If Only Al Gore Was an Indonesian

Posted on: October 15, 2007

al_gore.jpgAl Gore just did it again, he shared The Nobel Peace Prize 2007 with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for his efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change. No surprise. His movie The Inconvenient Truth has grabbed people’s attention from all over the world and made us realize how serious the climate-change problem for the planet earth that we are living in. His movie tells us that earth is suffering from people’s arrogance in exploiting natural resources too excessively. If we don’t change what we are doing to this earth right now, our grandchildren may not be able to see what we can see now, explains Al Gore. He bravely blames the Bush’s administration for abandoning the Kyoto Protocol because Bush said it would harm U.S. economy. This world needs more politicians like Al Gore.

Today, we can see that this world is seeing more and more people who have big concern on environmental issues from climate change, forest burning, animal extinction, to natural disasters. More politicians, artists, and celebrities have joined the movement to save our mother earth. Some famous names like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Bloomberg (New York City Mayor), Leonardo Dicaprio, and Orlando Bloom have commited their time and energy to promote the importance of living green. The earth is crying, they say, and it wants us to reach out and help. But, it is sad to know that Indonesia, as always, has not yet become the part of world’s movement to save the earth, maybe because we are just to greedy. We are losing our elephants, tigers, orang utans, and rhinos every single day, yet no one seems to care not even our politicians who think that sleeping during a meeting is fine. We are burning 2.5 million acres of forest every single year which makes us the third biggest carbon dioxide producer and no one seems to pay any attention because our politicians think that debating whether or not their salary should be increased is more productive. We have experienced several big natural disasters for the past few years from tsunami in Aceh and Sumatera, big floods in Jakarta, earthquake in Yogyakarta, to Lumpur Lapindo in Sidoarjo, but no one seems to stand up and speak out the truth since our politicians are still busy lobbying for the next election.

In a good political system, it is the duty of the politicians to offer people with new and refreshing ideas that are important for the society. Ideas that the people don’t think about but are extremely needed by the society to be able to move on and make progresses. Good politicians should be the pioneers of good ideas and thoughts, after all that is why they are called politicians. A question then arises, “How good is our political system?” There is no exact anwer that can satisfy that question, some may say that our political system is good enough and some may say it is even worse than what we had during the Soeharto’s regime. But, despite all the reasons and theories, it is true that Indonesia has been implementing the so-called real democracy for only less than ten years, Indonesia obviously is still learning hardly on how to perform a better political system for the goodness of the people. So, for now it is a sad truth that we can only wish if only Al Gore was an Indonesian.


23 Responses to "If Only Al Gore Was an Indonesian"

Yupe, i do agree that, we (Indonesian people) face a difficult situation nowadays.
We don’t have enough concern, especially from our government or even from our community to make this world better, we stuck more in political argues for nothing 😡
And i believe it’s not only about Al Gore-himself or whoever, because it should be our responsible to create the proper environment management system for ourselves and our next generation 😉

Al Gore is not an Indonesian subject, but he was a vice-president of the US in the Clinton administration and yet didn’t deliver at the time of the Kyoto negotiations and Kyoto treaty. So the main difference between the recent Indonesian and US administrations is a high porfiled documentary movie.

(A movie moreover which contains, an english court ruled the other day, at least nine ( 9) scientific flaws)

Tsunami and earthquake had nothing to do with destroying forests..It is something to do with earth crust..For better human settlement there is nothing wrong to destroy the greenery.who cares about earth crying!!!Human-beings mustnt cry…For politicans this is not a big issue..they need to look at common man’s problem–neither do any common man care about the envirnoment.I guess Mega did some save the earth call in BAli and even SBY talked of reduceing Carbon in atmosephere ..but for them these are not the core issues.Who is the minister for Envirnoment????
I have great respect for Gore and I heard people talk high about his movie,but he awarded Noble peace prize is a laughing stock.I dont think he deserves this prestigeous one,Now Noble too is hijacked like Oscar.Let me say that he is more concerned about Envirnoment now,bcos he is Jobless.where was he,when USA was dumping Nuclear waste in the costal areas of Somaila..Well he was Vice-president!!!Even he didnt respect Kyoto Protocol when he was VP.If Gore was Indonesian,his son wont have become a drug addict…..In June, Green rock concert was funny with all Green beer bottles around after the concert..I would give peace prize to FIFA who bought all soccer fans under one umberla…

When Gore was VP he didn’t “support” Kyoto Protocol? It may stem from being a VP is an institution that must adhere to some viewpoints that come from it. That should be separated from his own endeavors, which is the Inconvenient Truth movement.

Gore as VP and Gore as an activist. Just my two cents based on my own experiences (not as a VP of course), in which oftentimes I must choose to act according to the demands of being a rep of an institution and being an individual with my own concerns and opinions.

@Jen: I know Al Gore has expressed his intelligent, even wise, views on climate change ever since the eighties. And I’m well aware of the fact that the office one holds in government, severely reduces one’s room to manoeuvre.

But at the time of Kyoto he was Vice President of the US, for Chr… Sake. Not some joker or some insignificant official from somewhere down the bureaucracy.

As the representative of the US he left Europe in the lurch. At the time the US first forced all kinds of compromises and in the end did not sign the treaty. In this respect the Clinton administration was as bad as the Bush administration. So, in comparison, I don’t think one can blame Indonesia.

But of course I’m very happy with the Nobel prize for the IPCC.

pokoke saya dukung om Al Gore for Presiden RI!!

congratulation for al gore.
ntar ya, mao komen lebih… tapi ambil kamus dulu… 🙂

extremusmilitis: Nice thought bro, I guess we have to start from ourselves to start giving extra attention to the environment.

colson: Based on my knowledge, Al Gore already started bringing up this issue in late 80’s.

Zulfi: Well, that’s not my point. I just tried to explain how humans and the environment are so much connected, so we should respect the environment more.

Jen: Hi Mba, long time no see. That’s a good explanation, thanks very much.

caplang: Yeah, kalau Al Gore gak mau jadi presiden Amerika mending dia jadi presiden Indonesia yah

telmark: Ditunggu komennya kalau gitu 🙂

@guebukanmonyet: Indeed, I agree. Al Gore seems to have been consistent in his views on climate change ever since the start of his political career. I said so as well in my comment.

But that´s not the point. To be really a hero, to be really the one to make a difference, I think he should deliver when he has the opportunity. I mean when he was involved in the Kyoto negotiations. Nota bene: he was the most powerful man in the world, but one!

But he did not. Not at all.

Yes, u guys are right, Gore was involved in Environment ever since he was a senator of Tennessee..also Vice-president is more a honoury post with no power..VPs attend gala dinners and funerals abroad where President is not interested to attend..He has no power on any issues for Kyoto what he can do?? I have a reason to hate Gore.I dont wanna disclose here..Now VPs act like presidents..I meant Cheney for bush…and Yosuf Kella for SBY—just kidding…
But the bottom line is…Gore doesn’t deserve a Noble for peace..may be create one for Environment just like economics.

US did sign the Kyoto Protocol during Bill Clinton’s presidency, it was the US Senate who failed to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.

Once the Bush took the office, he then completely refused to support the Kyoto Protocol and pulled out the US from the Kyoto Protocol all together.

I think Al Gore did his part, probably didn’t fight enough, but then a vice-president of the US cannot be considered as “most-powerful man” in the world when he came face to face with the US Senate. Especially when the latter was dominated by the opposition party.

@Colson: Didn’t know about the court rules over 9 scientific flaws of the movie. I should check it out, thanks for the info.

I was involved in research on Kyoto Protocol before and am still very interested on it. Reminds me of the controvery over The Skeptical Enviromentalist.

@Tasa and Colson: I wrote an op-ed for The Jakarta Post regarding what I think about AG. Waiting for it to be published, hopefully pretty soon.

Colson: Well, I believe he did a lot of things on that issue when he was the Vice President, like Pipit said.

Zulfi: I don’t think Cheney acts like the president, he seems like Bush’s puppet.

Pipit: Yeah, I have to agree, being the Vice President didn’t make him the most powerful man in the country. I’m sure he must have learned a lot from his mistakes and he’s doing so much better now, we have to admit that he’s the one who alerted this world about the danger of climate change.

Jen: I can’t wait to read your article Mba Jen.

Guebukanmonyet & pipit: “.. he did a lot of things on that issue when he was Vice President…”


” … being the Vice President didn’t make him the most powerful man…”

Regardless of the paradox here, obviously the less powerful man did a lot of things on the issue I didn’t notice at the time. But, as a member of an European Green Party, I did notice he left us blatantly in the cold, during the conferences of Rio, Vancouver and Kyoto as well as during the failed follow up in The Hague.

The movie is fine, however. It created a lot of publicity around the green house problems c.a. And I’m grateful for that. But these are words and images only.

Now Al Gore is an activist only, a environmentalist campaigner. One who didn’t deliver when he was in power and one who’s personal life contradicts his public opinions.

Btw: whoever thinks the Vice President – “one heartbeat away from the Presidency” – is an insignificant player in the political field in and around Washington, should be reminded of Lyndon Johnson or “Dark Vader” Cheney.

U guys wanna know why I hate Gore..I him, bcos he took his VP nominee a Jew to bring aall the jews vote from Rebliucans and lost the minorities trust on democrates.. and the reason that made BUSH the president..
Only Bush can Dick Puppet.. VP post is always a dummy post ..nodding his head whatever president says..

Yes Zulfi VP post is always dummy post in US and may be for several country, but not in Indonesia. In Indonesia VP is great post, cos VP can kick the president out in the next election whhahaha, so watchout SBY…Kalla will kick you out…

@Zulfi: It may be due to your or mine insufficient knowledge of the English language, but do I smell some anti-semitic notions in your comment?
@Zulfi & Udiot: You may think Nixon ( in the Eisenhower administration), Johnson ( in the Kennedy administration), Bush sr ( in the Reagan administration) or Cheney in the Bush jr administration were- just like the pre-verbal Agnew – political dummies. But generally speaking I think you are quite wrong – the ones I mentioned were out of the spotlights but quite influential in the power centre.

Back to the topic: Indonesia in my opinion does not need a kind of Al Gore. Firstly: he country’s contribution to climate change may be large, but in comparison to the US, Europe or China it is still minor. Secondly: Al Gore could be a shining example to all if only his real contribution was as good as his present image.

Hidup Al Gore, meski tidak se famous president Amrik lainnya tapi begitu ditanya siapa yang memperkenalkan Global Warming, pasti kebanyakan jawabannya adalah Dia. 😉

If Only Al Gore Was An Indonesian? kalo iya, bisa-bisa dia menderita hidup disini atau dia bakal pindah ke luar negeri huehehe. That’s why Allah never create him as an Indonesian 😆

Sebagai rakyat Indonesia kita cuma bisa ngiler lihat integritas, loyalitas, keberanian, keteraturan, kewibawaan, kecerdasan tokoh penting dari negara lain. Akhirnya kita cuma bisa sampai pada tahap “if only”. Gak nyindir Tasa loch, saya juga gitu kok :mrgreen:

Kasian Al Gore gak jadi Presiden US….sikut2an dan berebut kursi presiden juga berlaku disana yach….tapi sebagai oposan beliau melaksanakan tugasnya dengan baik dan benar yaitu memberikan masukan untuk pemerintahan GW Bush, menjadi penyeimbang setiap kebijakan yang diambil Bush, dsb. Karena sistem pemerintahan yang demikian, maka gak heran Al Gore terkesan berani mengkritisi pemerintahan Bush, loh emang itu tugasnya sebagai oposan bukan?!

Beda ma Indonesia yang tidak menganut sistem tersebut, oposan ala Indonesia cuma terkesan bersungut-sungut, sindir-menyindir, saling melaporkan musuhnya ke polisi, dsb. Alih2 menguak kebenaran malah berantem sendiri jadinya….cape deh :mrgreen:

sehebat2nya dia,..
harus dipertimbangkan muatan politik dia juga,..

soalnya die juga masih make “global warming issue” sebagai kendaraan politik ke kursi presiden.. Times ..

Zulfi: Wow, what a theory. I’m not sure about that.

Colson: Well, at least he’s doing something that people didn’t even think about, people in general. And you have to agree that the mother earth has to thank him for the kind of people’s awareness on environmental he’s been developing.

Evelyn: Bener tuh, Al Gore adalah orang paling penting di dalam isu global warming.

Yonna: Whehe, bener juga kali yah. Kasian banget kalau dia jadi orang Indonesia, malah gak bisa apa-apa.

Leksa: Tidak bisa disalahkan juga sich, namanya manusia pasti punya motivasi dalam hidup ini. Tapi, Al Gore sepertinya sudah pasti tidak mencalonkan diri untuk menjadi Presiden Amerika di 2009.

Albert Gore = Global Warming = Man Made

thanks buat Deniar atas infonya, saya sharing ke blog Tasa juga.

1. Sumber berita: http://rovicky. wordpress. com/2007/ 12/15/global- warming-ngga- bisa-dicegah/ #more-1136

2. Sumber Berita: http://rovicky. wordpress. com/2007/ 09/19/inconvenie nt-truth- aku-berbeda- reaksi-dengan- al-gore/

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