MTV, Gak Gue Banget!

Posted on: November 16, 2007

logo_tjp.gifThis article was published by The Jakarta Post on December 15, 2007. I’d like to thank Mba Jennie for the support, encouragement, and love. Read the article on The Jakarta Post, here.

mtv.jpgAs a young person who loves to wear Nike and Adidas shoes I can understand why my girlfriends think that clothes from Zara and Mango are cool. As a person who is a big fan of Rage Against The Machine with the political messages in their songs and lives among young people who think that dangdut is a stupid music I can understand why my boyfriends feel that Eminem is so rebellious (in a motivating way) and that The Killers rocks. As a person who hates watching Indonesian movies and TV soap operas I can see why my friends adore Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie. And as a marketing guy who believes that positioning is very important to “brainwash” customers’ minds I have to admit that people behind the marketing campaign of MTV Indonesia were smart when they came up with a simple and appealing tagline: MTV Gue Banget (MTV is So Me).

Indeed, MTV is so me and it is so other young Indonesians too. Go to any mall in Jakarta on a Saturday night and you will see how MTV is everywhere. Young Indonesians walk proudly with their modern attributes while mingle with their friends. Some have their hair colored while some are tatooed and pierced. Both the boys and the girls think that iPod is the coolest gadget in the whole world and they just can’t live without it. Since MTV culture is all about the drunk Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, young people in Jakarta think that clubbing is just another lifestyle they can’t miss. In response to that kind of lifetyle, companies keep building new malls, cafes, movie theatres, and clubs.

MTV and its tagline represent two types of cultural distortion in Indonesia:

  1. Jakarta to other cities: The culture of young people in Jakarta is spreading negatively to big and small cities in Indonesia. In a country where TV is the cheapest entertainment for its people, TV might be the one to blame for the cultural distortion that we are having. The cheapest entertainment gives our audience cheap and low quality TV soap operas (sinetron) that are not educating and motivating our young generation to be a progressive generation for the future of Indonesia. It is common now to hear young people in Bandung, Semarang, or Surabaya speak the so-called gaul languange of Jakarta’s young people. The use of this languange represents the decline of local cultural interest in big cities in Java and other places. It is true that local languanges are still spoken among young people but what about the traditional ceremonies, dances, clothes, and cultural values? Those young people who make Jakarta as their mecca find out that loving our culture is not part of the lifestyle of young people in Jakarta through movies, songs, magazines, radios, and TV programs.
  2. The world to big cities in Indonesia: The American pop culture through medias like MTV is invading Indonesian young people’s minds, especially those in Jakarta and other big cities. The MTV generation, as they call it, is invading countries in the world including even China and Russia. Indonesia with its Jakarta is no exception. As the world has become so much smaller due to the invention of the internet and other information medias, young people in Indonesia are losing their local taste for a new culture that they consider to be better. Actually, MTV culture is not all bad since it also spreads some positive ideas such as creativity, freedom of speech, love, and friendship. If we classify those ideas as a cultural content then it is true that our Indonesian culture does have those ideas too, so there shouldn’t be any problems, right? But, a problem emerges because our Indonesian culture has a different kind of context in delivering the content. Freedom of speech, for example, Indonesians do support freedom of speech. But, what kind of freedom of speech that our old generation tells us to energize? I don’t think it is the kind of freedom of speech that the Americans implement.

I wish I could say that MTV Gak Gue Banget, MTV is so not me. But, I know that would be impossible since I love the world’s culture too much, or American culture some might say. I love their movies, their songs, their clothes, their internet, and their sports. And, I guess it’s unfair for old generation to ask young Indonesians to be 100 percent “Indonesian.” The world has changed, and it is a different kind of world we have right now. All countries are so connected that cultural assimilation is something we can’t avoid. But at the same time, it is not a bizarre request from the old generation that young Indoesians can love the local culture a litte bit more. I mean, who else would preserve our cultural treasures, the things that make us a nation? So, I wouldn’t end this article by saying, “MTV, Gak Gue Banget,” but instead I’d end this article by saying, “MTV is just half of me.”


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gue gak tau harus ngomong apa sebagai penggemar ex-VJ MTV Jamie Aditya di masa lampau, MTV sedikit banyak udah mempengaruhi hidupku :mrgreen:

waktu SMP dan SMA, saya gak pernah ktinggalan nonton MTV, sampek harus kucing2an ama Mama karena ini anak kerjanya nonton mulu kapan brentinya? 😛 cuma gak segila itu, kewajiban kayak pergi les, mengerjakan PR, maen ma temen, ngeladenin secret admirer, dengerin sobat curhat, dll tetep dilaksanakan 😆

MTV di masa ABG saya adalah perpanjangan minat saya terhadap musik. sebagai anak balita taun 80-an, telingan ini udah biasa mendengarkan lagu2 jadul kedua abang hingga sampe sekarang saya menyukai Bon Jovi, Mettalica, Def Leppard, Reo Speedwagon, Aerosmith, The Police, Toto, dll. lanjut ke masa remaja, saya menyukai genre electronica, R&B, britpop (sekarang udah enggak), new ages (big fan of Enigma karena lagu2 mereka inspiring gitu), hip hop, hip metal, dll. berkat MTV saya makin menggandrungi hobi thd musik.

Waktu kuliah sampe sekarang selera pada genre tetep yang itu-itu aja. untuk genre nasyid saya gak suka, sampe diheran2in ama temen dan suami napa cewek jilbab demennya ma genre yang udah disebutkan di atas tadi, hmmm mungkin saya muslimah anomali jadi gak usah heran yah :mrgreen:

yang paling penting, MTV tidak memberikan pengaruh negatif kepada perilaku, ucapan, cara berpikir, dll saya (mudah-mudahan ampe nanti). Meski harus gigit jari pas tauk Safri Duo konser di Jakarta sebanyak 2 kali kalo gak salah karena harus kerja-kerja dan kerja, tapi rasa kepengen itu masih diobati dengan mendengarkan duo DJ keren tsb di MP3. Alhamdulillah gak ilang akal gara2 gak bisa nonton Safri Duo doang.

MTV cuma media hiburan….setuju, MTV is just half of me 😀

MTV is sóóóóó very much the eighties. Almost an opa-opa thing. Even provincial perhaps. I can not imagine any cool kid watching MTV.

Apart from that the cultural essence of a society is not in danger if shallow entertainment from elsewhere is replacing the own cultural heritage of shallow entertainment. The hardcore identity of Indonesia, the part that defines the uniqueness of the country, will survive any invasion – be it an Arab or Western one. At least as long as you and I will live.

The real threat is fear of foreign influences.

i leave my MTV when i turn 24..
to chase another pop-culture maybe?

Yes, western culture was invaded after the skies were open ..MTV, created new generation in India. and I was part of the MTV life style..Though my parents were strict I was carried away by my friends..hanging out in malls wearing trendy clothes.Today’s fashion were outdated tomorrow.But now I dont think MTV has brought anything Good to the society..It sounds strange when teen gurls advice to have sefe sex..and guys were told to use Condoms.I know about same-sex relationship(gays and lesbians)through MTV.Then came BPO boom in India and young guys/gurls with just spoken English and dumb were earning 10times what their dad earned.partying and sex became part of life.These culture are like Tornado it comes-destroys and leaves.I dont think MTV has invaded Indonesia as it has done to other Asian countries.
Compared with other ASEAN countries Indonesians still follow their culture and it is intact .. Asking Beyounce to wear proper clothes is an example.
There is nothing wrong to assimilate other cultures But we cant go overboard.Same time Teens cant take these Non-underwearing Britney or Drunk Loren or Sex tape paris as role Models. Do people in Aceh Watch MTV??????Indonesia is not Java alone.. MTV culture cant penetrate other non-Java Places.. 80% of Indonesians will say–MTV is not me…10% MTV half me..and another 10% MTV me.In Indonesia Batik Sarongs wont be replaced by Denim I rgt!!!!

Ya, setuju kalau MTV is just half of me 🙂

Hey mas,
Well i dont know much about Indonesias culture and the MTV they have there..But I can comment on the MTV here in USA. It does have some shallow messages but it also has some good ones….everytime election comes around they do encourage young people to get involve and vote….their THINK messages between programs can be insulting to some people. For example, they don’t condemn sex outside of marriage..basically, they just encourage that if you are going to do it be safe! For this culture here in USA its a good message because there are a lot of STD among young people…SO I can see how this can shock people who are from a concervative culture or can be consider an invasion… I don’t necessarely agree with everything but I do enjoy some of their music.. I grew up watching MTV and it didn’t invade my latin culture or make me forget where I come from…the way I think is take the good message and trash the bad…. 🙂

humourous post….
thumbs up.

“The real threat is fear of foreign influences.”
I don’t get it.
Isn’t MTV, iPod, Nike, Coke and all are foreign influences?

@yunir: The real threat – to an individual, a group or a country- is fear (Fear of flying, fear of the future, fear of being exposed to cruel or shocking images, fear of strangers – whatever, even fear of MTV, technology, liberals, Burqa’s or McDonalds).

colson : heyyy…I watch MTV, I love watching MTV, but I am one cool kid…*wink. Just like Yheudy, I don’t let it invade me. I take the good and keep the bad as knowledge.

I get the part the real threat is fear to foreign influence. And I agree, people shouldn’t close themselves, they should develop themselves with accept and sort the influence without losing their ground. I just don’t get the correlation between the fear of foreign influence and cultural distortion that happened among Indonesian youth. I think the youth here didn’t fear the foreign influence, they washed away by it. Maybe I don’t get you right. Please explain more…with easier english (if that’s okay with you…)

Zulfi: I don’t think it’s strange when they campaign save sex. What we call free-sex, it’s different with us the eastern, but well…we live in different part of the world… it’s just their culture, that’s the way they live, that’s what they believe, so I understand. And I think it’s good they campaign it. Better than STD and AIDS and unwanted baby right?? The problem is, we-the eastern, sometimes don’t understand that the campaign was meant for the western, with their different culture. We misinterpret it, and we think it is the only way to be cool.

And what you said about not every people in Indo watch MTV. Well…yes, you’re right. But they watch Indonesian TV which copied the lifestyle of MTV with no exception, sometimes even worse. Trust me, Indonesian’s soap opera much much worse than MTV.

And as much as I hate saying this, and how I hope your statement is true…but batik and sarong were replaced by jeans. Your statement hit me hard…but its kinda hard to wear batik and sarong and other traditional clothes everyday…

For both of you, I hope you could understand what I say…I’m not really good in English, but I’m doing the best I can…hehehe…

Guebukanmonyet: Di ITB sih…hampir tiap suku punya unit kesenian. Kalo ngadain acara juga suka banyak yang ikutan berpartisipasi…dan di Bandung kesenian daerah masih cukup kental. Tapi emang sih secara keseluruhan, anak mudanya nggak menjadikan kultur sebagai sesuatu yang amat disukai/dicintai, untuk diapresiasi, dan dilestarikan. Kalo ada acara, ikutan…tapi kalo nggak ada ya nggak mikirin. Ga kepikiran, butuh diajak baru kepikiran. Gimana dong caranya biar kita lebih care sama kebudayaan kita?

Mbak Yonna: saya setuju banget…yang penting ga ngasih efek negatif ke gaya hidup dan tingkah laku kita. Istilahnya ‘cukup tau aja’. Tapi orang-orang ga peduli tuh kayanya…menurut mereka pake jilbab itu artinya harus dengerin nasyid aja. Padahal saya suka punk rock, hip-hop, pop, electronik, rnB, brit, nggak nasyid pokoknya. Pernah dikatain musyrik, kafir, bikin malu…macem-macem deh, bete kan. Kalo mbak Yonna sedih gara-gara Safri Duo, saya sedih karna ga nonton NOFX, Avenged, Muse, Good Charlotte, Beyonce dan B.E.P kemaren…lebih banyak kan tuh..huhuuhh…

Gimana Yaww? …
Sebenernya sih … dibilang “Gue Banget” juga engga !!
Karena masih ada aja video clip yang ngga pantes ditonton sama anak seumuran saya maupun yang dewasa. Vulgar maksudnya …
Mikir aja deh !! kita masing-masing punya agama. Kita tau dosa. Dan semua itulah yang akan kita pertanggungjawabkan di hadapan Tuhan Yang Maha Esa. Dan nanti itu yang bersaksi adalah anggota badan kita. Karena mulut kita ini acap kali melakukan yang namanya bohong.

Yang punya otak pasti mikirin yang baik untuk kelangsungan berpikirnya kelak. Karena apa yang pernah terekam dalam otak kita, semua itu akan diproses menjadi ingatan dalam kepala kita.

Kalo otak kita diisinya sama hal2 yang jelek, waduh … itu sih sama aja cari penyakit sama yang nyiptain kita.

Carilah yang baik untuk diri kita. Kalopun MTV masih nayangin video yang ada hal2 negatifnya, ya dihindarin dong …
Kalo ada yang bilang MTV Gue Banget, ya itu sih cuma formalitas kata. Tapi bisa kan ngartiinnya?

Jangan salah ambil maknanya aja yak !!! Sebagai “The Now Generation” tentulah kita patut tau dan jangan asal tau tapi juga ngerti dong !!!

Dari segala hal juga kita udah tau dan sebagai yang sudah berumur baligh bisalah … kita menjadi Al-Furqon untuk diri kit sendiri.

Bedakanlah mana yang positif mana yang negatif. Mana yang pantes ditonton mana yang ngga.
Bisa kan?!!!

ooohh another muslimah anomali, cheers for us 😆 ya saya juga suka Beyonce, ma Justin Timberlake juga suka apalagi setelah gak di N’Sync dia tambah keren kayanya 😀 Kalo Muse dll belum sempet denger lagu2nya, jadi selera masih berputar disitu2 aja. Kemaren waktu Black Eyed Peas konser saya juga pengen datang…hmmm kita sama2 suka BEP kayanya yah, lagu2 BEP keren2 hampir semuanya jadi hits single 😀

kalo ngomongin selera musik gak abis2 deh 😆 jadi ingat waktu nonton Elizabeth Town kebetulan ada scene dimana Orlando Bloom mampir ke Memphis ke hotel tempat Marthin Luther King Jr. tewas dan diiringi ma lagu U2 “In The Name Of Love (Pride)” yang emang dipersembahkan untuk mengenang perjuangan beliau, abis itu saya puter terus lagunya ampe bosen dan pengeng sendiri :mrgreen: saya suka ma liriknya yang ini “free at last, they took your life, they can not take your pride”

hehehe….udah tuir masih demen MTV, malah sekarang saya suka juga ma vh1, V Channel yang merupakan music channel….makin tua makin lebih dari MTV ajah :mrgreen:

*Btw seneng bisa diskusi ma muslimah kaya Zahra 😀

@zahra: You’re clever (you did manage to decipher my code) and I’m sorry (for the kind of unreadable English I use).

You know better than I do about Indonesian youth. So, I take it Indonesian youngsters have been and are being washed away by “MTV culture”. The old ways are being or have been distorted.

But is that something you should worry about?

It kind of describes the situation of my own youth; after World War II the part of Europe were I was living was being “Americanized” – Jazz ( in stead of Mozart), Pop songs ( instead of “Chansons”), Blue Jeans (in stead of “Plus Fours”), blunt social intercourse (in stead of politeness), musicals ( instead of Opera) etc.

And this went on and on and on up to this moment. But that’s only superficial. Nowadays European(youth) culture is still quite different ( I’m happy to say) from the American one. But by being exposed to and by being open to foreign influences over the last fifty years, our own youth culture is more dynamic, vital and interesting then ever.

If efforts to ban Jeans in 1950 or censure MTV in 1990, would have been successful, it would probably have resulted in stagnation and boring navel-gazing. I have to agree with Bob Dylan, who sang in the sixties: “Times they are a changing..”. They always were, they are and they alway will be.

I can not think up a reason why Indonesia in 2007 should be the exception. The best advice is: don’t be afraid and keep in touch. Be open minded and curious. And use “otherness” as a touchstone for the old ways and habits you are accustomed to. Don’t fear what you may loose, but be happy with what you may gain.

Life should be exciting – especially while you’re young. Right?

Did u get the new before!!!MTV-Arabic is out from today..I bet western culture is gonna invade the Arab-land..Are they gonna have Adan sound like rap!!!!—
OK to have fun, it’s OK to be naughty as long as you don’t lose yourself
MTV Arabia:

Everything from west is not bad..English and Computers(internet) are foreign influences too..Think Global but be Local..
@Zahra: Yes, I meant SAVE sex.Well,to save sex till marriage-hee…U meant safe sex but typed save..just kidding…Well, we-(the)-eastern try to copy the western do to be coool and end at the wrong side.Sheep cant be tiger by wearing tiger skin..U sound very intelligent like Journo..where is he???Pls write all ur comments in English to others too..I guess your english is far better than mine..Also ur right I too have tough time with Colson words.He is Phd master and Iam just kindergarden student.
@colson:Life should be exciting – especially while you’re young. Right!!!!—Not at all for me.. Enjoy with what you have within a frame..Jeans is cool, but gurls wearing half shown boobs is not cool,but looks hot for me..Those gurls loose respect to majority of the people which cant be gained.Buddy ur english is readable but not understandable-heee…Just kidding…
@yonna,Izmi: do comment in English too..

Mba Yonna:
Hehehe…yeah, cheers for us! saya juga suka ngobrol sama mbak..heheh..
Justin suka juga, walaupun saban hari lagunya tentang cewek mulu, beatnya enak dan video klipnya keren-keren :P. Wah…saya malah baru tau ada bagian lagu U2nya, dan itu hotel tempat Martin Luther King Jr dibunuh. Saya emang sukanya yang masih baru-baru sih…yang masih cemen, belum legendaris, hehehe…

Oiya soal Aditya Mulya, iya yang bikin jomblo itu…cerita yang motor itu emang kocak banget!! Parah banget tuh….apalagi kejadiannya di Bandung, di ITB, bisa banget ngebayanginnya. Udah baca yang pocong 23? Itu juga lucu…(mau reply di post yang sana tapi takut dimarahin, nyampah…haha, jadi disini aja deh….skalian. 🙂

hmmm…I think I get you. Analogically, when McDonald’s coming, people love it. They eat it all the time, even forget about the traditional food. But eventually, we’re gonna be sick of McDonald’s and realize that our traditional food is better. Doesn’t mean we stop eating McDonald’s…just as not as crazy as the first time, and we appreciate our traditional food even more. Is that what you mean? If that is…I kinda agree, because when you really close yourself you don’t let yourself develop. And being left out is not fun…heheh :). And usually people DID get away for a liiittle while…that’s how we learn to appreciate, and be grateful about what we already have, right?

The thing with Indonesian is…we’re a slow learner. And ‘the eventually’, when we realize we shouldn’t left our real culture, when will that happen? And will the culture still be there? My friend once said, “We don’t appreciate what we have because we think we’ll be seeing them forever. The fact is, it’ll be gone if we don’t care.” And I think she’s right. And we have another problem with this cultures thing, the Malaysian keep claiming our cultures as theirs. So when we’re busy with the new influence, another steal what ours right under our nose. So when we realize we’re sick of McDonald’s and wanna eat more traditional food, wait…sorry…it’s not our traditional food anymore? It’s Malaysian. Can we blame the Malaysian fully? Not really…because when they claiming ours as theirs, we’re busy with our McDonald’s. No wonder Malaysian love to claim our cultures as theirs, because we don’t seem to care.

I don’t mean to talk bad about my own nation…it’s just what I think happening right now.

OH!! right! Yes, I meant SAFE sex. Thanks for correcting, I didn’t even realize…hahah, see..I’m not really good. And who’s Journo?

Think global, but be local..I like that! So agree…
About what colson said how life should be fun especially when we’re young, I agree with him. Life SHOULD be fun. But I agree with you too. There’s a lot kind of fun. Go ahead, explore yourself, but when we forget about who we really are completely, it’s not cool anymore. It seems fake. And it’s not fun anymore. At least that’s what I think…

@ zulfi & zahra: we seem to agree.

Just want to add: Indonesian food, Indonesian cooking is superb. The best in the world. I know. But I wouldn’t have known if the food culture in my country had not changed dramatically over the last 50 years.

McDonalds came in from the US of course , together with lots of other kinds of junk food. But fortunately we have been invaded by French, Italian, Spanish,Indian, Chinese, Japanese etc restaurants as well. Moreover you can find an abundance of Indonesian restaurants in any town and city (if you happen to be in the vicinity don’t forget to go to the best Indonesian take away Restaurant in Europe, “Dayang”, in The Hague) .

All this does not mean grandmothers’ and mothers’ cooking have disappeared. Not at all. Foreign influences just made food culture more adventurous and increased the opportunities.

Cultural change can be a blessing.

Please dont mix food and clothes..Eat for yourself and wear for others..We eat what we like and wear what others will like…But sometimes I eat Pizza when Iam lazy to cook not bcos I like to eat..we eat in McDonald’s to show off..Have u ever gone to MAc alone..I admire Indonesians and Indonesian culture..The truth is your are not slow leaners,you are not proud of ur culture and food.Most Indos intro themself as Malayasians..Sometimes I say Iam Malasian here-heee….
malaysia has respect all over the world and not Indonesians.Malaysian gurls go abroad for higher studies but Indo gurls for work as house tell me who will respect Indonesians????(I know it hurts,but it is fact)..Indonesian food taste awesome..better then thai..indo bit sweet and thai spicy like Indian..When I was in dubai I eat at these resturants-Padang and Singapore Delli(owner is Indonesian)..Gado-gado is my fav..Another dish:-fried rice with small mutton pieces and potato(i dont know the menu card name).But most Indonesians name their resturant “malaysian or Singapore” as they know “Indonesia” name doesnt pull crowd…..After landing in USa I had not been to Mcdonalds or KFC bcos it is not Halal but sometimes I eat Vegee burger with french fries in Burgerking,but very rare.It is still not meal for me,just a snack….But I would prefer eating in Indian resturant bcos my tongue still likes that..
Yes,we try everything and at the end we feel our culture and our custom is better.Though I have MTV channel I watch only if there is AKON song..My Stomach doesnt feel full if I eat those burgers.more than that now I wear JEans bcos I dont need to wash often-heee..Bcos Now Iam 30 not 18 anymore.

U dont know who is Jurno…U need to ask Guebukanmonyet!
what is the discussion about Martin luther???

You really think that Indonesian food is the best in the world?? Thank you…I’m so happy to hear (read) that 🙂
Yes, even food is invading. But I like it…I like European food, I like Japanese food, I like Mediterranean food, I like Indian food, I like Chinese food. Basically I love food. Hahaha…
Yes, cultural change could be blessing. Made us creative, innovative, and make the world a much fun and nicer place to live 🙂

What I said about McD and traditional food, it was analogical. McD is the foreign influence, traditional food is the old cultures. You could switch them into anything.
And yeah…we’re not proud of our cultures. When I said we are a slow learner, that’s the extension from the analogy. If my analogy was what Colson mean, then we-Indonesians have problem. Because we’re not proud of what we have and we adore foreign influences more, we’re not gonna realize what we have until we lose it. So it’s gonna be too late when we realize that we shouldn’t left the culture just like that. This is what I mean with slow learner. Do you get me? If not…I’m really sorry…I’ve tried my best…

I never eat McD (or any kind of food) to show off…who am I showing off to? The strangers who eat in next table?? I eat them when I feel like I want it. And when I can afford it, of course…Yeah, for Asians who eat carbs a lot, McD and friends were just snack. I’ve gone to McD alone…but never eat there alone. But I never eat in ANYplace alone, I feel strange and freak. But it’s just me…

Lot of Indonesian introducing themselves as Malaysian?? Really? After all the stealing? Really??? Why?? Yeah, okay…because Indonesians were known as maid…And yes…I know Indonesian girl is well known as maid. When I’m in Indian Mosque in Singapore, I met a Malaysian and she thought I’m a maid, working for an Arabian lady. That’s insulting and embarrassing…let me tell you. I hope I’ll never have to feel that again! What should I do if that happening again? Bitching out? Not classy…

But again, REALLY?? Indian, in discriminate cases liked you, maybe. My best sympathy (I don’t insult you, am I? Because I don’t mean to…) India doesn’t have problem with Malaysian including stealing. And these Indonesian people still introduce themselves as Malaysian? Really?? Why not Vietnamese? Why not Thailand? Why it have to be Malaysian?? Oh my God…God I’m so angry…Even tough this country is so corrupt and sick and sick and disgusting I’ve never (and not planning to) introduce myself as Malaysian who keep stealing things from my country (or any country for that matter)?? What is wrong with these Indonesian??

Last, about this Jurno..Journo…is it good or bad that I sound like him?

Guebukanmonyet : Maksudnya dia makanan Indo yang enak itu sambel goreng ati bukan ya? Trus, Journo tu siapa si?

all right then i’ll write it in English 😀

my previous comments are about the influence of MTV to me and thanks to MTV has fulfilled my interest on music all this time 😀

MTV or whatever the music channel name is, didn’t give the bad effect for me. because MTV is only a music channel that plays my favorite songs. It doesn’t change my attitude, the way i speak, the way i think, my lifestyle, etc…insha Allah me is me, I am what my family has educated me all this time, I am what the environment has taught me all this time, I am not what MTV has taught me.

well Zulfi, i hope my comments satisfies you, thanks for asking what my comments really are, salam 😀

hahahha zahra yang cemen atau saya yang jadul ya? demennya ma lagu2 lama :mrgreen:

Marthin Luther King Jr? I told Zahra when i watched a movie Elizabeth Town, there’s a scene when Orlando Bloom stop by at Memphis, at the hotel where MLK Jr was assasssined. At that scene U2’s song “In The Name Of Love” is played, which it was dedicated for MLK Jr. I do like the song, so after watch it I listened to it just to hear the words “Early morning April 4th, shout rings out on the Memphis sky, free at last, they took your life, the could not take your pride” more and more. Do you get what I mean? 🙂

me love indonesia .. also jakarta .. and MTV it was apart of me long-long time ago .. im not so MTV … and about Malaysian, i can’t understand why they keep claiming indonesian culture heritage as theirs .. people here love to say ” Malaysia Trully Maling Asia” .. they said bout diversity en stuff while “the diversity” it self comes from others country culture heritage.. why dont they just use the melayu culture rather than Ambon’s song (rasa sayange) ang Angklung (west java traditional instrument) .. but what they do makes us as indonesian, aware of our culture heritage .. me my self wearing Batik every Friday as uniform .. people here also love to use batik en kebaya for any accasion .. nowdays malay also claimed it as “theirs” .. we might let Mtv influence us, indonesian good musician are inspired by lots of western style .. but we should keep our culture in our daily life .. i will prefer soto betawi rather then McDonald indeed ..

I wont say Indonesian as best food but taste different..South Indian is the best..But still most of the Malaysian resturant owners are Indonesians.Sorry for my stupidity..I meant I eat in MAc to show off..I dont go alone..I go with my friends to show–mee too like Burgers and fries..To be honest,Malaysia is far ahead of Indonesia…Come on, Indos look like Malays and speak same language– they cant say they are thai or vietnames or filippinos.People will suspect from their looks..These Indos intro themselves as malays as they will get respect…”Malaysian” tag is an asset…MAlaysians never talk HIGH of their cultural heritage..Everyone knows they have None..Why should they steal from you guys..I dont agree with you..It sounds absurd for me..With alll respect to Indonesians…I can say Indonesians cant even dream of sending a man in space in another 100 years.Look at the growth of Malaysia in last 25yrs, they had taken a giant leap,where as Indonesia is learning to crawl..Malaysia are in the map of developed countries list thanks to Magathir Muhammed..Malays have the Petronas building,the proton car,KL airport..and not to forget F1 circuit in sepang.I dont think they will be wasting their time in stealing old cultural heritage which will take them no where.Malayasia is truly ASIA!!!where all culture exist…they dont say Indonesia culture is ours..
May be ur proud of Being Indonesian..But the Ambassdor of Indonesia to the sports world Taufik wants to play for Singapore in 2004 olympics..HE wanna be a Singaporean…what do u say to that?????I would rate Basuki as better sportsperson from Indonesia..She won against top players like steffi and monica seles but still stayed in Indonesia all her life and you Indos never treated her with u know who is she????
@yonna: Thanks for writing in english…MTV music was great..They showed us Khaled(arabic) and Ricky martin(latino)..But their talk shows and the VJs stupid comments is to be debated..I thought MLK was shot in Texas.
About Journo, he writes great comments…He had the anger that his nation is going no where..he is proud Indonesian like you Zahra…

Zulfi: why should they stealing?? well me dunno .. but they obviously use our songs to promote the tourism , another our song in ASIA festival, kebaya in competing world peagent as national costume .. that’s why i’m asking” why they do that?” while they have petronas also Sepang, they really developing better then us,en a good malay culture too,they could promote theirs right??? btw taufik went to Athens as Indonesian citizen, he won the gold Medal and also still being an indonesian citizen instead of singapore as he wish for sure, Basuki is a well entrepreneur here after retired from tennis, she has a line clothing (sport) in her name, she also trained our tenis athlete … ofcourse i know bout her … i miss mahathir too, we (indos-malay) had a better relation when he still incharge ..
we have HIGH or rich culture heritage, no doubt! maybe sumtime we dont aware.. but we do now . we have the tag line “save our culture heritage” .. we start to promote it in our nation first .. to build the awareness to all the citizen ..
i’m proud to be indonesian with everything in it .. i’m not saying indonesia better then other country .. or other countries are sucks .. we all do respect, i just see the fact thx ..
( i dunno if can read in our language)

I’m sorry…of course Indonesian can’t introduce themselves as Thailand or Vietnam. My sentence just show how upset I am about the decision those Indonesian made to introduce themselves as Malaysian. It’s sad they introduce themselves as another’s, and it’s even sad they still introduce themselves as Malaysian-who keep stealing our cultures. Maybe sounds absurd, but it happen…

And I don’t deny that Malaysia is far above Indonesia, and I don’t hate them too. It’s the Indonesians, when will we move if we keep denying who really are? Whatever we do, we still gonna be Indonesians. Even when we change our nationality, or have a plastic surgery, or dyed our hair. Running away is not helping…that’s what I think…

I do know her…Yayuk Basuki right??
And this similarity with Journo, I’ll take that as a compliment, thank you…:)

thanks for the help…although you don’t mean to help me…hehehe…yeah, it’s good to campaign it to the nation first. anyway, where are you? are you in Malaysia?

mbak yonna:
sayanya yang cemen deh kayanya…suka dikatain gitu juga sama om dan ayah. Katanya MTV banget, bukan musik sebenarnya…hahaha…

oiya, biar smileynya bisa lucu-lucu gitu gimana caranya sih?

Zahra sound very intelligent. to me she tops among indos I know…sorry to Guebuk and Journo..Iam her fan now.. I guess kebaya is costume for Brunei, Malaysia,singapore and Indonesia..You are all one nation divided only in Map..Culture crosses boundaries but stealing!!!! I dont think so….Who choose her as Miss.Malaysia, she has odd..Indo-malay race is known for their looks….Small nose,slit eyes and round face.. she looks more like European…Bad choice as Miss.malaysia.
Taufik applied for singapore citizenship before the Athens olympics and International Badmition federation rejected it and asked him to play for Indonesia..I guess u all know about it..
I admire Basuki, as she was one of the top Asian tennis player.She was insipration for indian Tennis players both men and women..I heard she was Angela’s coach…where is Angela the juniour Wimbledon champion..You need to ask SBY to take Magathir as his advisor…The doctor is best for the Economy sick Indonesia…
No one can steal Indonesian rich cultural heritage… but does it have any use for countries development… Malaysia has no historic places like the buddist temple in yogya…But look how tourist flock to Malaysia and avoid going to Indonesia..MAS and Kl airport are the assets. But Garuda and CGK airports make the people run away after they land—Do I talk too much… Indo need to build infrastructure to bring tourists who can know more about Indonesian culture…
@zahra: I admire your patriotism…Your anger is justified…But I dont take ur point in blaming malaysia….Indonesia and Malaysia have same resources and same kind of people..But in last 25yrs, malaysia had used their Natural and Human resources in proper way…What went wrong for Indonesia..Can u pls tell me without pointing your fingers at malaysia…Dont say all the Indo-chinese make profit in Indonesia and invest in singapore as banks colapse in Indonesian Ruppiah with Malaysian Ringgit.. have u seen any Malays going abroad as house-maids???I admire Indonesia and feel sad to see Indonesia in wrong side…

Yonna: Jadi Yonna adalah penggemar Jamie Aditya dan MTV nih? Penggemar berat Safri Duo juga lagi, wah berarti benar-benar jilbab gaul yah. Hehe. Keren, kapan-kapan kita nonton konser bareng yah.

Colson: MTV is an opa-opa thing? Hehe. I doubt that. Well, MTV culture may seem shallow for you, but it’s actually not if you think about it. It could be a real threat if the kind of mindset that MTV spreads is influencing lots of young Indonesians radically.

Syndez: Apaan tuh Mas?

Zulfi: To be fair, MTV isn’t just giving us negative values, as I explained in the article, MTV indeed supports some positive ideas which are good for our young people. Problems arise when those positive values have to collide with local positive values with different context. I wish you were right that batik isn’t replaced by jeans. Hehe.

Ahmad Simanjuntak: Yes, itu baru anak muda Indonesia.

Yheudy: Hey girl, how are you? Happy thanksgiving day btw 🙂 I agree with, trash the bad messages and take the good ones. Everyone needs a little bit of entertainment right?

Yunir: Coke, iPod, or Nike are part of foreign influence too, of course. Those products are made in poor countries in Indonesia and what our workers get? It’s the new kind of occupation.

Zahra: Hey there. Gimana caranya untuk meningkatkan kepedulian kita terhadap budaya Indonesia? Pertanyaan yang sangat sulit sih, saya sendiri saja lebih suka nonton film Hollywood dibanding film lokal. Saya adalah manusia yang percaya bahwa perubahan kecil dapat menciptakan perubahan besar, jadi bagi kita-kita yang sudah sedikit sadar ada baiknya apabila kita menyebarkan pesan tersebut kepada sesama.

Izmi: Yah, benar banget. Jadi, intinya adalah dapat membedakan mana yang benar dan mana yang salah yah. Thanks. It’s true we’ve been having this issue for so many years, and I’m one of those people who disagrees with what Malaysia has been doing. I hate to see that our government never seems to give enough efforts to solve the problem with Malaysian government, and people of two countries end up being victims.

There’s a great discussion going on between Zulfi,, Zahra, nice guys. Journos is a good friend of mine who used to give great comments on my previous articles. He’s going somewhere for a thanksgiving vacation at this moment.

Another longggg comment in bahasa 😦

Tasa: im sorry if the discussion is no longger bout MTV …I just found out thay malay recently has a “Reog” they called it “Barongan” .. Malaysia recently intoduce it in their social culture festival … i wish i could put the picture here … It looks so the same even the “kuda lumping” .. this time they trully copycat it .. every miss universe that has been in east java, always welcomed by the reog parade u might want to see . . Zulfi: u mean basuki coach angelique or “angie” right?? … and yes they (malay) steal it!! .. maybe the government (indonesia) should think bout “prior art” … malaysia has a concern bout their tourism, but they promote it with indonesian songs??? … have u taste padang’s food?? it quite familiar out there, there is minang’s restaurant in US ( u are there right??) .. rendang is one of it .. and FYI Malaysia claimed it as theirs, indos-malay have the same melayu culture, in indonesia their culture are looks like RIAU or MEDAN, they has the same aksen, but not Java (the culture influenced by Hindu and Islam) … i admire how malaysia “grew up” their concern bout the tourism, i even admire the monorail .. it sad but true, they copycat indonesian culture, i must admit that malaysia are not creative in “art”, indonesian songs are the one they used to listen, even siti nurhaliza (love her) sing a song made by indonesian, and she always made the video in jakarta,Malaysia is quite famous outhere, they promote the country so well (tourism) the one that indonesia should consider to do .. i just wish they could promote it with their own culture identity … and does it has any business with country development??? well i think yes .. dont u think so?? … nice to “chat” with u Zulfi … Tasa: sori bout this,btw i love Mtv when sarah en jamie still the VJ they were so funny that time … Zahra: as zulfi said u are smart, where are u?? malaysia?? have u heard they change “Jali-jali” songs lyrics?? from: lagunya enak dari betawi become: lagu nya enak dari Langkawi .. Gosh!!!!

hahaha gaul sih gak kayanya ya, anomali kali karena berbeda dari selera musik kumpulan spesies muslimah berjilbab :mrgreen:

hehe demen ma Jamie Aditya karena dia bisa berkarakter keren sampai konyol dengan total…trus pronounce saat ngomong inggris, indonesia, sunda pas banget jadi enak didengar. waktu dia resign sempet sedih karena MTV kurang greget tanpanya. Eh gak nyangka pas nonton Discovery Channel Travel & Adventure ternyata hostnya Jamie Aditya juga…tapi dia pake nama Jamie Aditya Graham. Gaya membawakan acaranya khas, jadi enjoy nontonnya. Cuma pas dia jadi juri Indonesian Idol kemaren ini kurang enak deh…rada lebay gitu…yahhh emang cocoknya jadi host kali ya 😀

ya kapan2 boleh kalo ada lagi…entah kapan :mrgreen:

hehe kayanya papa n omnya zahra cuma ngeledek deh. emang generasinya beda yah….kalo saya kan ketularan abang jadinya ngikut jadul :mrgreen:

smiley lucu? kalo :mrgreen: kodenya titikduamrgreentitikdua atau taro mouse di smiley trus muncul kodenya…nah bisa liat dari situ…met nyoba ya 😀

well zulfi, sorry if you feel annoyed with us :mrgreen: we prefer talk in bahasa then english, especially me. i was surprised when you ask what my comments are, it means that you want to mingle with Tasa’s Indonesian friends, right?! well that’s nice knowing you like to make friends with us 😀

about the VJs….some of the VJs do look silly, but as long as they look fun then we can enjoy the show it’s fine i think, if they don’t then just change the channel….and turn it back when we want to check our video clip/song already played or not yet….that’s what a remote control is for :mrgreen:

sbnernya MTV ga selalu tentang style dan hedonisme…
klo diperhatiin.. bnyk banget kampanye kemanusiaan , solidaritas dll yang disampaikan melalui/oleh MTV… liat aja gerakan “make poverty history”, “anti HIV/AIDS”…klo jaman dlu..mungkin BAND-AID (salah ga ya namanya?) yang diikuti oleh Sting juga sbg salah satu sukarelawannya.
makanya gw ga ngerti… kenapa yang dijadiin budaya bukan gerakan sosialnya tetapi gaya hedonisnya… mungkin saja bergaya memang lebih mudah dilakukan daripada melakukan aksi sosial.. hehehhe…
MTV sebagai ikon anak muda, tahu bgt klo mereka memiliki brand image yg kuat, jadi mreka juga dengan cerdas berusaha menyampaikan pesan2 politik maupun kemanusiaan kepada penontonnya… sayang sekali… kebanyakan anak muda lebih suka denger yang seneng2 drpada yg begitu.

mungkin MTV emang “gue banget”… tapi “gue”nya itu yg seperti apa… klo gw perhatiin dengan menganalisa positioning brandnya dari permukaan.. kyanya yang dimaksud gue itu adalah “remaja kreatif penyuka musik yang peduli pada lingkungannya.” ibaratnya “main ga brenti, kerja/ belajar jalan terus”…
tp ga tau nih.. ini cm penilaian gw aja… eniwei… gw pribadi bukan MTV Freak sih… cm seneng musik aja. dan salut dengan power brandnya MTV..

I don’t blame Malaysia for Indonesia condition. Did I sound like that? I’m sorry then…I really don’t blame them. Me personally think that Indonesia is this bad because of its people. We’re bunch of selfish people who just care for ourselves, our family, and our friends.

About this Malaysia thing, let’s play analogy again. Say I’m Indonesia, Malaysia is another girl. And my boyfriend is the cultures. So…I have a boyfriend, my boyfriend is handsome, rich, nice, smart, he’s all that. But even with that kind of boyfriend I’m still busy flirting with another boy. Well..then no wonder another girl wanna take that from me. And I can’t really blame the girl since it’s partially my fault, right??

In another place and time, I’m in a party. And because I’m not that popular, when people ask me who am I, I said I’m Malaysia. What does that tell you? Pathetic right? Of course it’s my fault that I lost my boyfriend to Malaysia. But then introduce myself as her?? One word: pride???
I hope you get me this time… :mrgreen:
the point is I don’t blame Malaysia because of my lousy personality.

My fan?? Wahaha…thank you, appreciate that. Although I feel like I have to warn you, I’m not that great…so it’s OK if you wanna switch back to Guebukanmonyet or Journo.

I’m in Bandung, still in grad school…hehe 😀
Really?? Oh my god…then thanks God I don’t live in Malaysia so I don’t have to hear it first time…that’s horrible! How could they??

mungkin karena kampanyenya itu pun dibungkus dengan hedonisme?? mungkin tujuan awalnya biar pesannya lebih cepet nyampe kalo lewat cara-cara yang fun dan anak muda banget. cuma yah…ga tau salah dimana jadinya yang nyampe seneng-senengnya aja. saya suka yang tentang HIV/AIDS, semingguan tentang itu semua. Jadi tau lebih banyak aja…heheh. Trus yang make poverty history itu, saking tergugahnya orang-orang sampe ikutan daftar di…

mbak yonna:
emang beda generasi yah ternyata…saya nggak sempet ngerasain Jamie Aditya sama yang Hutagalung itu (siapa sih nama depannya? katanya dia keren…). Dulu sih tergila-gilanya sama VJ Utt…ganteng banget dan lucu 😀

yang saya suka dari MTV itu ide fun, kebebasan sama kreatifitasnya. Suka-suka deh mau ngapain…yang penting seneng dan ga ngerugiin orang lain. Saya paling suka Punk’d, Boiling Points, Pimp My Ride, Viva La Bam, sama acara iseng-isengan yang di hong-kong itu…lucu banget!

Oiya satu lagi, HAPPY THREE FRIENDS!!!
SO CUUUUTTEE!!! Love it so much!!
emang sih sadis…tapi di blakangnya selalu ada nasehat simple yang bagus. Kaya “jangan menyebrang sembarangan”, atau “Jangan serakah.” wahaha…sayang sekarang udah ga ada lagi…

maaf yah jadi OOT, panjang pula OOTnya.
Yah…kalo film sih saya juga termasuk yang males nonton film Indo di bioskop. Abisan filmnya yang artisnya aji mumpung, kalo nggak setan. Cuma mau nonton yang bagus-bagus aja.

Oh…and of course…how could us?? Why did we never do something?? Is it because we really can’t do anything about this OR we’re just stupid and crazy, I wonder…
(Or maybe there’s the third option, and so…?)

Zahra,I woud rate u the intelligent among the Indoneisans-I know.Your comments are sharp to the point and make the dumb like me understand..I would certify u as intelligent with my set of yardsticks..Yes,Tasa and Journo are brillant too..But they study abroad..U being educated in Indonesia has great command in english—hatts off.
Your Anology was homourous and hit the target..But I differ..I dont see “Indonesia’s “gurl friend as “culture” be Indoneisa is married to culture..How can Malaysia steal another wife’s husband..Everyone knows malaysia can only be mistress and not Wife.So legal term she gets nothing..You got what I meant..
You talk of malaysia stealing your culture…which all Indos here seem to agree..Let me tell u all wha happened 3 yrs back when I was in dubai..In an Expo..I went to Indonesia Tourism Stall and asked him the details of tour package to Yogyakarta, as I consider Borobudur Temple as great master piece…He looked at me for sometime and said..we have package for Bali…I added whether he has package like Jkt-Yogya-Bali..He said NO..and explained to me the beaches in Bali and Lombok…I said I wanna look at historic places, and Valconic mountains and not Beaches he said rudely in negative…and showed no interest to talk further..He was more interested to collect bussiness cards from Arabs and white men…who showed no interest to talk to him…well I would say he was rascist to look me down as I am brown skin .. I was stunned.. After 6 months,I saw an advt in newspaper for Malaysian Tourism..I called and checked whether they would help me visit Borobudur Temple in Indonesia..The operator was not aware but got all my details..But after 2 days called me back to say—Malaysian airlines will arrange my trip to Yogya from KL and it will be 2 days extra package..and had all Blah..Blah..stuffs about Malaysia too…So with one package for 6 days I can see Malaysian and Yogya ….How does it sound..!!!If Indonesia tourism ministry is gonna have rude men who drive men away…”2008 Visit Indonesia” will be bigggg failure.. Tourism dept must know Indonesia is not Jakarta and Bali alone…there are great places which must be projected to outside visit Malaysia or visit Indonesia..which will succed!! you tell me…..Look at malaysia and learn…..Indonesia Tourism and culture ministry is wasting money in advertising and wasting tax payers money… I see Malaysia doing favour to promote ur culture…
what you guys say…Can we stop this blame game and talk about MTV—heee…..

MTV masih gue banget, tapi memang ada kalanya acara MTV Indonesia ynag nggak penting untuk ditayangkan dan nggak penting untuk aku tau.
Misalnya MTV Nongkrong Bareng, buat apa aku tau kehidupan seleb, kalau aku liat itu, aku jadi berkayal aku bisa seperti mereka dan ternyata memang imbasnya kekehidupanku juga, Jadi makin konsumtif iya.
Trus acara apa lagi ya yang dipunyai MTV kita yang nggak penting?
Pokoknya aku sebel soalnya MTV kita jarang muterin Unplug dan MTV life in concertnya artis siapa gitu, malah nampilin MTV Getar CInta yang nggak penting.

Oh my god…Please don’t call yourself dumb ESPECIALLY compare to me…I don’t even understand what ‘with my set of yardstick’ mean! And I have to tell you that there’s a LOT of people who only educated in Indonesia who are far far smarter and fluent in English than me. But thank you for the compliment, I’m flattered…:mrgreen:

I’m sorry for the rude behavior you’ve got. I guess we are stupid and crazy. This tourism things is just problem in the surface, deep inside, we have more fundamental problem. That’s what we have to take care first. And that’s another topic…so let’s just talk about MTV.

I said beside the music, I like the fun, creative and freedom that they inspire in their show. And I love the Happy Tree Friends show there, cute but sadistic. And I like Akon too! He have unique voice, his song ‘Don’t matter’ is favorite in my class now. Sometimes we sing along when the song playing or someone sing it.

Nongkrong bareng itu yang seharian sama artis itu bukan? Kalo saya sih ga sukanya soalnya ga penting…ga tau deh berasa fake aja saya ngeliatnya. Tapi kalo yang kerumah-rumah gitu saya suka…mau yang MTV cribs atau MTV rumah gw. Rumahnya suka lucu-lucu…

Iya tuhhh…getar cinta daridulu masih ada aja ya?? Padahal hari gini emang masih ada ya yang nanya solusi cinta pe jauh-jauh ke MTV segala? Ga punya temen emangnya? Udah gitu VJnya ngomongnya jadi lelet lelet manja sok imut gitu…ga suka banget deh sama acara yang ini. Ga sabar liatnya…hahah.

Trus yang life in concert itu…setuju bangettt!!! Padahal kan lumayan yah bisa nonton konsernya artis yang ga bisa kita tonton langsung…Yang suka banyak life in concertnya itu sekarang channel V kalo ga salah…

Dulu sih ada tuh yang MTV Hot atau apa gitu. Sebenernya sih sama aja kaya global room, baca surat, ngasi lagu, cuma bedanya ni bintang tamunya cewe seksi yang pake bikini gitu…abis itu shootnya pasti di kolam renang. Aeehhh…penting gila. (Eh tapi ga tau ya menurut cowok-cowok….coba mas Tasa? Gimana pendapatnya? :mrgreen: )

Sekalian mau bertanya-tanya…bedanya global room, zipper, sama morning greeting gitu apa sih? perasaan sama aja, baca surat, ada artis, ngasih lagu. Dah…jadi beda dimana?

ya dulu jamannya Jamie Aditya, Nadya Hutagalung, Sarah Sechan, Shanty, Alex Abbath (dia juga keren), Donita dari Filipin, Utt dari Thailand.

saya gak nonton MTV sekarang…senengnya nonton vh1…lain lagi bagusnya :mrgreen:

Bang Badi setuju, MTV cuman setengahnye kite aje yee! Bagus itu.

Oh My god..I see u as too brillant …I was wondering how other Indos who study in Indonesia whom u say are fluent in English will be!!!!..I didnt meet any one like that still..IAm not flattering…I say the truth which many will agree..Akon has an unique voice..How nice will it be, if he becomes a role model to other fellow muslims..Rather being like a R&B artist who are famous for chicks and drinks…or u can call it babes and boose..

oh wow, i haven’t read this blog for a while and look! all it takes is a post about MTV and somehow the discussion has gone further to political realm. incredible! may i share my two cents here? sorry that i won’t be focusing on MTV — i don’t watch it anymore, hehehehe…

first off, to mr. zulfi: i would like to second ms. zahra on praising you for your so-called intellect. what an observant person you are, i must say. thanks for enlightening us about how malaysia is now among the developed countries (which i don’t doubt at all) leaving indonesia far behind, how respected malaysia is and therefore most indonesians abroad will call themselves malaysian because they are embarrassed of being indonesian. to tell the truth, i can’t remember the last time meeting an indonesian who tells everyone he/she’s malaysian. where did you meet these indonesians? in dubai, no? or in malaysia? oh, maybe in malaysia they have no other choice, since in malaysia confessing that they are indonesian might gain them harassment from the malaysian security officers! have you got the recent news?

as for the accusations of stealing cultural things, however, i must say that i agree, indonesians are over-reacting. culture does transcend beyond borders. as SOME part of malaysians and SOME part of indonesians share the inheritance of a certain cultural group – the malays, that’s it . however, i wouldn’t say the same about other ethnic groups existing in those two countries. you must’ve been aware that in malaysia there are the chinese and indian descents, who will be reluctant to be included in the same category with the malays. in short: these non-indigenous malaysians do not share cultural inheritance with some indonesian people.

finally, about indonesia’s infamous export of domestic workers. well, i won’t deny it. but i’ll be generous with you and other readers here as i’m going to spare a highly classified information: actually it’s part our long-term plan to conquer southeast asia. you see, indonesia’s population is 234 million — or half of the total number of southeast asia’s population (approx. 568 millions). so we’re sending off our people in order to gradually take over the area. and since malaysia and singapore are the closest neighbors, they are the first landing. 😀

@lenje: Now you’ve revealed Indonesia’s grand design, the master plan, the all over strategy …

I wonder what’s the current punishment for high treason in Indonesia?

In case you do need political asylum, just say so.

Let us not divert from MTV…Tasya has written a great article about MTV and the culture invasion phobia. Comments must be only about it that will him happy..But excuse me this time..Lenje,I come no way near Zahra and u second her praise to call me intellect–wait a sec..Are u gurls kidding!!!!!If I were in Medan,I will be put on trial and shot for talking bad about Indonesia bcos Iam Indian rgt…–hee..I dont agree to Zahra’s view of Malays stealing Indonesian culture.”Visit Malaysia” Advt says in Malaysia all cultural heritage in one place.
Your Human export information doesnt sound joke for me..But increases my blood pressure.U copied what Mexican president says about illegal immigrants in USa..If you want to take over the world..Why not u send them as skilled workers and not as slaves..Indos had shown there is slavery in USa..

Look at India..we go all the over the world as IT professionals. Why dont Indonesia take Philippines as example…YEs, Philippines are largest exporter of Human resources..They dont send their gurls as House maids..But rather as nurses or medical technologists or chefs..They had taken over the hospitals any where in the world..Even if you go to ICeland there will be a filippina nurse to treat you.USA issues highest number of Green cards to Philippinos..They have a strong foriegn office which takes care of their countrymen called -APWA(Abroad philippinos welfare association)..Can your Foreign office tell how many Indonesian inncoent gurls get killed or kill themself in Arabian peninsula…For your information in 2006–46 gurls died(legally all had killed themselves) more then 100 get lost or where abouts not known each year…There are 45,000 Indonesians in UAE alone that 80% are below the age of 20…When I had seen these Innocent gurls in Dubai..I had asked myself what wrong did the girls do to work as Housemaids to these arrogant Arabs..In mosques these gurls do baby sitting so their lady master can pray in peace..Does god want that kind of prayer..Do u know they work for 24X7X365 for less then 100$..If I were Indonesian President, I will call back all the House maids by giving 6 months notice..almost all these gurls are illitrates..Not educating a child is a CRIME.. Standardise the education policy by bringing English and computers in school level..FOr employment –Give free land and tax holidays for companies like SONY,NATIONAL,JVC and HP to start base in Indonesia..Modernise the ports and create export processing zones like the one in bekasi near JKt.PAck off companies like Nike,GAP and BHS from Indonesia with notice period of 2 yrs, as stitching and sewing is like cheap labour.All these are easy to say..But tough to do..It is long term implementation process it is 5yr plan, u can call it panch-plan.yes,there will be corruption in all these sectors but at the end people’s quality of life will be better.After 5 yrs the world will look Indonesia as Economic hub or business house….But Now to be straight and honest..The arab world looks Indonesia as Whore house…thanks to the comments made by Yosuf Kalla..Do u guys need a VP like him????will he allow his daughter to sleep with an arab so his family will have roof and quality life will be better…Shame on him..IS this is gonna be Indonesian culture I guess MTV invasion is far better…

Manteeep neeh, bahasa inggris semua yang komentar. Bang Badi setuju, mari kita cintai kebudayaan Indonesia! Anak-anak mudah tuh, jangan cuma dengerin lagu-lagu MTV.

ehm, ehm, bangbadi, sini anak muda kagak denger mtv kok…
gw berani dengan tegas menyatakan bahwa “MTV gak gw banget!”.
entah karena gw udah jarang nonton tipi ato karena emtipi udah gak menarik lagi buat gw. zaman gw masih esde dulu sih, gw ampe rebutan remot tipi ama emak, tapi skrg rebutan komputer ama babe.

hummm… emtipi itu emang terkesan menyita generasi muda Indonesia dari budaya Indonesia. emtipi juga telah berhasil menciptakan seragam tanpa bikin peraturan kayak sekolah.
seperti yang kak tasa bilang, tinggal liat di mal pas wiken.
keliatan banget pola pakean mereka, model rambut, aksesori, gaya ngomong, tingkah laku… mantap dah!

Indonesia yang konon negara majemuk ini lama2 bisa jadi homogen.

lama-lama perih juga nih mata liat komentar dalam bahasa wong londo 😆

gini, selama masih remaja dan ABG yang menggemari MTV adalah hal wajar meski kita pandang mereka sebagai orang norak, tapi tak apa anggap saja mereka sedang dalam proses mencari jati diri….kelak jika mereka sudah lebih dewasa pasti mereka juga akan bosan dan ganti gaya kok 😀

semua ada masanya….wajar kalo anak remaja jaman sekarang menggemari MTV….sangat wajar jika dibandingkan jika ada ABG yang demen dan tergila-gila ma lagu keroncong….il feel lu liatnya kan?! 😆

cuma, jangan sampe mereka kebablasan aja…tetep harus diingatkan untuk melaksanakan kewajibannya. i have a teen nephew who’s crazy about music too, as same as his auntie :mrgreen: tapi selama dia gak terlena dan masih melaksanakan kewajibannya…gak papa, biarkan dia menikmati masa remajanya sampai dia bosan dan menyadari kalo hal tsb emang harus dia tinggalkan satu saat nanti. salam

There’s a LOT actually. Here’s a little prove…

whoaaa….wait. Akon is Moslem? That I don’t know. But well, Tupac is Moslem too if I’m not mistaken…They’re not gonna be superstar and that famous if they become good role model for Moslem also…

mbak yonna:
Berarti kaya yang dibilang colson yah? Ntar juga bosen sendiri. Tapi kalau menurut saya sih…jangan sekedar nunggu kitanya bosen, soalnya ya itu, kalo pas sadar taunya kebudayaan kita udah keburu diambil sama Malaysia gimana? Soalnya kita tuh suka lelet, baru sadar punya sesuatu kalo udah ilang. Atau malah punah sama kita sendiri karena ternyata kita nggak sampai ke tahap bosen, tapi udah terkontaminasi.
Kaya kata Areta, emang anak muda sekarang tuh seragam semua. Mulai dari gaya pakaian, musik yang didenger, tempat tongkrongan, sampe gaya ngomong aja ada masanya!

Menurut saya sih…anak muda Indo bukannya nggak bisa milih…cuma nggak ada pilihan aja. Contohnya Bali. Disana budayanya masih kental banget, jadi itu bisa mengimbangi budaya luar yang masuk. Kalau Jakarta kan budaya betawinya nggak kental…jadinya anak muda Jakarta ya ngerti budaya ala MTV. Berhubung Jakarta dianggap sebagai pusatnya Indo, semua jadi punya persepsi yang dilakukan orang Jakarta itulah yang paling keren/gaul. Dan ini juga yang diambil sama TV-TV kita, dan ditonton sama semua orang Indonesia. Jadi sih, dari kitanya juga nggak berusaha ngasih anak mudanya pilihan. Mau ikut budaya luar, apa tetep budaya kita, atau mau milih-milih??

Nah! Yang keroncong itu…emang sih ya anak muda hari gini doyan keroncong (dangdut juga termasuk nggak mba?) itu pasti bikin ilfeel. Jujur aja saya juga ngerasa gitu. Cuma bagian saya yang lain juga bilang…kenapa harus ilfeel yah? Padahal itu musik kita loh. Tapi saya juga nggak suka…gimana dong ya? Saya cuma bisa maklum dan nggak nyela deh…

@Zahra:You had showed me great indo ambassdors in making.they write great articles too..They are really bunch of talented guys..I too joined your wagon now to hate MALAYSIA..they prosecute Ethnic Indians..shame on them for stealing Indos culture and crushing Indos & Indians..Enimes+enemies = friends..Now I take Lenje’s advice..Indos and Indians can conquer Malaysia and singapore and drive the Malays and Chinese out..Or crush them like what Europeans did to the native Red-Indians in Ameerica…Did I take a 360 degree shift !!!! At the end I need to see what is good for my nation and my people..There are lots of so called Muslims in Entertainment industry..–Did someone tell u about Micheal jackson and Wil smith. they are laughing about cat stevens?Have u heard about him..

haduh zahra penggemar keroncong yach….maaf telah menyungging :mrgreen: hehe saya mah pusying denger keroncong karena papa suka lagu itu, duuh makanya jadi nyela deh..peace you all 😀

ya…sebenernya MTV gak sepenuhnya hina dina gitu…meski tayangan klipnya yang berbau seks dan kekerasan atau ucapan2 VJ nya yang tidak selalu baik untuk dicontoh tapi saat menonton MTV sebaiknya seorang ABG didampingi oleh orang yang lebih dewasa (ortu, kakak, dll). dengan melihat hal2 negatif seperti itu seorang remaja jadi tau kalo dunia luar seperti itu, jadi jangan sampai terpengaruh. jujur tak akan ada ABG yang mau didampingi ortunya saat nonton MTV, karena dulu saya juga gitu 😆 tapi dengan cara lain kita masih bisa “memfilter” hal negatif agar tidak ditiru oleh mereka misalnya saat ngobrol kita sisipin tentang pengaruh buruk MTV kepada mereka dengan cara santai namun tegas, jadi mereka gak marah dan paham ma maksut kita..atau dengan cara lain yang penting harus ada kontrol sosial di dalam suatu keluarga. yah…setuju kan, kalo keluarga itu gak cuma sarana pendidikan utama tapi juga sarana kontrol sosial paling nomor satu..karena pendidikan tidak akan terwujud tanpa adanya kontrol sosial.

nah, mengenai selera ABG terhadap MTV dan budaya Barat negatif yang menggiurkan emang tetep harus difilter. pake tank top cuma membuat cowok2 mupeng dan ngelabain kamu trus kalo mereka udah bosen maka mereka akan ninggalin dan ngelupain kamu…karena masih banyak cewek lain yang lebih seksi dan lebih berani berpakaian lebih minim. berikanlah nasihat yang menggugah logika dan nurani ABG, karena meski ABG mereka juga punya otak dan hati, kan?! dengan begitu lama-lama mereka akan sadar dan mengerti bahwa selera terhadap musik tidak harus mempengaruhi cara berpikir, cara bicara, cara bergaul, cara bersikap, cara berpakaian, dll.

lagian, mereka cuma ABG, jangan menghukum mereka terlalu keras, semua butuh proses, sangat wajar melihat ABG berpenampilan masa kini daripada melihat ibu-ibu usia 30-an berpenampilan bak ABG, ya toh?! masa remaja adalah masa pencarian jati diri, dengan pendidikan dan kontrol sosial yang bagus kelak akan membuat mereka menjadi ex-ABG yang berkepribadian kuat dan menarik….salam.

MTV belakangan ini kan memang sudah menjadi empty-V ?? 😛

zahra, tar di kalo lagi nonton mtv, tau2 ada tulisan “BO” dalem lingkeran warna merah di sudut kiri atas tipi.

Woi pakabar Tas, kemane aje loe ?
Well anyway, kenapa ya anak2 muda milih MTV sebagai sumber info tentang musik ?
Padal kalo dipikir2 banyak resource2 laen buat nyari musik yg jaoh lebih bagus.

Kalo gwa bilang kemaren gwa nonton konser band namanya ” A skylit Drive”. Brapa org dari the so called “anak nongkrong MTV” tau tentang band barusan ? Paling taunya My Chemical Romance.

Zulfi, Zahra, Yonna,, lenje, evelyn, macangadungan, areta, colson, alex: Thanks for giving a WONDERFUL discussion. I’m so sorry I didn’t plunge into this heated debate. Thanks for your insights and opinions. GREAT.

Aron: Kabar baek bos, gue gak kemana-mana kok. Lo tuh yang ngilang begitu aja. He-he. Anyway, MTV emang jadi sumber utama banget buat masalah musik bagi anak muda, namanya juga mainstream media. Emang My Chemical Romance kenapa bos? Basi yah. Gue dengernya dangdut nih, he-he.

mbak yonna:
waaaa….nggak…saya nggak suka keroncong…huhuhhu 😦

walaahhh…ga seru amat!! sekalian aja gausah ada MTV…hahaha :mrgreen:

emang kamu tingal dimana? disini kan nggak semua musik masuk…yang mainstream aja yang masuk. nanti saya cari ah band itu….band indie?

sayang MTV Indonesia nggak banyak nampilin band indie indonesia. Palingan mocca. Padahal indienya indonesia banyak yang keren-keren banget loh…

I’m not an MTV generation. More FineLiving channel generation now. Btw, congrats to Tasa. This article was published by Jakarta Post. Congrats for finally being a published author. 🙂

Jennie: Mba Jennie, I’m a published writer now, that’s pretty cool. Thank you for all the help and love, I hope I can write better. Best wishes for you and family.

Pls tell me the I can tell my Indonesian friends that my friend’s article was publised in Jkt post…so I too can show off as friend of great Indoneisan writer…-heee…..
Jennie next time, let the comments also be published with that-heeeee………atleast minee…-heeeee…:P

Selamet bro! Gw selalu ga sabar nunggu tulisanmu berikutnya 😀

Tasa, you still owe yourself one published book. I’ll make sure to make time writing the foreword. I’m sure it’s gonna be a great one.

Zulfi, why don’t you send your articles to JP or other papers too? It’s not that hard to write an op-ed article. I’m sure I’m gonna enjoy it. Great job with your blog there, Zul. More power to you.

If he writes a book…I wish he puts my name in preface..I cant come near to Tasa…not only him…There are zahra,jurno,yonna.. who make feel small.. Your blog

iya Tasa….yang penting kita tetep saling santai dan menghormati meski beda pendapat 🙂

Congrats ya, di edisi cetak TJP di halaman 9, aku udah baca tadi….sama aja ma versi web-nya…ya iya lah hehe :mrgreen:

ah bro, take it easy lah….I learn a lot of things too 🙂

CONGRATULATIONS! On your published article….This is the beggining of greatness that’s coming your way…keep cultivating that beautiful talent God gave you..

Zulfi: I put the link already bro. Check it out.

Achmad Arifin: Thanks for the support bro! And thanks for the wonderful comments you’ve been sharing.

Jennie: Yeah Mba, I still owe myself thanks for reminding 🙂 A foreword? Hehehe, Thank you.

Yonna: Benar Mbakyu, berbeda pendapat bukan berarti kita harus bermusuhan yah. Santai aja, hehe.

Yheudy: Thank you so much girl, I really appreciate it. You’ve been an inspiration 🙂 I hope your life is doing just great.

wah hebat…udah masuk koran…
(mau dong ditraktirr…hahaha :mrgreen )
semoga bisa memacu untuk terus buat tulisan yang bisa dibaca banyak orang dan menginsprirasi…
selamat sekali lagii!!

Oh Tasa…U dont praise Zahra at alll…she tooo is an inspiration for you rgt….hee….what did she say this time in bahsa..

Thank you! For writing such great articles. I know this is true for me and many of the readers of this blog…you are an inspiration!

So, Tasa.. since I am still learning how to write for the JP op-ed myself, therefore please excuse my humble curiosity:
But isn’t it too late for MTV? If I’m not mistaken, the jargon’s first introduced in the late 90ies.
And how about the gen Y back home that are already dealing with anti-depressant pills, drugs, alcoholism, sexual abuse, etcera? Could we ever resist ourselves from blaming America for our own neglect?
The conformed superficiality is one thing, but stress and depression denote something else.

Great article nonetheless. 😉

lama2 begah juga dipanggil mbakyu, kayak tukang jamu aja gue :mrgreen:

that’s why we need malaysia. in some ways, they always remind us what we really have and preserve in a cultural aspect. indeed 🙂

Zahra: Thanks Zahra. I thank you back for giving me great comments. It’s an honor to know a potential young person like you. Kapan mau ditraktir?

Zulfi: Of course bro, I thank her and thank you for your kindness in giving great and inspiring comments. Well, she congratulated me in bahasa bro.

Yheudy: Thank so much girl, you know you’ve been a great inspiration to me too 🙂

Marisa: I’m sure I’m going to read your article on The Jakarta Post pretty soon. Well, the jargon may have been introduced long time ago but the effects of this culture can be seen so clearly in our big cities eroding our own culture. Well, of course we can’t blame others for every misery we have. If we see it from a different perspective, it is us who let them “invade” us.

Yonna: Beli jamunya donk. He-he-he.

dodol: You’re so right bro. Ha-ha-ha. Nice thought.

zulfi: thanks for remember me…hahah. and really, I’m not greater than you. maybe you can try to publish your writing too.

beneran mau nraktir? ahh…paling gertakan doang, mumpung indo-amrik jauh tuh… :mrgreen:
tapi kalo mau beneran ga nolak…hwahahah :mrgreen:

abis ini mau bikin buku? wah…ditungguin deh… 😀

Hallo mr tasa, here itsme ahmad a Bandung people heheee…in this time as usual, i want to express my feeling in English, since i still learn English.

MTV gue banget, is something about culture too. yes there is tendency that young people imitate what they see in MTV. MTV also teach the people about lifestyle.

you know in my village, Babakan ciparay Majalay, there is 5 old year child ask his parent to color his hair. he said to his parent that he want to be like the people in MTV program with the colored hair. heheh…then he get angry with his parent because his parent refuse his request.

yes MTV is about the culture. so it is very good idea to socialize the media education in order the viewer can be the active one when they access media.

i don’t know exactly whether mass media especially television in Indonesia promote the better education or not to the audiences?

i think that is all what i can write here. waw…alhamdulillah i can exercise my English here. i hope many friends can give me some correction or new word for me. since I need supportive environment to elevate my English. despite my position as TKI (people say that about me), but i don’t want to miss learning english, as well as learning the discussion with the people from a different background and perspective.

good luck my friends

Salam. Hi tasa, i like how you put your idea and thinking in writing style. how can you do that? and I personally like how you think about the situation.
I am really interested in your writing in Jakarta Post, titled ” Religiously we are good, what about morally?
Would you like to share your way when you want to write something? I hope you would like, since i really need clue from the beginning until the end of writing.
Thanks in advance.

Zahra: Beneran donk, tapi nanti2 kali yah. Nanti di Jakarta. Buku kayaknya masih jauh banget deh, doain aja yah. Gimana kabarnya Bandung dan ITB? Kalau mau lulus ikutan training Siaware tuch.

Itsme: Dear Ahmad, your English is very good. Trust me. You should be proud of yourself to be a young Indonesian living in Saudi but still has a big motivation to learn English as I’m sure you’re required to learn Arabic too.

MTV is as you said part of our young culture now, and we have to be careful to deal with such matter. Culture can be a very sensitive matter and tricky too. We can’t just point our finger at those young people who love MTV culture so much, especially me as I’m part of it too. As the world is getting smaller due to technology improvement cultural assimilation is something we can’t avoid, and this article proposes a win-win solution for that condition.

You know what, didn’t know that my article had been published by The Jakarta Post until you told me 🙂 Thank you itsme. So, you’re a loyal reader of The Jakarta Post? I’d be more than happy to share some writing tips with you. Plase feel free to send a letter to my e-mail address. I myself have been getting writing tips from lots of great people including other indonesian bloggers such as Mba Jennie and Afsyuhud.

MTV? it’s not so me….i love the music but i hate the influence. MTV is just like another foreign corporate power. it creates products and wants everybody to be consumer so it can get richer and richer. Like Credit Card, never been in our life before we used this goddamn card as mean for transaction but, today almost everything can be purchased just by scratching the card to a machine.

Okay, take the simplest case handphone. this supposed to be just communication kit that everyone only needs for making phone call or text messaging. But today, nearly no one would be convinient using such gadget without MP3 players, Gaming, GPRS features. and what do Indonesian got? nearly just influenced by the fashion fever. but who’s got the real benefit of this so-called ‘acculturation’?

Again, they’re the foreign corporations like MasterCard, Nokia, Apple, and even ones like Freeport and Newmont Mining. Those corporate power that finally got rich from our natural resources and our consumptive behavior. Despite, we’re not a wealthy state at all.

To be more reflective to ourselves as a nation. We’re lacking self dignity and confidence. our leaders and elites are too lazy to invest in human resources. they’re too consumptive-minded, want everything instantly, hence always fed by others, foreigners!

they never looked at the abandoned homework; the ignored migrant workers who continued to be harassed overseas, the fate of people in Sidoarjo affected by our Minister’s company’s failed oil exploration that turned into mudflow disaster, and the rampant corruption cases everywhere that ranked us as no 5 most corrupt country in the world. WHAT A CULTURE DO WE HAVE…!

I think those are more scary than just MTV. what kind of future that Indonesia would see if those behaviors to be copied by today’s teenagers?

kyanya eNyaQ bnget ngm0n9nya…???
leH ikTan dooonk..???
q leH knalaN m zaHra 9x..??

waaaaaa..beneran yah, ntar saya tagih!
Bandung rame banget tuh katanya…ITB juga rame, soalnya pada banyak yang belajar, mau UAS.
saya sih ada di Depok…hahaha

anyway, siaware itu apa?

enak gimana? emangnya kueh..? hehehe…
boleh boleh…salam kenal…


( ‘0’ )

/)/) /)/) /)/)

( (..) )
(( ))
(,,) (,,)

hewaN” diataZ datan9 maW aNtaR paRcel,,
-Selusin kasiH cynk,,
-sEkotaK saLam pErsaHaBataN,,
-sEkaRduZ do’a…
fresH fRom tHe hEart,,

+ love +
“+. .+”
“+/you & bless u, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008….

m4v telat….????wkwkwkw,,,,,


MTV? gue sih, tapi ga banget-banget…

tapi ngga ah…. untuk mtv indonesia, mulai dari vj-nya daniel udah ga enak diliat… overacting… malasss…

sorry nih kalo daniel, ato sodara ato pacar ato kenalannya baca, tapi ini jujur tanpa bermaksud apa2… tapi emang mulai dari era-nya vj daniel tu semua vj mtv indonesia udah mulai blebih…

musiknya? mungkin karena usia yah… jadi ko kayanya ga ngerti musik yang di “stel” di mtv indonesia enaknya dimana… ato gue yang ga tau cara menikmatinya? ta’elah… (hehehhe kuno banget tuh..) for me, good music sounds good from the first note… check out (from 80’s) sting, casiopea (from 90’s)… ummmm… ko gue ga begitu ngeh ya ma musisi di tahun 90’an??? hehehhe and today, maliq & the essential, maroon 5 etc… sounds good from the first note kan?

that’s music for me…

so MTV? gue sih… tapi ga banget-banget…. biasa aja…

wah demen ma lagu2 jadul ya? welcome to the club….pendapatmu sama banget ma aku. musik jaman sekarang bukan musik pelopor seperti musisi jaman dulu…banyak banget musisi jaman sekarang yang mereferensikan genre dan style musik mereka pada musisi tertentu…yang paling banyak dipanutin adalah U2, Queens, Beatles, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin dll. Saya suka keki denger style musik band2 tertentu yang mirip ma U2…apalagi waktu denger lagunya siapa itu lupa, yang intro gitarnya mirip banget ma Red Hot Chilli Peppers….masya Allah gak kreatif dah! :mrgreen:

Musisi jaman dulu punya style sendiri punya karakter, ciri khas baik di musik maupun vokalnya. Sambil merem gue tau suara Bono yang mana, suara Freddie, suara Bon Jovi, suara Phil Collins, suara Peter Cetera, suara Sting, suara Madonna, dll dan dengan denger intro gitarnya juga tau mana U2 mana RHCP….hehehe. Gak jago2 amat sih cuma kebeneran suka merhatiin doang 🙂

Bahkan yang bikin il-feel, musisi Indo ada yang ikutin Safri Duo…baru2 ini saya liat di TV. Meski mirip tapi hasilnya beda banget karena jadi kedengeran kaya marching/drum band gitu hehe. Safri Duo mau ditiru? mereka legenda musik disko…don’t mess with them hehe. Atau mau ikutin The Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Groove Armada, Beastie Boys, dll? Wuih mereka udah mendedikasikan pada genre musik tertentu jangan coba2 ditiru deh…gak pantes pasti hasilnya :mrgreen:

Cuma saya sekarang saya suka ma Justin Timberlake dan Timbaland….the black people terutama sangat kreatif menciptakan genre musik yang asik didenger…gak ada matinya dari dulu ampe sekarang. Hidup Rap, Hip Hop, R&B (juga rock n roll, jazz, dll).

Jangan coba2 ikutin Linkin Park juga….karena cuma Chester dan Mike yang pantes menciptakan gabungan hip metal…huh gue kira Mike hengkang dari LP, wah LP bakal jadi sayur tanpa garam tanpa Mike sih hehehe.

*emosi turn off…adem :mrgreen:

widyantoa: I agree with you. But in this kind of world I guess a radical standpoint rejecting all Western values and economic oppression seems to be impossible.

zahra: Met tahun baru yah 🙂 Kemana aja nich? Siaware itu training buat anak2 ITB yg mau lulus, dulu pernah nebeng gitu deh.

sN-dh!e: Met tahun baru yah, thanks buat parcelnya 🙂

ary: Jadi gak banget2 nih? Bagus deh. He-he. Kalo gue dr dulu emang gk pernah jadi penggemar berat MTV tapi berhubung banyak temen gue yang suka nonton jadi ikutan2 aja. Yuk nonton konser bareng.

Yonna: Emang ada yg niru Safri Duo? Wah ternyata Yonna doyan berjoged ria yah, asyiik. Mau donk ikutan…..

mtv indonesia emang ga asik. isinya lagu2 band indo yang ga jelas yang bisanya plagiat semua. jangan nonton mtv indo makanya…hehehe…

mbak yonna:
wah…memang beda generasinya…saya akui sih memang musik mainstream sekarang payah…berarti selera musik umat manusia menurun yah…? tapi masih ada kok yang keren-keren…cuma ya itu..indie, bukan major.

saya juga lagi suka timbaland, album barunya keren, warna musiknya ,acem-macem banget. justin juga keren. jaman sekarang yang keren penyanyi solo yah? yang band-band majornya biasa dan setipe semua…

dan saya juga ga suka kalo ada yang sok-sok ngikutin LP. duhhh..itu levelnya bedaaaa…!!

mau bilang met taun baru juga..tapi udah februari. kok aneh ya rasanya? heheh…met taun baru juga deh, anggep saya ngomongnya bulan januari.

masih lama sih lulusnya…tapi ga pernah denger tuh, wah…kurang gaul nih berarti.

hohoho tos dulu yach….kita punya selera musik yg serupa :mrgreen:

blm sempet cari CD timbaland nih, mau cari album terbaru The Chemical Brothers yang katanya rilis taun kmrn…hmmm blm smpt.

ya, LP emg keren meski kdg aneh krn di bbrp lagunya, chester teriak2, jerit2 gitu tapi krn diimbangi ma mike jadinya keren…hehehe.

aduh kalo skrg udh gak bisa jogat joget lagi, malu2in. terakhir joget2 pas training ESQ, selain sesi tangis2an juga ada sesi joget2 (gak tau skrg msh ada pa gak). krn semua peserta diwajibkan joget, ya aji mumpung deh…sayang tidak diiringi oleh Safri Duo, goyangannya kurang nendang jadinya hehe :mrgreen:

MTV gue banget nih…… sekarang gak cantik2 pembawa acara nya gak macam dulu….

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