indos are beautiful, attractive…But i dont know whether they are sexy…Do u know Cleopatra had ugly nose,but still History says she is most beautiful lady Ever… Have u seen Nicol kidman she is 40+ and still looks like 20… plastic surgery is here to stay….Great article…But how come u forgot to mention about Micheal Jackson??????Kayne’s mum died due to heart seige during surgery and not due to Plastic surgery complications rgt..any Doctors here to explain about it???

People who go under the knife are dumber than a retarded rat. Why in the world would any selfrespecting woman ever want to have plastic surgery anyway for any reason regardless of age and size? It goes to show you that even though modernized people hold themselves up as intellegent people they are not because they fall for the sweetest of lies. And besides, plastic surgery flies against the will of God as well as any attempt to look ageless or younger. Folks forget that the most fittest generation on this planet were the worst of sinners. And yet, the media continues to push this idea that if you ever want a man you should become skinny and look like a stick. And yet they do the most dope and cocaine in America.

Link between the previous blog and this one…Will the Americans vote for pre-plastic surgery Hillary…I bet no one will vote for ugly looking candidate….If there is no plastic surgery,Hillary cant even dream of standing for election..
Have u seen her in the first Senator term..Hillary had droopy eyelids, a tired look, and under eye-bags. she also had deep lines and wrinkles, especially glabellar lines which appear between the eyebrows above the nose….Now she looks different…she even had laser eye surgery to correct her lens..
If your are pro-Hillary and say appearance could be due to excellent makeup skill or lightning agreed …but her physical improvements is questionable… When the election goes to the final stages, there will question about Hillary plastic surgery…If u say- balanced food ,excise and healthier lifestyle changed her to new look…hold on..hold on… I dont take that at all…May be NYer will take it not the American public..Will a respecting woman go for plastic surgeon…Here you go Obama, get the women’s votes..

hahaha Tasa gila juga kata2nya yang ini :mrgreen:

If Jesus were still alive would he perform a plastic surgery to fix his nose or to have some facelifts so he could be more confident to gain great achievements in life?

ati2 ntar diomelin ma kristians loch :mrgreen:

mirip ma artikel di blog sebelah….yach, kalo menyalahkan sih kerjaan gampang, tapi bagi yang berpikir positif, sportif, legowo, dll pasti akan memanfaatkan kekurangan fisiknya menjadi berkah bagi dirinya sendiri. contohnya Mandra, dari nol sampai sekarang menjadi pemilih PH Viandra atau Tukul Arwana, atau grup Srimulat yang kita tau mereka tidak memiliki kecantikan fisik seperti artis lainnya…itulah mengapa timbul penilaian bahwa pelawak atau komedian itu mesti mukanya jelek, pretty comedian seperti Tora Sudiro, dll masih dirasa baru dan asing oleh masyarakat kita, tidak jelek juga menjadi pretty comedian malah menambah suasana baru di dunia hiburan 😀

so, masalahnya bukan di kecantikan fisik tapi di kecantikan cara berpikir, cara menganalisis, dll yang pastinya inner beauty lagi yang harus ditingkatkan. ingatlah, jika fisik ibarat gelap maka hati ibarat cahaya yang akan memberi terang pada fisik kita….salam 😀

Plastic surgery…hmm is it a sin? Or is it abused? people get plastic surgery for different reasons…some do it after loosing a significant amount of weight and want to get rid of the extra skin that’s hanging….some do it for reconstructive purposes such as a horrible accident that left them deformed…Others do it to try to achieve perfection…. Reguardless of the reason why… the goal of plastic surgery its to make some one feel better….But when it comes to enhancing beauty I think it can be abused…..But, I don’t see how that makes anyone loose self respect or makes anyone a less respecting person…..
anyways, I believe feeling better starts all in the mind..we need to accept and embrace the body God gave us! eat healthy, excercise, take care of it! and that confidence will be reflected on the outside..

hmm…. sebenarnya dikepala saya ada comment panjang, tp males ah…:D

ngebombal sih gampang… cantik dari dalam lebih penting.
gw setuju sih…
tapi dalam kehidupan sehari2, kita tetep ajah menilai orang dari yang keliatan dulu (fisiknya).
kalo ada orang tampangnya sangar, badannya gede, tatoan, gondrong, brewokan, susah juga buat gak curiga ato mikir macem2.
padahal, cewek cantik juga bisa jadi penipu.

lalu, entah kenapa, kelebihan fisik itu bisa memberi kemudahan dalam hidup. percaya gak?
orang lain bakal lebih ramah sama kita kalo kita cantik ato ganteng. kalo tampang jelek ato mirip penjahat, orang jadi pada jutek dan curigaan.
terus, dalam pergaulan, orang2 cakep itu kesannya lebih high class. kayak stratifikasi sosialnya tuh di atas yang jelek.
ini keliatan banget lho, kalo masih sekolah.
yang punya geng2 populer kan selalu yang kinclong fisiknya. padahal banyak yang blo’on, tapi tetep ajah…
gimana dengan kutu buku yang pinter2? biar jelek2, tetep punya otak cermelang. tapi tetep dipandang second class kan?

Zulfi: You’re right, Indonesian girls are pretty. I guess you really like Indonesians women, don’t you? Lol. Donda West died due to a cosmetic surgical procedure. You can read the article here.

Yonna: Setuju banget tuh yah, kecantikan fisik itu jelas bukan yang utama! Yang penting kan hatinya. Wajah yang cantik dan ganteng lama-lama juga pasti keriput dan tidak menarik walau dioperasi sedemikian rupa, tapi kalau cantik hati?

Yheudy: I agree. That’s a good one: Feeling better starts from the mind. So, you have no plan at all to perform a plastic surgery? Fixing your face maybe? Lol. How are you?

Junjung: Oke, ditunggu kalau sudah tidak males yah 🙂

Areta: Wah, korban gombalan pria yah? He-he-he. Dunia memang kadang tidak adil yah, banyak orang yang menilai sesuatu dari bungkusnya saja.

I’m right behind you!
Pada kenyataannyaaaa….teteppp…yang fisiknya lebih bagus lebih mudah hidupnya. Di Indonesia aja kek gitu…gimana di luar yang kekuatan medianya jauh lebih hebat lagi…?

Apalagi di amerika, yang fisik dijunjung tinggi gitu, kebayang tekanan buat jadi cantiknya pasti tinggi. Ya ga heran banyak yang kemakan. Soalnya kalimat inner beauty lebih baik tuh ga ngaruh…

Eh…tapi-tapi…operasi plastik karna kecelakaan gapapa kan? Misalnya kecelakaan parah, trus dioperasi plastik, pas dioperasi plastik dibagusin dikit…gimana? mumpung bisa gitu…

haha I sure do miss that humor of yours…well i guess you have some kind of memory loss. Has it been that long? you don’t remember my face. “I am beautiful no matter what they say..” lol ;)…..

Ah, yayaya saya dari dulu malah sempat curiga bahwa semboyan ‘inner beauty’ itu cuma akal-akalan ara penjual kosmetik biar mereka2 yang ga berbodi seksi jadi semakin tenggelam self-esteemnya (sebab rata-rata mereka yang menganut/mempromosikan ‘inner beauty’ adalah yang sekelas Paris Hilton and such’). Iya kalo yang imannya kuat, kalo yang ga kuat ujung-ujungnya juga meja operasi 😦

It’s an irony for me, ‘coz my parents always worry about my body weight, fearing that I might reach the size of a balloon, while I care less because it is quite impossible. On the other hand, I believe they don’t want me to be obsessed with it. Confusing, eh?

That’s why now I try to meet new people and befriend them, ‘coz that way I will build a better way to communicate using ‘charm’ rather than ‘beauty’

BTW salam kenal :D. Linknya udah saya pasang di blog saya

Iya Tasa….cantik hati bersinar untuk selamanya…bahkan kalo si empunya udah wafat tapi aura kecantikan hatinya masih dikenang dan dijadikan teladan bagi orang yang masih hidup…misalnya Bung Hatta, Pak Natsir…sudah jelas mereka tokoh besar dan tokoh dunia, tapi kerendahan hati dan kecantikan hati beliau masih terasa auranya sampe sekarang….emang dahsyat cantik hati itu…. 😀

wah saya suka artikelnya. sebagai seorang wanita, gue merasakan lebih banyak mendapatkan subliminal pressure untuk stay pretty and sexy (on the outside) daripada mendapatkan support for being beautiful and smart (on the inside). padahal inner beauty is actually a powerful statement not just to raise your self-esteem, but also to make yourself see clearer of other people’s intengible characteristics.

I couldnt agree more with Mba Yonna dan Areta. orang akan lebih dihargai kalo mereka ‘kelihatan lebih’ .. lebih cantik, lebih kaya, lebih kuat.. ya memang itu sedikit inevitable ya, karena the easiest way utk mendapatkan first impression adalah lewat physical appearance.

padahal seperti yg tasa bilang, mental and body health adalah sesuatu yg penting juga. if we care to look carefully, aura dari inner beauty dan body health sebenarnya juga memancarkan energy yg bisa keluar menjadi sesuatu yg physical. i remember the medical study that tasa told me, which says that even your living condition/your environment can make you look more beautiful because of the strong positive energy that it gives you.

tapi mata manusia memang suka dikelabui. kebanyakan dari kita memilih kotak besar yg berisikan ular daripada kotak kecil yang berisikan emas. kita lupa untuk berterima kasih pada tuhan atas apa yg kita sudah punya dan selalu pengen sesuatu yg lebih wow.

so is it really worth it to have quick fixes melalu plastic and cosmetic touchups? is it really that important to maintain your physical appearance that you’d actually spend a lot of money untuk permak wajah? has botox needles become the new heroin needle? apakah dunia akan terbagi lagi menjadi 2 kubu: yg enak dilihat dan tidak enak dilihat? skeriii kalo sampe kaya gitu..

sekedar tips lewat: daripada buang2 duit buat cosmetic surgery, mendingan atur aja pola hidup yg sehat dan konsisten merawat tubuh. murahan beli lotion dan memakainya secara teratur daripada bayar dokter buat ngopek2 muka.. sereeem akh.

“sekedar tips lewat: daripada buang2 duit buat cosmetic surgery, mendingan atur aja pola hidup yg sehat dan konsisten merawat tubuh. murahan beli lotion dan memakainya secara teratur daripada bayar dokter buat ngopek2 muka.. sereeem akh”

tapi ini susah…ga langsung jadi pula…makanya mungkin orang-orang jadi termakan rayuan bedah plastik…

“so is it really worth it to have quick fixes melalu plastic and cosmetic touchups? is it really that important to maintain your physical appearance that you’d actually spend a lot of money untuk permak wajah? has botox needles become the new heroin needle? apakah dunia akan terbagi lagi menjadi 2 kubu: yg enak dilihat dan tidak enak dilihat? skeriii kalo sampe kaya gitu…”

sebenernya nggak…cuma media dan fashion dan selebriti membuat standar baru akan apa yang bagus…dan mereka kuat. dan bukannya emang udah kebagi dua yah?

oiya, bukannya saya setuju sama bedah plastik, menurut saya juga sayang…soalnya jadi nggak asli lagi, sebagus apapun, ga asli…yaa…rasanya agak gimana gitu. Kalau saya sih…tapi saya ngerti kalo orang-orang banyak yang mau bedah plastik gitu….

yep saya juga ngerti kenapa banyak orang (terutama wanita) terhasut akan bisik rayuan cosmetic surgery/treatment. Even Paula White (as gbm said) juga menjadi ‘korbannya.’ kalo bisa milih jalan pintas, kenapa harus muter2? jujur aja, sebagai seorang cewek, kita pasti mau tampil menarik. tapi menurut saya, penampilan itu harusnya ngga terlalu di buat-buat karena nothing’s good when it’s too much. dan menurut saya cosmetic surgery menjadi salah satu cara yang terlalu dipaksakan jika hanya untuk memenuhi kepuasan mempercantik diri.

Dan yes seperti yg anda bilang, industri fashion, entertainment, dan media sangat mendorong terbentuknya standar kecantikan yg baru dan artificial ini. mereka selalu menjadi alasan kenapa banyak perempuan menjadi anoreksia, pecandu make up, dan juga pembelanja pakaian. mereka ngga bisa fully disaahkan juga, karena on the other hand mereka juga memamerkan their inner beauties, sperti charity worksnya Angelina Jolie, environmental fightnya Leonardo DiCaprio, dan partisipasi Ashley Judd di PBB.

I guess it all goes back to your personal choice. Apakah anda comfortable dan confident with what you have now? Atau do you need to conform to the mainstream pressure in order to make you happy and feel accepted?

iya yah, akhirnya semua kembali ke kepercayaan diri masing-masing…

kalau bagi saya sih…sebagus apapun, rasanya ga ada artinya kalau palsu. seumur hidup pula kan capnya. kalau saya sih rasanya ga seru aja…tapi itu saya aja..hehehe

hmmm…. secara sering bgt gw denger di lowongan kerja yang masang syarat “berpenampilan menarik”. bahkan ada tante gw yang terang2an bilang ke gw kalo dy terpaksa nolak seorang pelamar di kantornya karena penampilannya ga menarik. sebenarnya dy suka sama si pelamar karena skillnya bagus. tapi sayang, penampilan memang udah jadi patokan mutlak di kantornya.

ga usah ngomongin pekerjaan. coba deh dalam rangka menjalin hubungan aja deh. banyak yg utamain penampilan. cuma buat berteman aja penampilannya di nilai jg.

orang2 yang ribut pengen cantik sampai mau operasi plastik itu justru jadi begitu karena di paksa sama lingkungannya.

gw pribadi sih ga setuju sama plastic surgery. karena itu berarti kita mengkhianati kodrat kita. kita ga mau terima apa yg udah di kasih Tuhan ke kita. padahal klo kita hidup sehat, makan makanan sehat, menjaga kebersihan badani maupun rohani, dan selalu berpkir positif dan percaya diri… gw percaya kita akan terlihat cantik… heheheh…

betul sekali, ngapain mbayar mahal demi penampilan cantik tapi ternyata hasilnya gak sepadan? meski penampilan sempurna tapi kelakuan tetep jelek dan nyebelin…..mending operasi pengangkatan kelakuan jelek aja deh….andai ada pasti lebih laris dari operasi plastik hehe.

Yheudy: I know you are, lol. How have you been?

Nanas: Salam kenal 🙂 Not confusing, I can understand. Your parents have a point though, why don’t you their advice as a tool for you to be healthy instead of beautiful. Saya link balik yah, maaf lelet balesnya.

Yonna: Setuju tuh kalau cantik hati bersinar selamanya, seru banget ngeliat orang-orang hebat seperti Bung Hatta yang karismanya begitu besar dan bisa mempengaruhi begitu banyak orang untuk berbuat baik. Hebat banget.

Zahra: Thanks yah buat tipsnya. Mari hidup sehat dengan mengkonsumsi lebih banyak buah dan sayuran serta berolah raga lebih giat. Mantap! Bener pendapat kamu, kalau industri kosmetik dan lain sebagainya benar-benar sudah meracuni pikiran generasi muda sedemikian parah. Definisi cantik sudah dikuasai oleh mereka, kasihan generasi muda kita yang kurang mampu dan tidak berpendidikan.

macangadungan: Kemana aja bu? Itu salah satu contoh ketidakadilan dalam dunia kerja. Kalau di luar negeri, kalau tidak salah, pelamar kerja tidak boleh mencantumkan foto seperti yang terjadi di Indonesia. Jadi, seseorang diterima bukan lantaran cantik atau seksi.

Dejong: You like the article? Good. You’re right, banyak orang sayangnya terlalu fokus kepada kecantikan fisik dari pada kecantikan hati (inner). Tapi memang sulit sich bisa melihat kecantikan dalam, apalagi untuk kaum muda yang sudah terlalu di-brainwash oleh MTV dan lainnya. He-he-he.

itu tips dari dejong lohh…kan gw cuma quote. kan udah dikasi tanda petik, abis ga tau gimana cara miringinnya…hehehe..

Oh gitu, he-he-he. Gpp deh, sama aja.

Di dalam tubuh yang kuat ada jiwa yang sehat (mensana in corpore sano) is not a proverb from Indonesia. We just happened to hear it being said -over and over again- by the Menpora (minister for sport) when we were in elementary school. And along with that saying, we also heard: “mengolah ragakan masyarakat, dan memasyarakatkan olah raga”.

@Dian Retno Wulandari
iya bener…men sana in corpore sano itu bahasa Latin (Latin Roma), gak mgkn kita punya bahasa nasional Latin ya hehe.

@TasabukanTasya :mrgreen: and all
kayanya emang enak seimbang antara cantik fisik dan cantik batin….meski cantik batin nomer satu, tapi gak berarti abis itu cantik fisik jadi nomer s(ep)atu kan hehe. banyak jugak orang cantik fisik tapi gak menarik atau malah nyebelin….bikin ilfeel aja. enakan seimbang ya?! salam

Saya tetap setuju sama mbak Yonna, …
Kecantikan hati itu penting, tapi kalo bisa ya cantik di luar, cantik di dalam juga. Jadi balance deh cantiknya !!

Ngga usah berusaha ngerubah apa yang udah Tuhan kasih sama kita, itu aja udah merupakan suatu wujud rasa syukur.
Yang benar, kita dititipin sesuatu sama Yang Kuasa ya harus dijaga, bukan malah dirubah-rubah, apalagi dirusak sama perbuatan-perbuatan kayak gitu.
Operasi plastik, botox, silikon, ….. hiiiiii !!!

Be What U wanna Be aja lah ….

salam kenal semua,

i’m not against plastic/ cosmetic surgery, but don’t get me wrong cos am not a huge fan of it either.
Mungkin tergantung dari kebutuhannya kali yaaa semisal kalo orang yang terlahir sumbing akibatnya kalo dia ngomong jadi sulit dimengerti, in my opinion it’s perfectly fine for them to go under the knife and get it fixed…..
For the past two years I’ve been contemplating wether or not i should go ahead and buy myself a pair of boobs for my 30th birthday gift next august, hear me out before you judge, i don’t intend to go for a DD size or F cup like katie price or pammy anderson, reason why i wanna get them done is simply because i don’t have them…

I feel like caught inside a 10-year old boy’s body… just FLAT!!!! So flat that i don’t feel confident to do water sports which are actually my hobby since i was a teenager. It’s just so unfair. My mom has proportionate slender body, but mine is just slender and flat runway type of boobies.

Though my hubby claimed that they’re fine and perky but I can’t help feeling miserable when it comes to choosing clothes, gown, swimwear, lingerie, undergarments(bra). I just feel embarrassed!!! and during weekends when we go to the beach cafe, I can’t stop staring and comparing other women’s breasts in bikinis…. my hubby had to beg me to stop!! Sometimes i cry silently after shower and wished i had a decent pair……

My friends always ask if my hubby ever complaint.. And no he never did! (God bless his kind heart!!) but if I were to go for boob job, it is not for other people.. it is for my confidence.. for me to be able to wear bra without padding, able to feel like a real woman and not a pre-puberty girl, that’s like a dream come true
but as for now… am still dreaming….

kadang2 dunia emang bs dibilang cukup gq adil.,

saya cukup terkesan dgn kata2 yg menyebutkan bahwa kecantikan no 1,.

cantik.atau tidak na itu relatif,.mnrt saya,kecantikan seseorang bs terpancar dr skill na,attitude na, keimanan n prinsip na.,
org2 bs terkesan dgn sopan santun na,cara dy menyesuaikan diri.,
bwat ap cantik tp bodoh.,?
saya pikir mereka psti menyadari kl operasi mempunyai dampak negatif n positif na..
mereka pnya alasan tersendiri.,ada yg ingin lbh dicintai suaminya,ada yg ingin dihargai,ada yg ingin agar dy lebih ‘laku’ di dunia entertein.,

suami yg baik adlh suami yg bs menerima istri apa ada na.,cantik tdk hrs dgn operasi.,
kl qta ingin dihargai,bljr lah untuk menghargai se2org,org akan bih terkesan kl qta pnya kelebihan yg tdk dimiliki oleh diri na.,
ingin ‘laku’ di dunia entertein,qta tunjukkan dgn usaha yg keras.,lgan rezeki yg menentukan hanya Tuhan,qta cm bs usaha.,tanpa hrs mengubah apa yg sudah Tuhan berikan.,tidak ad yg lebih sempurna dari ciptaan Tuhan.,

saya yakin wlpn dy cantik/sexy tp tdk pnya skill yg cukup,itu tdk membuat dy dpt bertahan di pekerjaan na.,
smw balik lagi kpd skill..

Kecantikan memang penting tp bukan yg utama.,

Dian: Waduh maap banget, balesnya lama banget. Iya bener, that’s not really Indonesian proverb, apalagi kalau disebutkan dalam bahasa aslinya. Tapi edisi Indonesianya bisa dibilang sudah menjadi bagian dari budaya kita karena sudah begitu familiar dengan kita, seperti yang Anda sebutkan. Yah, kayak Malaysia aja yang mengaku kalau lagu rasa sayange adalah lagu mereka. Hehe.

Yonna: Benar sekali! Kadang orang bersembunyi di balik semboyan “kecantikan batin adalah yang paling penting” dan tidak menjaga kecantikan fisiknya. Asal tidak berlebihan jelas diperlukan, memiliki fisik yang “cantik” bagi sebagian orang adalah menjaga kesehatan tubuh. Sesuatu yang sangat dianjurkan.

Izmi: Setuju banget!

Allegra: Well in that case, I think it’s ok. I support that 🙂

Melysa: Sangat setuju, seperti komentar lainnya. Mungkin kita perlu mendefinisikan “cantik” lebih dalam. Apabila cantik adalah memiliki penampilan sesuai dengan standar Hollywood di mana operasi plastik secara berlebihan maka jelas itu bukan cantik yang sesungguhnya. Namun, apabila penampilan yang cantik didapat melalui menjaga kesehatan tubuh dan merawatnya maka hal itu sangat dianjurkan, menurut saya.

Numpang comment blh y? Jd org jelek emang susah.klo PD diblg “ih kepdean bgt c” tp klo g’PD diblg “udah jelek pesimis lg”.serba salah he he….. Tuhan pencipta yg mh sempurna.ciptain qt berbeda2 dlm sgl bentuk n sifat.cuma g’smua bs menerima perbedaan itu krn manusia pny nafsu,nafsu yg menuntut kesempurnaan.kbanyakn org memilih pasangan yg cantik/ganteng otak pas2an drpd org pintar,baik tp jelek.Itulah dunia,mau gmn lg.jd menurut aq intinya qt hrs bersyukur krn klo bhs soal jelek-indah baik-buruk,jawabanny ttp sama.smuany ingin yg baik2,yg indah2.Tuhan aja sk keindahan,apalg manusia.klo qt liatny k atas terus ya jelas aja qt mrasa kecil,rendah, cb liat k bawah,di sn msh ada org yg mungkin klo bs milih dy ingin sperti qt.Tp….jujur ni ya,seandainy oplas itu gak dosa,aq juga……pengen. wkakaka lariii…….:-D

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