Ron Paul is My President

Posted on: June 23, 2007

If I were an American I would vote for this guy, no doubt.

I had been having this theory that it was the American foreign policy that was so messed up and it was the reason why America was so hated throughout the world and Ron Paul honestly supported my idea during the second GOP Presidential Debate in South Carolina. During the debate Ron Paul, a congressman from the state of Texas, couragesly pointed his finger at American foreign policy of making terrible blowbacks in foreign nations. Ron Paul said that America should listen to the the people who attacked America about the reason why they did it. Ron Paul suggested that the only reason why America was attacked was because America had been messing around in other countries. A statement that resulted a hot debate with Rudy Rudy Giuliani. But I have to say, Ron Paul beat him. He said, “They don’t come here to attack us because we’re rich and we’re free, they attack us because we’re over there. I mean, what would we think if other foreign countries were doing that to us?”

Furthermore, Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who does not and never did support the war in Iraq. When he was asked whether he was in the wrong party on the campaign he said, “I want to be the president of the country not the president of the Republican Party, and 75% Americans do not support the war in Iraq.” Ron Paul also does not support the American position as the police of the world and he aggresively voices that America should let other countries do what they want to do with their internal problems. Ron Paul backs the idea of a limited government and more freedom for the people to decide their ways of life, and that is why Ron Paul also suggests that CIA’s role should be lessened especially its role in dealing with other countries’ matters.

From my point of view, American foreign policy is definitely sickening. A lot of people around the world especially people in the Middle East are so frustrated with the American-political-dual standard. While America accuses Iran of developing nuclear weapon but at the same time America never says anything about Israeli nuclear capability and makes Israel the greatest threat in the Middle East. On the one hand America is trying so hard to implement the so-called democracy in Iraq and Palestine, but on the other hand America is supporting tyrants in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan only because those tyrants preserve American interests. American foreign policy is truly the ultimate threat to the stability of the world.

If only America could have a president like him someday. If only all Americans could be as honest as Ron Paul I bet this world would be a much better place to live.

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48 Responses to "Ron Paul is My President"

Hey mas,
What a sad truth you express in this article…America is just selfish..they want to be the only ones in the whole world with the most power….Its ok for them to attack other countries.America’s mistake is putting their noses wherever there is something that can be beneficial to them…they hide behind the ” nuclear weapon threat excuse, democracy etc” who wants americas so called democracy? Did Iraq or Palestine ask for USA help? I don’t think so…..
Nice article Tasa
Tu fan numero uno 😉

Interesting… A sensible Republican!

Okay, mr Ron Paul was courageous when he voted against the Iraq-intervention at the time. And he may be (partly) right about the diagnosis.

But I don’t think the world will benefit from an isolationistic President. Barack Obama to me seems to be the better alternative.

Along the same line with Colson, isn’t it too good to be true – a sensible Republican? 😀

He seems to be quite sincere in solving the real problems. But without much supports from the other politicians he may not even make it to the presidential run. Or even so, could be having difficulties controlling his administration.

Well, I might have watched too much 24…

waduh, englishku masih bego nih kak..
tapi kalo ga salah tangkep, kalo kak Tasa jadi WN AMerika, kak Tasa memilih bapak ini untuk jadi Presiden Amerika yak..?
dah.. yg bawahnya udah gak mudheng aku..
hehehehe 😀

btw, jadi inget nih di Jkt lagi sedang seru2 nya pilkada nih kak..
pilih siapa yak..?
KTP Jakarta aja saya gak punya x)

Colson & Bleu: I agree, this guy just seems to good to be true. And I think most Americans are just still too arrogant to accept his way of thinking that America is not that good after all. And without full support from his political party, the people, news medias, and everything it is definitely hard for him to go to the White House. Well, that is why he’s not leading the polls. Obama? I think he’s good, but you know, he is black. I don’t think he can actually be the president in this white-dominated country. But it is true that he is a sensational candidate.

Nieke: Hi Nieke, nah itu ngerti? Pura-pura nich. Kalau pilkada DKI aku pilih Adang dech. Foke didikannya Sutiyoso sich, kayaknya bakal sama aja kalau dia jadi Gubernur!

@guebukanmonyet: Only last night I learned about a new presidential candidate: Doug Stanhope.

He at least is funny.

Wow, what a candidate he is! I wonder if they will let a president say the F word that much. But you’re right he is funny, at least.

Nice article bro…
since America controlled by neo-conservative, the world is becoming hot and hot cause they love war,

Adang use orange as color image but Fauzi? sometime green, sometime white… he use whatever colors…
good marketing campaign mr. Adang… I’ll vote U.. Viva Adang

sama banged gue juga’ lebi suka Adang kayanya daripada Fauzi..
but, unfortunately gue gak punya hak pilih..
sssttt.. jangan bilang2 yak 😛 😀

mudah2an presidennya yg bener2. Gak mau nyerang negara2 laen…

Iya heran juga kenapa orang seperti dia bisa bearad di GOP.

If i were an american, aya juga akan milih dia buat jadi presiden. Tapi, siapa yang akan mendanai kampanye orang seperti itu? Kenapa kebijakan luar negeri US seperti sekarnag ini? Tentu saja kebijakan2 tersebut, sebagaimana seluruh dunia juga tahu (kecuali orang amerika sendiri mungkin) didasari oleh semangat dan tujuan “imperialisme”. Karena itu, mereka mendukung penguasa saudi meskipun semua orang juga tau apa itu saudi. Juga Israel. Jadi ingat kata2 seorang politisi (atau diplomat) dari salah satu negara afrika di film Interpreter. Dia mengatakan kepada Nicole Kidman; Anda melihat bendera Amerika di jalan2 itu. Melihat USA. Tapi semua itu tidak ada. Yang ada hanyalah perusahan2 multi nasional. jai ingat juga John Perkins dalam confession-nya.

Ya,,, If only America could have a president like him someday. If only all Americans could be as honest as Ron Paul I bet this world would be a much better place to live. Kapan ya.

Oh ya Salam kenal om. Terimakasih kunjungannya ke blog saya.

very nice article indeed.. huhu..
bner dah, too good to be true, have never heard about a republican opposing the iraq war..

as adhirock mentioned above, today’s america is controlled by neoconservatives, group of people who divide the world into black and white and believe that it is the destiny of america as a unique country to fight the evil empire throughout the world..
the evil in their mind now is radical islamists..

well, i personally think that the next american president will be from democratic side, either obama or hillary..
however, some of my american friends dislike hillary due to her plan to implement a centralized government, haha..

monyet, nanya donk, loe tinggal dimana?kuliah/kerja? huhu..

Ron Paul’s foreign policy is definitely appealing to most. Obviously, even to non-US states.

On one interview session, Ron talked about how he intends to use the internet as a key feature of his campaign, which I think is crucial to counter his ‘absence’ in mainstream media.

As for Obama, he is pro-intervention in terms of foreign policy, even though he votes in favour of getting out of Iraq. He is only good with crafting words and being a representative of the african-amercians. Otherwise, he’s got nothing much/new to offer to Amercia.

And I think Americans know that. So I doubt he’ll win.

AdhiRock: Thanks bro, nice to see your comment again. If only Republicans didn’t love war so much.

Nieke: Bikin KTP donk ach, gimana sich? Hehe.

rd Limosin: Kita lihat nanti yach, mudah-mudahan Ron Paul yang kepilih walau kayaknya gak mungkin sich.

Alex Ramses: Bingung kan kenapa ada calon kayak ini di kubu Republik? Memang sedikit aneh bin ajaib. Setuju banget kalau politik luar negeri Amerika memiliki semangat untuk “menguasai” dunia, dan sangat benar bahwa hal itu dicontohkan melalui dukungan Amerika yang membabi buta kepada pemerintah Arab Saudi yang notabenenya adalah pemerintah otoriter.

Yuki: Obama or Hillary? Either one would make a history. Obama is a phenomenon while Hillary is so tempting as she is fully supported by you-know-who, Bill Clinton.

Yunir: Yes you are right, it seems that Ron Paul is trying to use internet as a way to promote himself since the traditional medias don’t seem to like him that much. He’s got lots of videos on Youtube for instance. I think that is a great strategy that he should be consistent on. Obama? Yeah, he is something but I think 2008 will not be his time, at least not yet.

I was watching the famous documentary movie maker Michael Moore in a television interview who made the now very popular Fahrenheit 911. He is now making a another documentary about the sick, sad and tired health system in the USA. Maybe recall all the army, navy and CIA operatives and put them to work in the hospitals all around America. Within six months there would be no unhealthy or seriously sick people as they would have been terminated!!!

Yeah that movie “Sicko.” I want to watch it too, it seems to be a good movie. Well, America is having a great problem with their health system. One of the things is because the baby boomers are getting old, therefore insurance companies and the government have to spend a lot of money on them.

Dont worry… I will stand for president soon..will u ask ur friends in America to vote for me…

Whaha, way to go bro. I’d probably vote for you if I could. Great idea.

Hello from New York City – My family immigrated to the United States in 1652, or about 350 years ago. I have to say it is refreshing to see citizens of other countries take interest in Congressman Paul’s message. It isn’t that Americans are that arrogant, they’re just “asleep”. It is easy to follow the status-quo when world events don’t truly impact one’s daily life.

But things are changing here. Americans are beginning to wake up! Ron Paul is gaining in popularity every DAY, and his campaign growth is unprecedented. Please continue to support his effort, because if we don’t have a paradigm shift in American politics in the 2008 election, nothing will change with respect to America’s foreign policy. Nothing.

As for Barack Obama – know this. He freely advocates attacking a sovereign nation if we *think* terrorists are there. The man is very well spoken and is good at touching people’s hearts, but he’s just a nicely packaged politician.

Ron Paul is the engine of change in America — and many Americans are working every single day to help get him elected.

Here is a WONDERFUL video from Youtube about Ron Paul:

Kind Regards from New York,

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the link and your information on Ron Paul. I guess you are right, more and more Americans are waking up. And that is really refreshing to know. I believe most Americans are good people who respect the values of goodness, but they have been fooled by their politicians for so many years.

Ron Paul might be the solution for the messed up foreign policy of the American Government.

Thank you.

Voting worldwide!!!

Vote for Ron Paul!

@frank: Funny link. Because Stanhope is missing, the world’s preference seems to be Obama . Which may well be a bad omen; the American voter’s rebound could well be to choose the republican candidate.

@Colson: I got the feeling the world is NOT choosing Obama because he is a Democrat,

thanks to Bush and his criminal gang the world is voting for Obama because he is not a Rebublican!

@frank: I guess you are absolutely right (twice).

Frank: Thanks Frank for the link. Do you think Ron Paul could really win?

Colson: Yes, Frank is right. Damn Bush!

Thanks for the plug! Great article here!

Thank you for your post. We need to get this information out to the whole world!

America isn’t completely corrupt, we still have a few good men left.

No problem. Yes, I understand, the world has to know that America is not as bad as they think.

Right, the US is not completely corrupt…
Just saw Jerry Gravel in a debate of the Democratic candidates. He is my man now!
(I’m sorry for leaving Doug Stanhope in the lurch…)

Also, Ron Paul doesn’t mix his religious belief and his political decision. As we know, Bush is strongly backed by religious right.

Colson + Aron: Yeah you might be right, America is not that corrupt after all, I see a lot of good people here. Jerry Gravel? Well, Ron Paul is still my man. Aron, Ron Paul is actually a LIbertarian.

Someone had pasted a sticker in my apartment main door”Vote for Ron paul”..many dont know whether he democrate or republican..but does he have support among republicans to nominate him..
Next US president is Mitt Romney and Vice President will be JEB Bush…Fred Thomson is eating Rudy Giuliani and John McCain support base…any one wanna have a bet!!!!


Yes, I am aware that he is a libertarian. That’s why his main concern in politic is the real issues like how to end the war in iraq, illegal immigration, and fixing united states’s economy. He believes in limited government intervention, leaving private matters like abortion and same sex marriage for states to decide. Whereas, Bush is trying to control abortion and marriage through federal law because his supporters are mainly religious rights who clearly oppose abortion and same sex marriage.

Ron Paul sure gets my vote! And I have never ever voted Republican in my life. Even people I know who have never voted are registering to vote! You may ask, why haven’t they voted? Because we know there is really only one party, the “Republicrat”! But Ron Paul wants to actually bring back the Constitution, which Bush single handedly destroyed. NOW THE PROBLEM: How can we get rid of the electronic vote? If we don’t, then the corporations (who own the machines) will decide who wins by rigging the machines. That is EXACTLY what happened in both elections that got Bush in.

i guess as one of the most powerful nations in the world, it is one of america’s roles to be the police of the world because if you lived in a country where bloodshed happened everyday and the government seemed incapable to quell the violence, somehow you would want some kind of external interference. but i guess America just gotta know its place.

2008 presidential election would be historical, indeed.

@ helmet-h3ad: Well, let’s be careful. It seems no to be a very good idea to have the US policing the world, as long as a future American administration does not abandon the policy of torture (use of isolation up to 30 days, a hood placed over the head, removal of clothing, deprivation of light and auditory stimuli, using detainees’ phobia, infliction of pain accompanying serious physical injury) of anyone it considers to be an “enemy combatant”.

So “enemy combatants” are, according to standing US practice, not covered by the Geneva Conventions. Which is a severe breach of international law – and even worse for a police force.

Aron: Yes, you’re right. That’s why this world needs an American president like Ron Paul and not the one like Bush.

Susan: He gets my vote too. And how do you think Americans can fix that problem?

Helmet: Well, you have a point, but it seems that America has been the one who makes the bloodshed too, too bad.

Colson: You are right, it is true that America is the superpower but doesn’t mean that they can do anything they want.

colson: I agree the policy of torture is wrong. maybe “police of the world” is a wrong term, intervention would be a better word, like supporting these countries with soldiers and army supplies, but hey intervention does not always work because a lot of these American soldiers also abuse their power and authority to harass civilians. so what to do..?

Geneva convention is not for US to follow..Did any country question US regarding guantanamo bay…

Great article, and so true!

Colson et al. : Ron Paul is NOT an “isolationist”, he just doesn’t want to invade other countries and force our ways on them.

Ron Paul is very clear that he wants to engage ALL countries, trade with them, work with them. He believes getting our own house in order is the only way to effect change worldwide… to set the BEST example, unlike the imperialism and war crimes America is famous for right now!

Visit for much current info.

And don’t believe all the propaganda US media that Ron Paul can’t win!

Despite the media blackout, the Fox news & other neo-con media downplaying his popularity and making him sound like a “fringe candidate”, there are many, many American voters who are thrilled to finally have a candidate they can believe in! And he has won so many straw polls & online polls, that they remove his name as a choice in some of them!

The more his message gets out, the more popular he becomes. I mean, how did he raise US$5.1 million in the 3rd quarter 2007, with that usually being the slowest for candidate fundraising?

And that money was donated by average Americans, not big corporations, PACs, lobbyists etc – average donations were $25-40… so that means there were A LOT of people donating.

“Interventionism? Isolationism? Actually, Both”

By Ron Paul

if link doesn’t work, go to his congressional website at www (dot) house (dot) gov and search for the above title.

Criticize Ron Paul all you want, but do it based on HIS actual positions, not on someone else’s opinion or interpretation.

@Liberty seeker: The great thing about, the appeal of, Ron Paul seems to be he is really different; he goes all the ( libertarian) way. While the other candidates ( with one or two exceptions I mentioned before) are more or less made of the the same dull stuff.

So far so good. But unfortunately his ideology is not only very, very pro-freedom ( individual freedom that is), but also very, very anti state. This implies, for instance, a Paul administration will do nothing about righteous health care. Nor anything will be changed for the 45 million very poor. On the contrary: further tax cuts will be on the daily menu.

My problem with libertarians is that they only seem to care about freedom and forget about equality and solidarity.

As for isolationism: I doubt whether Paul, like Roosevelt did, would have entered WWII in Europe. I doubt whether Paul would sign treaties, like the Kyoto treaty, on climate change.I doubt whether Paul would really care at all about the rest of world ( although I’m afraid none of the other candidates does).

But then: it’s not really my business. It’s up to the US citizens to sort it out. To me, as an European, the main thing is what the next administration is going to do about the mega mess the Bush administration is going to leave behind in the world at large.


From US to Indonesia with Love!

or to help spread this!



Wow man, u’ve just made me “fallen in love” with Ron Paul…. too bad he isn’t running anymore. He would’ve made a better match for the Hillary-Obama duo now than the former prisoner McCain. And I would love seeing Ron and Obama compete against each other.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.AesopAesop

I believe in a long, prolonged, derangement of the senses in order to obtain the unknown.JamesDouglasMorrisonJames Douglas Morrison, lead singer of The Doors

Bush feels that on September 11th he was anointed by God. He’s leading the U.S. and the world toward a vicious circle of escalating violence … America, under Bush, is a danger to the world. And I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.GeorgeSorosGeorge Soros, Hungarian philanthropist

The one and only politician who courageously speaks the truth. He consistenly helds the most pro-freedom ideology, which is libertarianism, which led to TRUE free market capitalism (not the phony state-capitalism that the US have today)!

Maybe his solutions is not acceptable by many people for the short term, but we have to think that, what’s the long term consequence of every US foreign policy (the $700b bailout is one of the perfect example, which only causes inflation). I began to understand his solution after reading Henry Hazlitt’s book, Economics in One Lesson.

Too bad not many Indonesians that realized how our country will benefit if Ron Paul elected president.

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