Finally, A Woman!

Posted on: December 6, 2007

hillary.jpgIt is still a long way to go to the 2008 Presidential election but the political atmosphere is already so tense. Each candidate is trying to get public attention by giving heavenly promises to be the next U.S. president: The most powerful position in the world. My favorite is still Ron Paul since he seems to be the most sincere and truthful candidate in explaining the current problems that America is facing, but it is too bad that I don’t think he is going to win although he just made a new record on political-online fundraising when his team could earn $4.3 million in just 24 hours. Ron Paul is special, he is the only Republican candidate who is opposed to the war in Iraq.

Looking at the recent polls and to learn how the race has been going on, I personally think that Hillary Clinton is going to win the election and she’s going to be the next president of the most powerful and feared country on the planet. And yes, you are right, she is a woman! Hillary Clinton is the winner because she beats every other candidate. From the Democratic party she beats both Barrack Obama and John Edward. Obama is too young and he doesn’t have enough experience, and sad to say he is black. He is having a difficult time trying to get votes from white Americans, although he is getting a lot of support from younger generation regardless of race. And although Oprah Winfrey has decided to help Obama’s campaign I don’t think he is going to win the next election, America is just not ready to have a black President. John Edward is out of the list, as I hate to hear his accent I don’t see him presenting a solid ground on important issues.

Hillary also beats the frontrunners from the Republican party, mostly because two of them are fake Republicans and I think Hillary finds it easy to make them look stupid. Rudy Giuliani may be proud of what he achieved when he was the mayor of New York City, claiming he turned New York City into one of the safest cities in America, but he can’t put his head held high when it comes to marriage: He has been married three times with a bad-father-and-child relationship, something that a Republican can’t be proud of. Three other reasons why Guliani is a fake Republican are because he supports women’s rights on abortion, rights for gay couples, and he doesn’t even know what religion he really believes in. On one occasion Giuliani explains his position on abortion, he said that he thinks abortion is wrong but he respects women’s point of view to perform abortion, a position that is opposed by the Chatolic Church. Rudy Giuliani himself always announces that he was raised a Catholic but he always avoids questions on his faith saying, “That’s a matter of individual conscience I don’t think there should be a religious test for public office.” If Rudy Giuliani doesn’t seem to be comfortable in answering questions about his faith, Mitt Romney is having a hard time trying to explain to the public that Mormonism is just another Christian sect that believes in Jesus Christ.

Compared to Giuliani, Hilarry Clinton is the kind of person who believes that family is the most important thing in life and she will do anything to save it. She proved that she was a loyal wife despite the fact that his husband had enjoyed an oral sex with his staff. In her 2003 memoir she said, “No one understands me better and no one can make me laugh the way Bill does. Even after all these years, he is still the most interesting, energizing and fully alive person I have ever met.” She sacrificed her professional career for eight years to help Bill Clinton lead America to enter the 21st century.

hillaryclintonlogo.jpgAs she is a winning wife, she has proven that she is also a winner in politics. She plunged herself in politics again after his husband ended his serving time as President and was elected United States Senator from New York in 2000 and became the first First Lady elected to the United States Senate and the first woman elected statewide in New York. She was reelected in 2006 after spending $26 million for her campaign and won 67 percent of the vote, carrying all but four of New York’s sixty-two counties. Some achievements she managed to get during her five years of serving as a senator prove that she is smart and she is tough. She proved she could be the next president of United States of America.

Here comes the funny part. It is a fact that America is the country where feminism first came out in the modern era. In 1919, the first-wave feminism in America resulted the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution granting women the right to vote. In 1964, the term “Women’s Liberation” was first used in America and it was a sign of a solid demand of American women to have equal rights. But it is a shame that after more than 220 years of independency and all the achievements on feminism, America hasn’t had a female president. Even countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, The Philippines, and Indonesia have had female presidents. It is interesting to see that in those countries where men are so much in control and women are still part of second-class people in the political system, some women have been trusted by the people to lead their countries, while in a country as liberal and advanced as America, its people still can’t trust a woman to lead their country.

It is getting more interesting to see how the race is heating up as the polls show different results every single day. On Republican side, Mike Huckabee suprisingly has been getting more attention and Fred Thompson is slowly but consistently proving to the Republican voters that he could be the next Ronald Reagen. And from the Democratic Party the three frontrunners are still the main discussion.

My prediction might be wrong since things could be so unpredictable in politics and Hillary Clinton will not be the president. But, there are two unquestioned truths about Hillary Clinton: Hillary Clinton’s ultimate strength is that she is Bill Clinton’s wife, and her ultimate weakness is that, oh yeah, she is a woman.


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Again a really good contribution from. And an oiptimistic one in my opiniont: Mrs Clinton will probably be the next president of the USA.

She may not be the best choice, but still I hope you’re right. Which is not sure at all, considering the Mid West really hates her guts.


Your review of Giuliani made me almost change my mind. He is an untrustworthy crook of course. But what I like about his curriculum vitae you gave is that at least he is human. Not just a robot like smooth operator. But then – he may be a fake Republican, still he is republican. Exit Giuliani!

And just for the record three remarks from my European perspective:

– Emmeline Pankhurst started the Suffragettes in 1903 (Great Britain)! I guess she was the first female giant knocking on the gates of the fortresses of male domination;
– And it was only 1917, the first world war was still raging, when Dutch women obtained their (passive) voting rights.
– Moreover, with due respect to her American sisters, “La deuxieme sexe” (The second sex) – generally considered to be the philosophical and political foundation of the second feminist wave- was published by Simone de Beauvoir in 1949 (France).

And, last but not least: keep going Guebukanmonyet!

sebelumnya, maap karena gw gak bisa ngepos dalam bahasa belahan bumi lain itu.

kalo amrik punya presiden cewek… menarik banget tuh.
bingung juga yah, kenapa mereka bisa gak percaya sama kepemimpinan cewek. biasanya, cewek lebih teratur dan terorganisir daripada cowok. bill ajah sukses pasti berkat bantuan istrinya. cewek punya kepemimpinan juga bagus kok.
sayangnya, kalo cewek mau fokus ke karir, dia harus ngorbanin banyak hal. misal, keluarganya. jadi, cewek itu lebih baik bekerja di belakang (layar). biar cowoknya aja yang perform. dia yang ngatur dan mendukung.
itulah mengapa dunia keliatannya didominasi dan dikuasai oleh cowok. soalnya, apa yang dimiliki cowok itu langsung ditunjukkan ke dunia dan dipakai untuk mencapai tujuannya. sementara, apa yang dimiliki cewek itu cuman keliatan di sekitar rumah dan dipake untuk ngebantu suaminya.
eh, gak jelas neh arah pembicaraannya…

i’ll give comment in bahasa…supaya temen2 londonya Tasa penasaran :mrgreen:

ini kampanye terselubung mendukung bu Hillary ya? katanya Ron Paul? ya apapun maksudnya saya cuma bisa manggut2 doang karena gak ngerti ma suasana politik di sana 🙂

tapi kalo boleh kasih pendapat yang masih berupa tebak2an nih….saya nilai kalo capres USA siapapun orangnya pastilah kompeten dan layak dicalonkan jadi Presiden, meski mgkn bapak dan suaminya pernah jadi Presiden. tapi saya gak mau menjudge hal tsb sebagai aristokrasi. Kualitas yang berbicara disini. seperti bu Hil, yang menjadi idola termasuk idola remaja perempuan Amrik jelas aja pantas jadi capres…ada pendapat yang mengatakan kalo antara Pak Bill dan Bu Hil jadi presiden, lebih mendingan Bu Hil yang jadi presiden.

Jika pencalonan bu Hil dihubungkan dengan emansipasi, gender issue atau sejenisnya, maka gak cuma atas nama kesetaraan gender tapi lebih pada open competition karena kualitas yang jadi bahan penentu disini, bukan sekedar memberi kesempatan pada perempuan untuk jadi presiden.

kira2 itu tebak2an dari saya…salam

Hey Tasa,
Nice summary of what’s going on with the candidates… It would be awesome if Hilary Clinton won!…. it would be IDEAL if people voted based on the qualities a president that runs a country should have instead of other things such as age, gender or race…

saya setuju…jadi kaya istilah selalu ada perempuan hebat dibalik pria hebat –> sebenernya istilahnya bahasa inggris cuma lupa intinya gitu.

saya nggak tau sih perkembangan politik pemilu AS, taunya juga cuma Hillary Clinton sama Barrack Obama. Dulu saya pikir bakal Hillary Clinton yang menang. Mau kualitasnya gimana juga. Soalnya menurut saya orang Amerika bakal lebih milih presiden perempuan daripada orang berkulit hitam.

Sekarang pas baca penjelasan artikel ini, bu Hillary ini ternyata emang keren, saya jadi makin yakin kalau bakal dia yang menang.

Kecuali kalau tau-tau nanti ada keajaiban kaya waktu Bush…hmm…

I wish Ron paul and Dennis Kucinich fight for US election,that will happen only in fairy tale or in my dream…..This time 3 way fight between Mitt Romney vs Hillary vs Ronpaul(IND)…I go for Mitt Romney….Republicans are not good in being presidents but smart to win US Presidental elections..Kerry & Gore were far better than Bush..Why did they lose..Next President is Mitt Romney, VP will be Jeb bush they gonna win over Hillary-Bill richards of Democrates..wait If republicans need black votes and pull women’s votes to their side.Ms.Rice can be VP nominee..yes, one in four Republican wont vote for Mormon,but they have 3 out of four in the other side.Out of other candidates,he is more conservative married once and has descent family life..He didnt do polygamy like other marmons..His Dad too stood for president why cant be follow Bush shoes..forget Mike Huckabee,he cant go anymore up, he gets conservative votes the church goers..I guess except Huck and Mitt and those republicans are married more then once, so tough for them to project up about their personnal life(sorry to Guilani,Mccain,Fredy)… I forgot Ron paul-is he republican.
Iam not supporter of Hillary..She is fragile minded..She was screwed upside down by others in Philadelphia Democrates debate…Did u watch it… I would be happy if Obama or Edward get nominated..Her only experience is being first lady and one of the directors of WALMART..Are u anti-southern to hate Edward-heee…Bill Clinton said you vote for one and get if u believe in discount sale like the one in Walmart-Vote for Hillary..Staples or Walmart….I go for Staples.If Ameirca needs female president they can Choose Nancy polesi???

I forgot to mention this…Americans elect presidents as those who servered as Governors and not Senators…The last senator in white house was JFK.. When I was in Democrates Debate in Philly, there were group of college students holding a poster- “VOTE for BRITNEY”….American can elect her as president too-heeee…….Kidding

If you look at the mainstream media’s stats for Ron Paul, he looks pretty unpopular. But if you look at ANY other stats, he appears to be WILDLY popular. I think the MSM is trying to pull one over on us.

Saya nggak terlalu suka sama Hillary!
i’m not the big fans of her tapi lawannya, tau kan siapa?
Yang dulunya ada hubungan dekat dengan Indonesia.
Aku rasa kharismanya lebih gedean dia si Barrack daripada Hillary!

Colson: Thanks for the support. Well, Hillary can’t please everybody but you have to admit she’s something. Obama is tempting too but I just don’t think America is ready for him. His charisma is very powerful though, I like him too.

Areta: I agree with you. Women’s role is just as important as role of men in this world. Life may seem unfair because women are always the ones to be behind the scene, but I guess that’s the strength of women. Emotionally, I think women are stronger.

Yonna: That’s something really interesting that America hasn’t had a female president after more than 220 years of independency. And yes, if she’s elected of course it’s because she’s capable because she is. I still love Ron Paul and he has made a wild phenomenon on the internet, but it’s so hard for him to win. I wish he was younger like Obama so he could join 2012 election.

Yheudy: Hey girl, what’s up? Long time no see. So, you like Hillary too? Because you’re a woman?

Zahra: Another fan of Hillary. Well, she shows that even a woman can be a great leader and politician, she’s been a very important figure in American politics over the last eight years and her time has come.

Zulfi: Mitt Romney? Well, he’s a great candidate. He’s a good public speaker, he got charisma and money. But he has no experience on international politics, something that America needs in order to be safe and secure.

Matthew: I know, too bad mainstream medias don’t really like Ron Paul. But the internet loves him, he made a record.

Evelyn: I know, you mean Barrack Obama? Well, Obama has attracted women from generations, he got charisma like you said. I like him too. Now, Oprah is helping him to win more votes.

I dont support Mitt,My man is always RON PAUL..I wish and will ask my American friends to vote for him…But it is clearly written Mitt Romney is next president…Define international politics?????So u mean Senators who go all over the world alone are fit to be presidents ….I mean the governors are better bet as they know how to run their state…or you meant the Debate when Ron paul was baffled by the reply Mitt said about to Attack Iran…Yes, he needs to read the constitution, and not consult his lawyers.–It was joke..rgt……What to do he is another crap who studied in MIT..More then Iraq it is the economy which the Americans will care most…Today American economy is in bad state and they need a CEO like Mitt..Staples and Salt lake olympics shows that he can deliver the result..If he chooses Jeb bush or Ms.Rice as VP ..It is sure Hillary has no chance…Rice can get black votes,women votes and also give him international politics experience advantage…
I do feeel American tax payers money is wasted for these post 100 senators… As law makers I dont know what they do to this country…All states with 2 senators and does delaware needs 2 senators…. sounds foolish…None of them seem to long they are forced to resign with gay blame…..what are ur comment as u r from DC….My view is only congress men and Governors are fit to stand for US presidental elections…Tell me one Candidate among the Democrates and Republicans who has experience in International politics… Joe biden and Bill richards alone can come some way closer…Studying kinder garden in Indonesia or Prisoned 7 yrs in Vietnam jail or being first lady is not international politics!!!!!!!!heeee….kidding

Hey Tasa,
I am just chilling and enjoying every day left of this year…I know its been a long time! ….Yeah I do like Hilary, not just because she is a women but she seems to be capable to carry the role of a president …yeah ofcourse part of me as a women would like her to win lol….But if I could vote I would really think hard about who in my mind would be the best candidate…I would TRY to be as objective as possible.

Zulfi: Although MItt Romney has jumped in the latest poll but suprisingly it’s Mike Huckabee who has moved to 2nd place. The main reason for that is because Huckabee is perceived as more “Republican” than Rudy Giuliani (Pro Life) and Romney (Mormonism). Huckabee’s profile and struggle have been on CNN and everywhere else.

I think Hillary Clinton has the ability for managing American international politics. She was the First Lady for eight years which made her go around the world and learn more about the nature of international politics. Plus, she’s backed up by her husband who long has been known as a great negotiator on international issues.

Yheudy: I’m happy to know that you’re doing great 🙂 Well, most Hillary’s supporters are mostly women. I think it’s time for America to have a female president. Don’t you think so?

ngga kok…saya bukan fans Hillary…cuma prediksi saya aja. Kalau disini yang terkenal cuma Hillary sama Barrack Obama aja.

saya sih pengennya dukung Barrack Obama…cuma saya kurang tau tentang dia. Ya saya dukung juga ga ngaruh yaa…hahah. Cuma menurut saya sekeren apapun Barrack, Amerika bakal lebih milih presiden cewek.

Terus kan dijelasin disini kalau ternyata si Hillary ini juga keren. Jadilah saya makin yakin kalau dia yang bakal menang. Terus saya juga denger kalau Hillary ini didukung sama pendukungnya Bush dulu. Hillary ini ngedukung perang irak ga? Kalo iya, saya mau deh jadi fansnya…heheh…

Kalau misalnya yang dihitung cuma Barrack Obama sama Hillary, manapun pilihannya tetep fenomenal buat Amerika….

Oh i see. Obama sebenarnya sedang naik daun juga, sejak awal kehadirannya memang sudah cukup fenomenal. Masih muda, pintar, dan African American. Sekarang popularitasnya semakin meningkat akibat bantuan endorsement dari Oprah Winfrey.

Di tahun 2002 sebagai senator Hillary Clinton mendukung Bush untuk menyerang Irak, sebuah keputusan yang saat ini ia sesalkan dan menjadi batu sandungan dalam menuju pemilu 2008.

Dua-duanya akan menjadi rekor baru kalau tepilih.

Do you think Huckabee will have long run???After Iowa and NH…he will be left back…Being a Minister he can get church goers from evangelicals will take him no where..But his track record as Arkansa governor doesnt sound great…please…please dont talk high about Hillary…She was one of the few democrates who praised Bush for War on Iraq….I still feel she has secret agreement with Bush..and gave him blank cheque to attack Iraq and asked her fellow Democrates to support the bill in senate.As first lady She pardoned anyone who gave her money….if u need great negotiator on international issues choose Bill Richards…Till now she has not said about complete withdrawl of US troops in IRAQ….Her Insurance for all is real crap…She has agreement with those insurance companies who will be benefical..Why not ask Pharmactical companies to sell drugs in low cost…America need a president who needs the world to respect america…he can male or female….

I’m not sure about that. But. it’s true Republicans are looking someone who’s pure and respecting their moral and conservative values.

Hillary’s decision to support the war in Iraq in 2002 is indeed troubling her right now, but we’ll see. I think she has other aspects she could be proud of.

Well i do think its time for us to have a women as a president. But more importantly i hope and pray that the right person wins. Honestly right now i am not sure who that is. I do think that if Hilary wins she will be discredited by others since she is a women.

To be honest,I am really sad that none of the comments said negative or truth about Hilary..The only valid point they try to bring is “Hillary is women”..This is not the fight between the Genders..America needs a president who can stand tall and bring peace.. come on…I expected you Indonesians to support Obama..He has studied in Indonesia and talks high about the people the culture and also about the food..If he is elected President, He will surely do good to your country..He will be first Afro-American-Indonesian President..How does that sound….Hillary is always doubled face..supporting Palestine one day and supporting Isreal the next day..One policy for Iowa and another policy in Nevada..saying license must be issued to illegal immigrants and saying no license for them…Give me,one aspect she could be proud of..Just one…Dont say manditory health Insurance, it is crap…Give me one….My friend said If she is democrate nominee, then he will vote for Republicans..she is not a great leader or politician, but she is a just a great FIGURE

Pls see wat this little girl says:

maybe you are right. Maybe Hilary wouldn’t make the best president. But the same goes for all the other candidates. candidates will promise you the world. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they will follow through once in power…..I do like Ron Paul…The little girl its cute BUT i don’t think she really knows why she doesn’t want Hilary to win. She knows what her parents want and that is Ron Paul to win. Anyways let just hope those that can vote will pick the best candidate..

My point is dont support Hillary just bcos she is woman..If America wants woman as president, they can wait for 2012 when britney can stand…. forget it she wont be eligible..make it 2016…Most Democrates will go for republicans if she is their candidate..That will be good for Ron paul as independent..He has 6% now,another 20+% from democrates ,another 10% from he will get 36+% in 3 way race…I wish she is Democrate candidate to make Ron paul as next president….

Zulfi: Hey dude, Huckabee is surging! He has become somebody from nobody. He’s beating Giuliani in some states.

I like him….any anti-Bush guy..I dont hate him…..But how long…how long…he can show off..and say on sunday’s…..pls church goers vote for me..we will see in Iowa..I guess it is Mitt…take my word.. Read my lips….It is mitt….all the way…President in waiting…who is Giuliani???Guy who cant make sentence without …911…Joe biden is rgt in that…

Hahaha, you’re right on Giuliani. He’s so obsessed with these: 9/11, Islamic radicals, Bin Laden, and terrorism. But, I’m not sure if Mitt Romney will win, he’s got tons of money though. Have you read the latest edition of Time magazine? You should.

Good news buddy, Giuliani is losing ground..One thing Mitt differs from Huckabee is he is not bashing Bush…Huckabee is losing Pro-Bush Support base… It looks Mitt will be Republican nominee..what do you say???

Well, one of the reasons why Huckabee is rising and Republican party is having their worst nightmare is because of President Bush. So, I don’t really see the advantage of Romney being pro Bush.

come again..60% of the conservative republicans still see Bush is right..Mitt will get that support… By bashing Bush, Huckabee is turning bad guy among republicans..

looks like obama beat hillary in the Iowa caucus. Iowa being a primarily WHITE state, what does say about your idea of Obama lacking support amongst white americans?

The truth is that Obama has more support amongst white americans than Black. This is becuase if a black man became president, then race-baiting crooks like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson won’t be able to claim that “black people can’t succeed in America” and it will threaten the cycle of vicitmhood that much of Black america has become dependent on.

Meanwhile, HIllary is losing because women actually hate her. Feminists hate Hiillary because she claims to be a feminist but she rode the coattails of her husband into politics rather than doing it on her own. Feminists hate Hillary Clinton because she was aware of her husband’s infidelities and she ignored them (or perhaps even helped cover some of them up). Then she stayed with her husband after his affairs were made public. She also has a little problem where she broke federal fund-raising laws during her senate candidacy.

People should not vote on a candidate because of their genitalia or skin color.

The major issue in this election period will be illegal immigration and so far there are no Democrats and few Republicans willing to committ to border securty.

with all do respect, if i have the power to select one, i’d never leave a woman to run a country.

dont get me wrong, i’m not a machoist, but my experiences told me (not just because our country had been lead by a women before) in many cases women are not a good decision maker. i’m not saying that guys are the better one, but women kept making decision with feelings and intuition.

I think, its ok for women to lead something, but a country? nooo… i dont think so. a country need more than just an intuition. it needs….. “consideration”.

I do beleive her husband, Bill, are the best president of the us in the modern life. even with monica’s underpants all over it…. =P

But iiiiiii dunno…. perhaps hillary share the same spirit as Bill…

hehehehhehehe…. i still cant beleive it, even while i type the word…

at least, lets hope (if she does elected to be) the next president, she would done better than “a cowboy family – yyeeeeeeeeeehhaaaaaaaa” who runs it now…

me? i rest my destiny on my own shoulder. (lo? ko jadi jauh????) – hehehehehhehe….

Zulfi: You must be happy to know that Mitt Romney is going strong right now.

ray: I might have been wrong in predicting Obama. He came with a big surprise in Iowa caucus and he’s racing hard with Clinton right now. But I guess I was right that Obama is getting big support from young voters.

ary: That’s so manly. Tell that opinion to feminists and they’d kill you. He-he. Well, that’s a stereotype of women that Indonesian men have, that may not be wrong but of course I believe there’re lots of women who can lead well.

Well, Big world,
It is nice that maybe we are creating some diversity in politics, but we must remember that this is all it is. If you really research Ms. Hillarys comments you find out that all for her and her for her. She has some very oppressive tendencies, that includes to women too. I would be very careful to jump on her band wagon, I believe if she was pushed up against a wall, she would collapse.


Making decisions need a whole lot more than just mere logic/feeling/intuition, it takes a combination of them, and at times, I concede, logic/feeling/ or intuition supersedes the other according to the conditions of the time. But I strongly feel they all are needed for any of us to make sound decisions.

As a mother, I discovered that mothering takes more than just feelings (like the stereotype contends). Research, sound analysis, logic all have big parts in motherhood alongside the feelings women all over are stereotyped to possess in abudance. Yes, we are sensitive, but so are men. Aggressive behaviors that men are lauded for are pretty much a euphemism for uncontrollable and oversensitive behaviors–in other words, when men are aggressive or showing aggression, they too are reacting sensitively and acting with their feelings. There is nothing rational or logical about aggression, however masculine the package is.

Going back to motherhood and the importance of sound decision-making, from the gestational period to maturity, mothers have to grapple each and every day with decision-making that can have a profound affect on their child(ren)’s development. And the hormonal fluctuations we have to undergo throughout our lives from the onset of menarche have propelled us to kearb how to control the oversurging of emotions that might course through our bodies, for if we aren’t able to control them, we wouldn’t be able to function. And we are severely tested during that most precious of nine months as we carry new life within us. If we are not able to rise above our feelings/emotions, we might cause undue stress to the fetus whose health and development relies on our strength and endurance.

And don’t get me started on childbirth and the toll it does take on our selves, physically and mentally.

If women are capable to be mothers, than I am quite sure they are capable to be leaders of a nation, or leaders of anything.

It is high time we stop underestimating ourselves or give in to the stereotypes out there about how we should or should not be, what we can or cannot do.

We are not the weaker sex because of our biology, I believe, that, in fact, makes us stronger. We are the weaker sex because we have given in to the perceptions of the world and the societies we live in.

Thus, Ary, though I respect your views, i cannot agree with them. And I hope, in time, you too will be able to perceive women as more than just a collection of feelings, and that we too are capable of “consideration”.


I just reread my submittion and realized an error with the word “kearb”. By “kearb” I meant to type “learn”.

tychicuss: Interesting theory, we’ll just have to see. The race is heating up, and it’s really fun to watch Obama and Clinton Duo compete. Obama just won the South Carolina Primary.

ns: Thank you for sharing your point of view. I guess men in Indonesia should learn more about how powerful women can be. Being a mother is indeed a tough job which men just can’t do. So stop accusing women to be weak and lame.

hear hear guebukamonyet. 🙂

Not only men in Indonesia, but men everywhere who deem women as weak and lame (really, there are men who think we’re lame?)

Having wrote my submission, I am not in support of Hillary Clinton–yet. I do not want to vote for her because she is a woman, and thus we woman need to be in solidarity. uhm no. I was excited to see her run but became disillusioned by her behaviors during these primaries. The spat she had with Obama during a debate, the negative campaign against him, I mean, come on, why resort to such puerile tendencies? I thought Bill Clinton had better sense as well, but apparently not. And I admired him for so long, still do, but his recent antics have made him questionable. I am also not in favor of Obama just yet, but his speeches are by far the most inspiring I have heard. Edwards too have given inspiring speeches.

From the Democratic side, if Clinton and Obama cannot stop sparring, I believe Edwards, if he has not backed down, will move forward slowly and quietly to the forefrunt of the race–being the only sane and calm candidate out there.

Thanks also for sharing the news of Obama’s win. I wonder who won the Republican race. As you can see, I need to research about this race and keep up wth the news more.

Unfortunately there’re some men who think that way. I hope I’m not part of them.

Yeah, Obama just won South Carolina Primary. And he won big. The race is going to become much more interesting. It’s indeed interesting to see the back-and-forth bickering between Bill Clinton and Obama. I love Bill Clinton and I personally think he was a great president, among the best. What he’s doing right now is something planned and calculated, I’m sure about. He served the oval office for two terms, he knows what he’s dealing with. What he did with that reporter had been planned and calculated, no doubt. We’ll just have to see if his strategy will win his wife.

I agree, Obama is a great orator. His speeches have been inspiring, I admire him for that. Btw, Why do you need to research if you don’t mind sharing?


Btw, I was wrong about Fred Thompson. People were expecting too much from him, but he showed a poor perfomance. As a fan of Law & Order, I was disappointed to know the fact that Fred Thompson had to quit the race.

Research the candidates’ stances, their past voting history, their proposals, etc. I have only done Huckabee, and he seems interesting apart from his position on gun control.
I don’t want to vote just because so and so’s a Democrat, a woman, a man, a Christian, a Republican, etc. I would like to know all that I can about each of them.

i thank you for your long explanation about womenhood, but it still doesnt change what i think about a what a nation leader should be, and i dont have a problem if you disagree with it.
and i am sorry, i really do not interested of your lecture.
also, i think the statement:
“If women are capable to be mothers, than I am quite sure they are capable to be leaders of a nation, or leaders of anything.” rather un-fair, or do you write it with emotion all over you? i can understand if you did, though, perhaps my comment are rather harsh, from your point of view.
and please note that i never stated women as week and lame!

thank you for your kind response on January 27th, 2008 at 7:14 am, i think you got it right there, where it was suppose to be.

best regards, all of you…. =)


I hope you can clarify to me how was my statement of “if women are capable to be mothers, then I am quite sure they are capable to be leaders of a nation, or leaders of anything” unfair? And to whom was it unfair to?

If having passion for an issue means having emotion, then perhaps I am writing it with emotion. But then what of the many writers, men and women alike, who write with passion for an issue? Or the activists? Politicians?
And I hope you didn’t bring up emotion because I am a woman.
I don’t believe I said your comment was harsh and I don’t feel it was harsh, I just didn’t agree with it. And though I did address it to you, the content was also directed towards a general audience as the underestimation of a woman’s ability to lead is across the board, with women underestimating themselves–and fellow women–as well.

I just hope that when we assess one’s leadership capablities, gender is not a significant determinant.

Thank you for this discourse, Ary. I look forward to your response. 🙂


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