Blogger Indonesia of the Week: Tasa Nugraza Barley

Posted on: July 3, 2007

One of the most respected Indonesian bloggers A. Fatih Syuhud just made me Blogger Indonesia of the Week. Thank you. I feel happy and honored that someone has given me a recognition for what I have been writing on this blog. I have to confess, when I decided to blog seriously five months ago I made Fatih’s blog as one of my references, so to see an article about me on his blog felt a bit weird at the first time.

He said:

It’s at this point that I regard Tasa Nugraza Barley as among those impartial, and thus credible, Indonesian blogger I’ve ever seen. To be impartial is to liberate oneself from any attachment of reference; be it reference of own’s religion, race, nation or political and cultural affiliation. It’s not easy. Since it requires not only a good will, honesty and humility. To have an impartial and good judgement one is required to have a sufficient understanding of matters one is talking about to attain a sort of analytical sharpness. That’s one of his strong point.

He also suggested me to write more on the kind of topics that I’ve been writing:

Tasa Nugraza Barley I think, should write a lot more often on those kind of topics to enlighten us in Indonesia as well as those English speaking readers. His readers will certainly benefit from not only matters he talks about, but also from the way he look insighfully into them.

I hope that this recognition can trigger and push me harder to blog deeper and better. This is a tempting challenge since I found out that blogging is much more interesting and exciting than what I thought before. Now for sure I have a new hobby: Blogging. Now I’m planning to do something bigger with my writing skill which I have been sharpening through this blog. Although sometimes it seems so hard and out of reach, no deadline yet, but I do have a big confidence that somehow I can do it. And not to forget that I made a promise to my spiritual friend, “We’ll conquer this world.”

Note: It is sad to report that A. Fatih Syuhud’s blog on blogspot is having a serious problem at the moment. It is said that he lost all its articles for an unclear reason, but luckily he started a new blog on WordPress and managed to post some his old articles including his article on my blog. Best wishes for Syuhud.


30 Responses to "Blogger Indonesia of the Week: Tasa Nugraza Barley"


I have read it on Fatih’s blog. Yes, I agree that you are “impartial” and amazing.

Wow, that’s what I call ambition: “conquer this world”! But, yes, you realy deserve the praise by A. Fatih Syuhud.

As for myself: every now and then I differ of opinion, but I love your posts ( articles, columns), because they are always thorough, refreshing and fascinating.

Thank you for your support Mas Bevly and Mr. Colson. And I’d like to thank for the inspiration that both of you have been giving me.

Yes, what an ambition! Hehe. I hope I don’t turn to be an arrogant one by saying that. “Conquering” the world can probably mean living my life happily and productively, feel everyday as a wonderful bless from God.

Thank you, God bless.

selamed! 😉

pake bhs inggeris lagi. Tambah gak ngerti…

yeeee………………finally someone, somebody acknowledge ur trivial blogging as a “Blogger Indonesia of the week”…

tapi…mbok yaaaa…tuh foto, teteuppppp narzizzzzz… huahaha!!!

keep up the good work !!

yuki mampir lagi, mau ngasih ucapan selamat.. salut.. emang pantes kok..

huhu.. btw, belum dijawab tuh kmren nanya situ lokasi dimana?kuliah apaan?


Thanks for the support guys: snydez, rd Limosin, h4di, and Yuki. What’s wrong with the picture dude? hehe. You don’t like it? 🙂

Thank you Jauhari. Thanks for visiting my blog, I promise I’m gonna do the same with your blog.

monyet, sori nih kalo rada2 gak nyambung…
tadi jalan2 di dunia blog nemu

ada kontes “inspiring blog” dan sepanjang pengamatan gw, pantes tuh ikutan..


Anyways I’m new in the neighbourhood. Mohon bimbingannya mas Tasa Nugraza Barley..
I write commentaries as well. But guess I haven’t wrote anything world-conquering enough…

And you’re wearing a pink t-shirt.
That’s radical.

Yuki: Thanks yach buat informasinya. Menarik juga tuch. Kayaknya lo boleh juga tuch ikutan kontes itu.

Marisa: Hey, thank you. Bimbingan gimana nich? I’m new too you know, but I guess we can help out each other. That will be so much fun. Yeah, pink t-shirt! Whahaha. You don’t like it? Nice knowing you.

wahhh…telat ketinggalan berita niii….

selamat ya om tasa…..
two thumbs up for you

Nila: Thank you, thank you. I’ve learned a lot from you 🙂

it suggested that you are REALLY not a monkey.


Thanks for visiting my page. feel free to see it again, anytime 🙂

Yes Inda, now you know that I’m not a monkey although I still have this monkey avatar picture everywhere 🙂

Thanks for visiting my blog too, I’m sure gonna visit yours too even more.

tas, knp blog ini namanya gwbukan monyet??

Hi ila, kenapa guebukanmonyet? Hehe, nice question.

Literally, I guess it’s because I’m not a monkey. While essentially, ‘monyet’ is a representation of my past (not that I was a monkey once). The word ‘monyet’ is a symbol to show how stupid I was in the past and how badly I want to fight the ugliness of my past. Right now, I am trying my best to live my life healthly, happily, and faithfully so I can shout to the world that I’m not a monkey they once knew. But don’t get me wrong, I never regret the past that I had. Because the way I see it now, it was so beautiful.

What about you, would you mind telling me more about yourself?

i thought ure a woman.. hihihi.. 😀

ternyata salah.. nama kadang2 bikin orang terkecoh =) keep writing. . .

oia..lupa* CONGRATS! 😀

It’s ok, lol. Thanks for the support, God bless.

starting from now, I’m gonna visit your blog frequently.

nyesel juga sih, knapa ga tau dari dulu-dulu yah? huhu. well, I’m a new blogger too.

but I like reading your blog, it refreshes my mind. and the topics? well, they’re outspoken. you just can’t write on topics that will not draw attention, can you? 😉

well, keep on writing, buddy!

ps: gw link yah, blog-nya!

Hi Vienz, it is so nice to know you. Thank you for supporting my blog, I promise I’ll visit your blog too. I’m a new blogger too, I guess we can learn from each other.

Well, some articles may sound controversial. May be that’s just me 🙂

I’ll be more than happy to link you back.

Congrats sa, you are truly inspiring, I’m one of your blog fans

Thank you my best friend, I miss you man! Thanks for the support, I wish you well. Thanks for the wonderful experience you gave me bro, MorePower forever! Anyway, happy ramadhan month ok. I can’t wait to see you 🙂


ah ………… biasa-biasa aja tuh ………

kalau kita baca kompas pagi ini SBY mengatakan didepan warga indonesia di New york : cintailah negerimu, jangan menjelek-jelekkan kekurangan negerimu, dan membangga-banggakan negara lain dsb….
( intinya gitu deh …). Nah mungkin Oom Tasa juga perlu menyimak dan memahami ucapan SBY tsb.

Ina: Akan dijadikan masukan yang berarti.

Dede: Iya setuju dengan apa yang dikatakan SBY, kebetulan saya juga menghadiri acara tersebut. Sudah saatnya kita semua tidak terlalu West-minded atau minded lainnnya dan mulai mencintai Indonesia secara lebih murni. Didukung yah.


Btw, Ina dan Dede tampaknya orang yang sama yah? Hehe. Maap loh kalau ada salah2 kata, mohon maaf lahir dan batin.

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