Let’s Save SBY

Posted on: March 18, 2007

A lot of people have been attacking our president Susilo Bambang Yudhono (SBY) these days saying that he is a lousy president. The reason is because the condition in Indonesia is worsening (really?), well at least that is what some people think. Some well-known people have even made stronger statements suggesting that the president and his vice schould be impeached and kicked out from the presidency. “Is SBY really that bad?

Well, I guess although he is not the best but I’m sure that SBY is still the best among the worst. I mean, I can’t really imagine anyone who has enough capability as a leader to be crowned if SBY really has to be kicked out. It is true that this country is lacking of honest people but what is worse is that this country is lacking of great leaders!

After a bad (really bad) start in the year of 2007, I would say that it is okey if SBY finally fires one of his ministers. Yeah, you know who I’m talking about. It’s this minister whose face has been showing all over the news and tv and whose words sound so classic in responding to any comments, critism, and questions. This is the minister whose departement is right now considered among the worst ones, or perhaps the worst one. That’s right, this is the guy who looks pretty cool with that black and white hair and probably an innocent look, it’s Hatta Radjasa.

There are a lot of people out there in politics or public who are curious why the heck the president has not done anything to Hatta Radjasa. He has every logic reason to wack this guy down. He is guilty as charged. His departement no doubt so far has had three major transportation disasters within three months, three disasters which could be considered (surely) among the worst in Indonesia.

But, I guess that is how SBY works. He is the first president in this country who gives so big (or too big) authority to his vice president where all previous presidents did a-one-man show. SBY is probably a bit different, he trusts his people. Probably too much but he does. SBY would perhaps prefer to sing a song from Jamrud rather than to talk about politics and his government. Hey, we have a president who loves to sing! Isn’t it great or what?

If you believe that SBY is a lousy president and that he deserves to be put down then name some well-known figures who might fit the position. Who? Amien Rais (Mr. Where are you now?), Sutiyoso (Mr. Make that bus run!), Abdurahman Wahid (Mr. Let’s laugh at everything), Wiranto (Mr. Shut up and do what I say!), or even Jusuf Kalla (Mr. Let’s have a meeting all the time) ? Mmmh…. I don’t think so.

Heck with all the annoying critism. Let’s just sing what SBY sings.

30 menit kita disini
tanpa suara
dan aku resah
harus menunggu lama, kata darimu

mungkin butuh kursus
merangkai kata,
untuk bicara
dan aku benci
harus jujur padamu,
tentang semua ini

jam dinding pun tertawa,
karna ku hanya diam dan
ingin kumaki
diriku sendiri, yang tak
berkutik di depanmu

ada yang lain
yang membuat lidahku
gugup tak bergerak
ada pelangi
di bola matamu
dan memaksa diri
tuk bilang, “Aku sayang padamu.”

By guebukanmonyet


9 Responses to "Let’s Save SBY"

I am so happy you are writing in English… now you are taking the english reading audience into consideration. Letting us see how you see and feel about life issues… like which president is better… thats something everyone can sympathize with from the president Bush in USA to Chaves in Venezuela. Changing a leader always seems to be the solution… but who knows. I hope to see more of your articles written in English 🙂
u’re # 1 fan

Hi… Yeah it’s good that finally I wrote something in English, but it seems like you’re my only english reader 🙂 hehe. Well, I guess I’m gonna write more in English. Thanks for the support.

Yep, i know you’re my #1 fan.
Love you!

Tasa Nugraza Barley

Nice thought, Tasa! I was not a big fan of SBY when he run for presidency, however, I’ve been thinking the same thought with you. He cannot change this deteriorated condition by himself – not when his subordinates are not ready. At least, SBY has shown that he cares. If the result is not sufficient yet, well.. that’s not completely his fault.

I’m not a good writer like you, but if you’d like to read my similar thought, you can click this, and this

Hi mba May. Thanks for your comment. Yeah, I guess SBY deserves a second chance. Well, he may not be a great leader for some people who thinks that we need an aggresive and belligerent leader. But, from my point of view he is the best, at least for now.

I’ve seen your blog and I can tell you’re a great writer. You’re just being modest 🙂


hmm…you know, as Indonesian people who governed by him, we are surely expecting a perfect one from him…so, i think it is a very common thing if there are many critics go to him…however, all of those should be still in ‘rasional’ way ….

hey mas..

sup? kool.. i like your overall page..
dang.. dats hot.. especially about SEX..
you mutha floppin..

hollon hollon..
im not really into politics but you did a great job in bringin it up..

so yeaa… next time you write somethin.. give a lil room for some kool fun and entertainment stuffs..

the monster livin in your basement!

SBY stands for Si Bodoh Yudhoyono
meaning : the stupid yudhoyono


because he’s a hypocrite, spinless and brainless, sorry excuse for a man

Proof? just google this :
Supertoy, Blue Energy, Lapindo

He raise Fuel price from Rp 2500 to Rp 6000 and then claiming his 3 time price decrese as a success (still Rp 4500)

Do he really think Indonesian people are that ignorant???

i agree with tasa’s point, that it is not wrong if sby would be given one more chance to lead this country.
as far as i know, he has been humble until this time. he also endorses eradicating the corruption practice although it is still there any any places.
so, to give him one more chance is not actually wrong.
this is just my thought.

@no SBY please

You put big smile on my lips when I saw your pseudonym here 😆

Your thought about 2500 to 6000 and backward 6000 to 4500 is his favorite “achievement” to lure people. I see nothing odd here cause when people doing campaign, they will make everything looks beauty to win people’s heart.

I take his fuel price deduction as paying his guilty to us, Indonesian people :mrgreen:

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